11 thoughts on “At no cost to seniors…

  1. Yeah free…. what about side effects? Can’t sue the companies and so far less than stellar results. Who pays for the nerve damage? Brain damage? Paralysis?

    Just like taking free candy from.guy in alley with trench coat.. I am sure you will be fine after all its free

  2. “No cost” you say?

    “Ain’t nothing but nothing for nothing” is a colloquium I heard as a kid and still rings true and I am outta NW filthadelphia area.

    It’ll cost you.

    You just won’t know how much or when until it costs you.

    ‘See you when I see you” is my thought.

    1. Don’t be so sure that ‘ that line ‘ is true, DL ! Holohoax/holocash is an extortion at the planetary scale ( ” there is no business, like Shoah business ” ), Germany didn’t start WWI, and/or WWII, NOBODY was gassed ( first forensic pathologist who entered in some camps -Dr. Larson, performed hundreds of autopsies and sent many samples to Paris, for lab test…NOT one single body/test showed death by poison inhalation…N O N E, NADA, NIMIC ! If I will go back to Romania and say this, I will be put in jail in no time…For how long we can say/post this here, will see, but there will be a time when will have to either fight, or live like in the USSR in 1930’s…or worst…

  3. And here in the belly button of US ( n w Kansas) the most deaths we,ve had is in the nursing homes. These poor old ones are being left to die and scared. S0 only thing I can think of they are afraid of the old ones and their minds!!!!

    1. I disagree, Judy, not with the fact that they are murdering our old people, but I believe the reason is all that baby boomer money we paid in over our lives they want to take and distribute to the hordes of invaders who will gladly be their peasants, peons, and coolies, you know, slaves without complaint.
      They have already broken into the “lock box” when Slick Willie famously balanced the budget right out of the social security account. They now look at the social security money as theirs to do with as they please and what they please is foreign ownership of all production in the United States with foreign slave labor to run it and we American nationals, the rightful owners, f-king dead.

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