7 thoughts on “The Ashkenazi and Khazarian Jews – The Truth Behind the Bloodline

  1. These wall kissers with the ear jobs are girlie men to say the least. They talk and sound like little girls.

  2. White supremacy is a joke compared to these non-humans, who rape little boys and girls, think of themselves as God’s chosen ones and the rest of us as disgusting goy. Beyond delusional.

  3. Okay… now I’m gonna go reptile.

    We all have a little jewish blood in our DNA.

    Well ..flee ..how can you make a bold statement like that.. ?

    Well here’s why…

    There were the lost tribes of Dan mentioned in biblical text..

    I call them the “ish’s”.

    Lets see…
    there’s. .

    Dan ish
    Engl ish
    Scott ish
    Ire ish
    Yidd ish
    Swed ish
    Jew ish..

    Oh… I forgot… my lineage tribe..

    Nigger ish.

    Now if you giggled at the last one you’re a closet racist.

    So according to my Roman Catholic upbringing.

    You have to kneel down in front of a guy nailed to a cross on the alter wearing a diaper.

    Say ten hail Mary’s and twenty Our Fathers.

    And pay me 10 bucks.
    Actually your not paying me…its for the lord..
    Because its a donation.

    A donation for your sins.

    We’ll take Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and we just setup Bitcoin too..!

  4. Finally…

    No one pays me for this..sht.

    I only ask that that God and the gods and mother nature has pity on me to give you free jokes…

    I’m working hard here people…

    I really appreciate when people throw the joke dog a bone.

    May the Gods bless you and give you understanding and peace in your hearts and hold you in loving kindness.


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