At least eight killed in head-on collision during police chase, Texas officials say

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At least eight people died on Monday in a head-on collision between two vehicles during a police chase, Texas officials said.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials said the crash occurred Monday afternoon when DPS troopers were pursuing a red Dodge pickup truck and it crashed head-on into a white Ford F-150 that was driving on the highway, KSAT reported.

“Due to injuries sustained, eight undocumented passengers from the Dodge pickup were pronounced deceased on scene,” the department said, according to the station. “The driver and a child passenger from the Ford pickup and one undocumented passenger from the Dodge pickup were transported to a hospital in San Antonio and are in stable condition.”

According to the Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office, the driver of the red pickup truck tried to leave the scene of the crash but was apprehended and taken to Val Verde Regional Medical Center, KENS5 reported.

Highway 277 was closed in order to remove the vehicles from the roadway and to investigate the crash, according to KABB.

One thought on “At least eight killed in head-on collision during police chase, Texas officials say

  1. I’m confused. So we’re they Undocumented as in illegal or Undocumented as in they didn’t have any identifying documents on them for some reason?

    I’m thinking it’s the first one.

    If that’s the case, then I guess it’s a good idea and safer for everyone to bring them to the Dallas Convention Center rather than back across the border where they belong. (Sarcasm)


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