As of September 10, 2021, there are at least 80 reports in VAERS that indicate testicular issues after the shots

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So who is telling the truth? An Esquire article claims that there are no reports in the entire US of testicular swelling after the “vaccines.”

The internet had a real treat on its hands, making fun of poor Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend and his large testicle. For the record, no instance of swole gonads have been reported in the United States, though allegations of “infertility” have become a common conspiracy theory surrounding the vaccines.

Go to this website and do a search with testicles in the description field:

There are 80 reports that are generated through this search function.

VAERS ID: 1650185

The clinical outcome of uncomfortable testicular pain, pain in surrounding groin area, testicles became very swollen, impossible to fall asleep and discomfort were resolving at the time of this report.

VAERS ID: 1647949

It was reported that the patient received first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine 3 weeks ago on 27Jan2021 and stated that two days later on 29Jan2021, he had joint pain/muscles and joints locked up and he felt like crap/felt terrible on Jan2021, and he wanted to ask if an all of the trials, has anyone experienced swelling in the testicle. He further stated that on Jan2021, he had zero energy (starting on 28-29 Jan2021). The day after on 30Jan2021, he noticed the swelling in his left testicle, pain in left testicle and he had lymph node swelling in the groin, he saw his doctor and had an ultrasound of his testicles and was started on an antibiotic.

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VAERS ID: 1645629
Reporter stated that her son got the second dose of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine on 28May2021 and experienced headaches, motion sickness, nausea, dizziness (2021) and excruciating pain in his testicles (28May2021), the same day. The reporter was asked if these were side effects associated with the vaccine. The patient stated that right after the second shot on 28May2021 he felt like something cinched up or stabbed him in the taint area, or the area around his testicles. Stated it was severe pain. He later found out he had a hydrocele (28May2021).

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VAERS ID: 1624291

Patient’s girlfriend called and stated that his testicles swelled immediately after receiving the vaccine and have not gotten any better in the last week. I advised her to have him go to the ER since they do not have a PCP.

Just a few of the 80 reports that mention testicular issues. Again do a search here:

Nicki Minaj was right and all the world’s COVID vaccine experts were wrong

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5 thoughts on “As of September 10, 2021, there are at least 80 reports in VAERS that indicate testicular issues after the shots

  1. Nicki is just catching hell because she walked off the reservation
    And if she’s genuine, good for her for using her own mind
    She’s a little weird in my book
    But she’s not out there pushing the jab like so many of her Co parts

    I really don’t follow weirdos much
    So I don’t really know her gig
    But she seems like she would fall right in there with the crowd
    So her standing out and catching shit for it
    Might just show some proof she don’t trust them either

    1. She’s sung some very gross (sexually immature) lyrics. Guess that’s to the younger audience who still think extreme sex is freedom. But maybe she’s growing, and in this case, probably knows about the kill-shot poison. Will be interesting to see if she back-peddles. Paycheck in the balance. Would be so cool to see her walk-away. But then again, she has a net worth of $100 million. Not to difficult to quit her job.


  2. I would feel bad for these people but they probably wouldn’t even use their balls…
    What good are your balls if you can’t use your brain.

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