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As Shocking As It Gets

Published on Feb 28, 2019

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  1. Martist says:

    This is what jootube claims is the reason for adding their misinformation regarding “condensation trails”: They have gone out of their way to add this BULLSHIT!


  2. EV says:

    what’s in chem trails? Barium (BA) and aluminum (AL). BAAL. Interesting. I don’t know what barium does to the body, but a lot is known about aluminum.

    Below is a 2-hr video by the author of fascinating book (‘Crooked’), Forrest Maready (video title is ‘are you crooked’):
    From Maready I learned about Christopher Exley, a UK scientist who has studied aluminum toxicity for 35 years. Chris Exley’s video (22 mins) is here (‘Del Bigtree of the highwire interviews Prof. Christopher Exley’) discussing the mechanisms of aluminum toxicity:
    A deeper look is found in this “Age of Aluminum” documentary. Lots of personal stories.

    The above video seems hopeless, but there is a cure. Here’s info about how to detox aluminum from the body and brain:

    Here’s Chris Exley discussing how silica helps detox aluminum from brain and body:

    Many people buy and consume Fiji water, which has quite high silicic acid (orthosilicic acid, OSA) content. It’s also expensive and unsustainable (lots of plastic, shipping, taking water from ordinary Fijians, etc.). So, here is a video by Dennis Crouse showing how to make silica water at home::

    Two good books on aluminum, both by Dennis Crouse, who cured his mother of alzheimer’s.

    “Prevent autism, alzheimer’s, & stroke”

    “Silica water the secret of healthy blue zone longevity in the aluminum age”

    Save yourself, your family and friends.


  3. EV says:

    You’re so right! Really good rant below (about big pharma):



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