ATF truck on a flat bed tow truck

Yesterday I saw this being hauled through my town. This happened about 4 pm 3/10/21 . I only saw this going by my house I don’t think it’s news worthy. I’m just making this known.

Maybe other people are reporting seeing activity by the ATF? I’m just reporting what I saw. Maybe more is going on and this is just a piece of the puzzle.

The truck was an operations headquarter style truck.


7 thoughts on “ATF truck on a flat bed tow truck

  1. Not that I saw. Nothing interesting outside the fact it was being towed and looked like it lost… I’m in a very small town. Don’t see ATF trucks around here.

  2. X. Yes looked like one of the explosives invest. Units.
    E.O.T.S. No visible damage outside of being on the wrecker.. just poking fun. It happened fast though. Didn’t get a great look.
    Misty. X’s link showed what I saw . I have no pics . I was playing with the children and looked out the window as it went by. Sorry no further info.

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