ATF, CHP, and Sacramento Agents Arrest WARRIOR4GOD13

Published on Aug 13, 2013 by Warrior4god13

On WED. Aug.7th,2013 ,Agents of The ATF,California Highway Patrol,and Sacramento Sherriff’s Dept. Deceitfully and Illegally ,Arrested me and Confiscated my weapons which were legal to own,I am going to need everyones help ,as the fight has come to me ,and it’s my turn to bat.

Tell all your friends and everybody,they are starting their sweeps, MAKE THIS VIRAL

I have setup a donation account ,please help with whatever you can every little bit helps Thank You Joe (WARRIOR4GOD13) Mendez

The Link is Below or find me on Facebook ,The Link is below also Thank you again

One thought on “ATF, CHP, and Sacramento Agents Arrest WARRIOR4GOD13

  1. “ATF, CHP, and Sacramento Agents Arrest WARRIOR4GOD13”

    This user name is a contradiction of itself.

    13 is the Illuminati’s number for Satan. You can’t be for both God and Satan.

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