ATF investigating after Va. congressional candidate saws off AR-15

The Hill – by Josh Delk

A Virginia Beach schoolteacher running for Congress who posted an online video sawing apart an AR-15 rifle is now under investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to ABC 13 News.

Karen Mallard (D) says she destroyed the rifle, the kind used in the Parkland, Fla., school shooting last month, to take “a personal stand for gun safety,” and handed the weapon over to the police after filming the video.

On Thursday, Virginia Beach Police said they had received the gun and were waiting for it to be picked up by the bureau, which investigates the illegal use of firearms, explosives and other illicit substances.

Critics of the video have suggested that the progressive candidate may have violated the law under Virginia legislation that prohibits rifles modified to be less than 26 inches.

On Twitter, Mallard blamed “right wing trolls” for a “coordinated effort” using “error-filled talking points” from the National Rifle Association to accuse her of breaking the law, which she denies.

“We own the gun so we destroyed it and took it straight to the police department and dropped it off. I wanted there to be one less gun and to do something about gun violence,” Mallard told local media.

While Mallard told the local CBS affiliate WTKR that she knew “exactly” what she was doing in the video and that the gun was “inoperable” before she took a handheld saw to the barrel, one local attorney told the station that the act made the weapon illegal.

Mallard is running to face incumbent Rep. Scott Taylor (R) in the congressional election.

Numerous federal lawmakers have called for tighter gun control measures after the Parkland shooting, where a 19-year-old has been charged 17 students and faculty with the assault-style weapon.

30 thoughts on “ATF investigating after Va. congressional candidate saws off AR-15

  1. ‘On Twitter, Mallard blamed “right wing trolls” for a “coordinated effort” using “error-filled talking points” ….

    She would know!!!!! HAHAHAHA

  2. Inoperable means the lower in unable to accept a magazine and a trigger group is unable to be put in. If i seperate my lower and upper it wont fire but it is still operable because it can be put on an upper and work.
    The gas tube is cut in the video but that does not make it inoperable. The bolt can be removed but it still is considered operable because the lower can be reattached to a working upper. If the number on that lower does not have a stamp its unlawful to connect it to any upper with a short barrel so long as a stock is on it or if it was sold as a rifle and not a pistol. That requires paperwork to change.

    Despite the law being fully retarded they are not hard to understand. She broke the law and then gave the evidence to the police.

  3. Remember everyone what the Weavers went through for a violation that was 1/8″ short of compliance. She is well beyond that 1/8″ on this rifle.
    Lets see if her family gets the same treatment or worse due to how much more she is actually in violation, I am sure her husband will approve.

  4. Mark EXCELLENT point regarding the Weavers. This point you made should be pushed into the narrative if it hasn’t already!!!!

  5. “….“We own the gun so we destroyed it….”

    Why do gun control proponents own an AR-15 to begin with?

    She probably chopped it up for the cameras because she’s upgrading to an AK anyway, but the rest of us should be disarmed, of course.

  6. “I wanted there to be one less gun and to do something about gun violence,”

    Yup, b#tch, now there’s only 299,999,999 left to go.

    This commie cow is SO obviously terminally stupid that, much as I hate to say it, she’s DEFINITELY prime (s)election material.

      1. LOL… shoulda been more like 999,999,999, and even that’s probably not that close.

        The 299,999,999 was only counting ONE for each armed American. 🙂

    1. I was pretty much going to say the same thing on both counts; “1 less’ – yea. That’ll do it.

      And the IQ of a functional retard. That means she’s a shoe-in for the election….

  7. Admittedly, I do need to know how a sawed-off is more dangerous than a whole rifle. Honest ignorance, and I hope someone will explain.


  8. This was not a shotgun so how is it a sawed off shotgun? These media people are lost in the world of firearms. This woman that cut the gun was trying a publicity stunt for her campaign fr Senate seat. What an ignorant biotch

    1. You are absolutely correct and there is case law that shows this exactly.
      The lower information is just one case that shows this directly.
      It is a horrible situation these women were in and could have been prevented had they possibly been armed to defend themselves.
      Even using a pot of boiling oil or water may have helped, there were three of them which would equate to 3 pots or more.
      Still its the firearm that creates an even playing field when dealing with criminals and those that prey on women specifically.

      “The three women sued the District of Columbia for failing to protect them, but D.C.’s highest court exonerated the District and its police, saying that it is a “fundamental principle of American law that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any individual citizen.”
      The above case also gets into what they are actually protecting and that is property and commerce. Are we property well that’s another “subject” isn’t it.

  9. Short barreled rifle (SBR) without paper work and ATF tax stamp are felonies. Dumb bitch is a felon and can’t be elected to any office. I’m glad she did it for the world to see, you just got to love stupid.

    1. “Short barreled rifle (SBR) without paper work and ATF tax stamp are felonies.”
      Nonetheless, these are infringements on 2nd Article of our Bill of Rights even though “they” wrote it down on paper and now call it “law.”
      The army uses SBR’s therefor so can we WITHOUT tax stamps or paper work. They fall into the “EVERY TERRIBLE INSTRUMENT OF THE SOLDIER.”
      “Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans.” Tench Cox

  10. So typical, she refuses to take responsibility for her actions. This was all about virtue signaling and being a drama queen. If she really wanted to get rid of that firearm, all she need to do was to call the cops or the ATF and have them take it off her hands.

    Once AGAIN, if one want to do some thing about “gun violence” then stop creating the little monsters who do engage in “gun violence”. If you Liberals are serious about “gun violence” then do not own any type of firearm and do not watch any movie or TV show that “gun violence” in it, or play computer games that have “gun violence” in it. Hypocrites. I does piss me off when a gun control (confiscation) advocate wants laws to take other peoples firearms away, but then will have an excuse as to why they should be exempt from the same laws they want to impose on others.

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