ATF Proposes New Rules On ‘Green Tip’ Ammunition Ban

M855The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

David Codrea:

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives posted a proposed rule changeFriday removing a previous exemption and banning the manufacture, import and sale of “5.56 mm (.223) SS109 and M855 ‘green tip’ ammunition containing a steel core,” saying it now considers it to be “non-sporting” handgun ammunition capable of penetrating protective vests worn by law enforcement officers. This latest development, ceding to law enforcement lobby interests, is prompted by the development of handguns capable of firing the cited ammunition.
[ … ] “This ‘sporting use’ strategy was used before,” author and attorney Richard Stevens documented. “The Nazi Weapons Law (18 March 1938) forbade importation of weapons under substantially the same test.” Additionally, the intent of founders in drafting the Second Amendment makes no such exception to allow “sporting purpose” infringements, particularly by the federal government.

Read all of David’s well-sourced article.  Steel tip (aka “green tip”) ammunition is designed a little heavier for slightly different flight and terminal ballistics and better penetration at long distances.  There are a host of reasons someone might want to have this ammunition, not all of which have to do with so-called sporting purposes according to the ATF.  Then again, my definition of sporting purposes and the ATF’s definition of sporting purposes differ by a wide margin.

The Sporting Purposes test should be found unconstitutional since the second amendment pertains to the amelioration of tyranny rather than hunting.  The ATF has crafted a regulatory framework that contradicts and violates the intent of the founding fathers.  Therefore, everyone who works for the ATF is undermining the constitution.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Eric Holder for reminding me that it’s important to keep track of the good bargains in my area of operations.


450 rounds of M855 “green tip,” 30 cents per round – ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

As for Holder and the lawyers at ATF who have crafted such statist regulations, and the Golgothan for whom they all work, you will see your maker soon enough and then answer for your sins.

8 thoughts on “ATF Proposes New Rules On ‘Green Tip’ Ammunition Ban

  1. You know, the ATF and the rest of this treasonous government are imposing more and more bans and regulations on ammunition and guns and our Right to bear arms and clearly infringing on our 2nd Article Right right in our faces, yet no one is up in arms or going to war over it. I just can’t believe it. These foreign insurgents who are occupying our government offices have clearly declared war on us and are doing everything they can to enforce the UN Small Arms Treaty by chipping our 2nd Article Rights away (among other things), piece by piece and we are just sitting here, watching it happen. It’s 1775 all over again. Wake up, people!

    1. unfortunately people got laws changed so that the ar-15 IS classified in some cases an a handgun. It has a barrel length that is shorter but you can not have a shouldered stock on it. Then there is the SBR (short barrel rifle). This has a stock and a short barrel. It also requires an FFL.

      infringement for EVERYONE.

      The ammo in the first place in not armor piercing nor is it “steel core” It is steel tipped lead core under a FMJ. The .223 gets wimpy(impact wise) out past 300m so these actually keep its terminal ballistic similar to a normal ball round fired at lesser ranges. If anything they should call it a “sniper” round. It’s not like anyone has ever used this for hard target interdiction.

  2. Friday is 5.56 62 grain ammo ban, Monday will be what??? 308, Tuesday 30.06, Wed .45 acp…….The list goes on and on if the foot gets in the door on this one,,,

  3. Chip by chip,treasonous act by treasonous act,the tyranny continues and the criminals that run the courts and law enforcement only back up the traitors for the most part. The constitution to these criminals doesn’t mean a thing anymore!

  4. Probably just another attempt at making something worth more than it is
    Now that you can’t get it , it will just raise the price of it , besides that horse left the barn so many years ago
    There’s tons of this ammo already in the hands of patriots , and now that they have pulled this , it will be hoarded and held until it’s needed
    There are tons of ways to make just about any type of ammo more effective
    223 is not really as deadly or accurate as they would like you to think

    Still against our rights to own it , and a full out infringement that should be met with more production of it and distributed to the hands of the American public

  5. Oh BUT WAIT!

    Did anyone know that the bullets(as in the ball) has been sold for reloading? Possibly billions of these are already in patriot hands. Then how many full rounds are out there???

    I for one will be using the HPs. To the face. Of tyranny.×45-ammo-55gr-hp-wolf-1000-round-case.html

    These fire great in my gun(i mean what gun) and also they are coated so they wont corrode(not recommended for cheap/crappy BCGs). Great for that backyard ammo cache that doesn’t exist. Toss 20 in every hide hole and under every rock for a mile.

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