4 thoughts on “At the Dallas 7-Eleven

  1. The commenters are a bunch of sheeple. So sad.

    Thank you for your service?

    Are you kidding me? You’re thanking them for injecting you with poison.


    Stupidity abounds.

    1. Yeah. And this whole thing was disgusting. Quite sanitary, too, don’t you think?!! Oh well, I guess 7/11 has plenty of handy-wipes near by.

      I wonder if soldier boy will get a promotion into the higher levels of the corporation. Such an obedient servant.


  2. Just watched this….. All I can think about is how this shit is gonna go straight to fkn hard core combat…. and frankly it should have already happened…. These scum sucking traitor ignorant scum in uniforms of the enemy… masquerading as our protectors; walking around with no fear of retribution for their participation in this NWO agenda.

    Well fk you maggots and you are on notice along with your fkn Suits…..

    Bring your mandatory orders for all to be vaccinated out into the public, with guns to enforce it…. Do you have any idea how many of us out here are chomping at the bit for you to do this..??????

    Of course it will start at the company and business level, well most of us truly hate working for a slave wage anyway, so as soon as that starts, all these companies and stores and entities and Gov services can sit back and watch what happens to you and your established businesses and Government authority when you embrace totalitarianism….

    It soothes me to know that the NWO has finally decided to move forward with their agenda of amalgamation and enslavement. How great that we of this generation get to position ourselves as the heroes that will be celebrated by future generations of Americans whom will stand bravely and execute anyone who dares to approach our sacrifices with the intent to become an Authority.

    This should scare all of you…. for I am but one with a dream of providing freedom pure freedom and liberty for my daughter in this evil corrupt vial world.

    May god have mercy on your souls as none of us ever will….

    No quarter, no mercy and we expect none!!!!

    DTTNWO eternal

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