4 thoughts on “At a Moderna site in Texas adverse reactions are caught on film.

  1. Incredible! I wonder how many people will be “vaxed” to be assisted suicided! Did the guy videoing stick around for his experimental jab? I would never be there in the first place. I cant believe the current news is finally reporting some truths about the J & J shot causing serious blood clots. Next week it will be a newer, much “safer” shot with a weird name that the sheeple will trust and blindly accept. I have no sympathy for these idiots. I spoke to a man recently who said,” I know the shot could have side effects, but I want to take an international vaca with friends”. To that I replied,”even if It cost you your life”? I am tired of trying of being labeled a conspiracy nut, but My definition is a TRUTH SEEKER! If you try to educate people and they wont accept the truth, then THEY are NOT meant to hear it. Let it go!
    My ending to this video, the guy punches the gas, does a burn out leaving nothing but a smoked up parking lot memory. Where the hell is Rod Serling to wake us up from this twilight zone nightmare?

  2. These fuking animals are going to die, how much more of this shit are we going to fkg take? if that was my daughter, somebody would be dead right now.

  3. I heard a report on how they subjected volunteers to non-stop bad news/lies and it only took about 2 months of this that when they were shown the truth they wouldn’t believe it!

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