Attack Iran and Syria in the name of Jesus Christ?

Tougher US sanctions will take effect against Iran at the end of June.  A US envoy has traveled to Israel to declare that the United States is ready, willing, and able to attack Iran.  H.R. 4133: United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, introduced March 5th, has passed through our Congress and is in our Senate, where it will be passed overwhelmingly and then promptly signed by the Zionist puppet, Barack Obama.

The fact that the Israeli government controls the United States government cannot be denied by any thinking person and neither can the fact that US airwaves are likewise controlled by the Zionists.  Many of us have woken up and now see the imminent danger the Zionists represent to we the people of the United States.

This is why we are seeing piece after piece in the mainstream, specifically designed to portray the Israelis as victims.  At this critical moment a new batch of letters written by Anne Frank have magically appeared, this, in an effort to reinstall America’s guilt for the holocaust.

I was raised in a Protestant Church.  I was not taught to hate anyone for any reason, and of course, Jesus was a Jew.  So I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Gee, I think I’ll start hating Jews today.”  It is debatable as to how many Jews were actually killed as a result of the holocaust.  What is not debatable is that we Americans were not responsible.  In fact hundreds of thousands of us died in liberating the concentration camps.  So somebody please tell me why I should feel guilty for the holocaust.

I am only judging what I have seen and continue to see through my life’s experience.  What I see is an ongoing aggressive, even diabolical, invasion of the Middle East by the Zionist Israelis.  This invasion is for conquest of land and resources and accumulation of wealth with an ultimate agenda for ruling the world.

I heard an Israeli spokesman say, “Israeli has never asked the United States to go to war for us.”  No…the Israelis just start wars and then their agents within our government bring us in to fight those wars under the guise of US national security.

Ask yourself this.  How many enemies would we have in the Middle East if not for our good friends, the Israelis?  Make no mistake.  The Zionist controlled Israeli government is intent on launching invasions into Iran and Syria.  They own both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  The only thing that can stop them at this point is the refusal of the American people to facilitate their evil ambitions.

I have no wish to push anything on anyone, so I will leave it to each one of you to make your own decision.  Will you sacrifice your children for a misplaced guilt or a twisted interpretation of the Bible wherein the US commits genocide in the name of Jesus Christ?

If this war is allowed, more of your sons will be coming home with no arms, no legs, no faces, and with minds destroyed.  They will not know the joys of having and raising a family, as this pleasure will be reserved for the Israelis’ children in whose stead your children will fight.   Just look at what has been done to the people of Iraq and ask yourself, “Was this action in the service of the Jesus Christ that preached the Sermon on the Mound?”

God help us to see the error of our ways.

8 thoughts on “Attack Iran and Syria in the name of Jesus Christ?

  1. Hello, Mr Bronson, As I read your article I couldn’t help but to think, How many other’s think on the same note as you do? It is very easy to feel the way you do, and understandable. Mr Bronson, I have no way of knowing how much you do know about God’s word, but it appears that there is at least a very little of it in you. America is not any different than any other place in this world when it comes to a few things, such as that word that everybody use’s to discribe a group or a person for that matter who has a relationship with their God, as “Religion”. So, for the sake of everyone I will use that word “Religion” as much as I can in order to explain myself. The Religious word of God state’s that, “The devil or satan goes about the earth seeking on whom he may devour”, and in this case he has done so to confuse the creation of God, because the word of God also say, “That the devil is the author of confusion”. I am saying this to you Mr Bronson, so that you will understand why I mention these things, so here goes, America for many years have had a Friendly relationship of Israel, just like we have had relationships with other countries. Israel is special because of the history that is so rich within our own Religious culture, and also, we have many Jewish Families that Live in America. Our relationship with Israel is stronger because of Abraham, Issac, and Joesph, these three Patriarch faithfulness is why we have Jesus, The Christ of God. Of course Abraham was first named Abram, until God revealed Himself to Abram, and his faith to believe, but to explain alittle more, on one day God told Abraham to look out from the mountain top, so Abraham did as what was asked of him by God, and when he did so, God said that as far as the eyes can see He, meaning God gave to Abraham all the land that the eyes can see from off the mountain top ALL around Abraham, and of course that is why we have the Land of Israel, and to be honest, Abraham saw much, much more land than the little plot that they live on now, meaning the arabs are still occuping the land that really belongs to the Jews by our Creator, God. I see you called the Jews Zionist as if that is a bad thing, when actually all the Jews have been doing all these many years is trying to protect thier Land, and thier people. How would anyone of us like it if all the people who occupies the Land that belongs to you were out to kill your whole family, and they would not rest until you all are wipe off the face of God’s Creation? I believe that you would do ALL you could to protect that which God gave to you. To make this Long story shorter let me just say, The people of Israel are not the Bad guy’s here, the bad guy’s are the one’s that are doing everything they can to illiminate the Jews from the face of the earth, but that will NEVER happen, think about it, Hitler Tried, the arabs have been trying for years and years, as well as many more that came before those that are attempting to do it now, It will Never happen, God Gave All that land to Israel, even syria, egypt, and so on, but all Israel is keeping is the land they live on now, to include Jeruslem, that is Israels and NO other. Please study the Word’s of God which lie within the page’s of what we call the Bible, Old & New Testimate, and ask God to send His Holy Spirit to enlighten you, by opening your eyes to see, and your ears to hear what God will reveal to you, IF you Believe in Faith, or if you have the Faith to Believe God’s Word.

    1. Michael,
      So you are either a Jew, who will not have to fight in this war or see your children killed or maimed in order to procure further riches for Zion, or you are a Christian who has accepted your plight as goyim and have no problem sacrificing the lives and limbs of your children for the greater glory of Zion.
      What if an Arab named Abdul got himself a piece of parchment and wrote upon it that he climbed up on the mountain and God said to him, “I’ve changed My mind. I want all the land to go to the Arabs.”?
      I guess it comes down to what we believe. The Jesus Christ I know would never advocate for the murder of tens and thousands of Palestinian children in his name, and if you do, then quite frankly I do not care in the smallest way as to how you think.

    2. I think it is you that needs to be inlightened. Satan has overtaken Israel, in control of it by the Zionist government and Banksters. Just as they now control our politicians and judges through AIPAC. Read your history and google Agenda 21, read it. You have been blinded by your faith and need a spiritual awakening. I’m asking this of you as a fellow Jew. Sometimes Santan puts blinders on our eyes. God did not give the whole world to the Jews. That is a Zionist teaching and propaganda.

  2. I felt the need to comment on this. I do mention that I am Protestant also, but what is most important is if a person has accepted Jesus as their Savior, not what religion they were or are a part of. For those people who are true believers in God’s word, we know how very clear God’s literal words to the people of the world are. We may not always agree with the choices that the Israelis make, but we MUST support the country as a whole. This support includes God’s plan for the Jews to return to Israel for the last days.

    God is VERY clear in Genesis 12:3 that those who bless Israel will be blessed, but those who curse them will be cursed. So those that HATE Israel are cursed by God for it. When you read Ezekiel 36:17-38, you can see clearly that God said that Israel will be brought back to the land. Israel was exiled for 2000 years so the only time that this happened is in 1948 when Israel became a nation again. The increase of Jewish people returning to Israel has increased over the years due to God drawing them back. God loves the Jewish people and who is worthy to decide that the Jews are not worthy of life, love, or the land of Israel. We MUST understand that it is God’s will for the Jewish people to return to Israel. We MUST understand that any hate that may arise in us toward Israel or any falling away from support of Israel is NOT from God, but is following Satan so this will lead to a curse. We MUST support the plan of God for the Jews to return to the land. We MUST realize that it is God’s job to judge the nation of Israel as well as any other country. This will happen in the very near future for many countries including Israel.

    In the future according to Isaiah 17 the city of Damascus will lay in ruins. In all of the 5000+ years that Damascus has been a city there is no record of it ever being destroyed so this is in the future. It has been conquered but never destroyed. These verses also tell us that the cities around Damascus will be deserted also. In this chapter it also speaks that the people of Israel will also be harmed. There will be a great number of people in Israel that will be killed. We all know that there is a lot of evil going on in Syria right now and they have been threatening Israel and Turkey if NATO or America tries to stop this evil killing. This prophecy could be fulfilled if NATO does try to stop them. It is known that Syria has chemical and biological weapons and that they are moving missiles to the border of Israel. With this in mind, this prophecy could be that Syria attacks Israel with these bombs and Israel retaliates with a nuclear weapon. The chemical and biological weapons that Syria first send to Israel would still result in many deaths in Israel after Damascus would lay in ruin and the cities around it deserted. There are other verses that speak of this also throughout the Bible.

    Many of us can look at prophecy and see that we are more than likely living in the generation that will see the end of this earth. With that in mind, when you read Ezekiel 38 & 39 we know that this is to come in the future during the last days. Many Christians believe that this will be after the Rapture of the believers in Jesus, because of imminence, but it doesn’t have to be. Also, this can arise from the very hatred that we see going on in the Middle East. When we look at a map of the area in the Middle East we see the tiny nation of Israel surrounded by huge nations that only want one thing, their destruction. Everyone deserves to have a home and God set Israel including the Temple Mount aside for the Jewish people. How can anyone explain the extreme hatred toward people who believe in the creator God? The Jews, Christians, and Muslims all believe in the creator God. If we believe in the same creator and worship that creator then why are Jews and Christians, infidels to Muslims just because we do not agree with the Qur’an? If Muslims are not suppose to worship prophets, but only ONE God then why do they kill people that also worship the creator God, but do not believe in their Prophets? This is twisted reality especially considering the fact that Christianity and Islam derived from Judaism. My Savior was a Jew and loves the Jews. The wording that is spoken of in the Qur’an about Infidels was originally written because of the high number of Pagan religions in the area where Islam was first created. It was written to convert Pagans into Islam, not toward other believers in the creator God. The hook in the jaws in Ezekiel 38 & 39 could very well be this hatred from Islamist extremists.

    It is extremely hard to understand this hatred when both the Bible and the Qur’an specifically says that the land of Israel is set aside for the Jewish people. Most Christians believe in the word of God and support Israel. When you look at Israel you see the close relations between Jews and Christians because most Christians respect God’s view of Israel. Israel is important to Christians as well, but it is mostly the Muslims that are fighting against the Jewish people due to their lack of true faith in the word of God. The Qur’an states in multiple locations that the Israelis will return to land in the final days. Yes even versus in the Qur’an that the majority of Muslim people ignore. Some of these are Night Journey 17:100-104, Qur’an 5:20-21, Sura 5:20-21, Sura 10:93-94, Sura 17:104. If you want to follow God then you will respect His decisions and follow His specific instruction regardless of our own selfish desires.

    When you study Revelation you find that after chapter 4 or so that there is absence of the church (Christians) until chapter 19 where the believers are having the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in heaven. The focus during Revelation is for God to focus on the Jews who have rejected Christ as the Messiah. God will focus on the gentile unbelievers also, but Revelation is mainly about the Jews. This is why there will be the Anti-Christ who will come in peace and rebuild their Temple. He will come saying he is their Messiah and some will believe this. The Anti-Christ will at first portray the things that the Jewish people have been looking for in their Messiah. Then his true colors will come out and the Jewish people will mourn for what they did to the true Messiah when God opens their eyes.

    I urge you to research God’s word and your hearts. Please be sure that your choices to be against Israel are of God. As we know there are only two choices in life, in every decision that we make. We can either serve God or Satan. Is your god the true God or the god of this earth Satan? Do you love the world or do you love God? If you do love God then no matter how hard the decision is, you will give up anything for Him. If someone cannot choose God in these areas of life then they will not choose God when given the true choice of whether to accept the mark of the beast (chip) or to die for God. I already have my answer written in my heart and I remind myself of it very often.

    1. Stormy,
      The Jews reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah and not that many years ago, Jews opposed Christians and Christians opposed Jews as vehemently as Jews reject Muslims and Muslims reject Jews. Of course the Jews are always right because their book, written by Jews, says so.
      Israel is not a tiny country as there are only a sparse few areas in Palestine that have not been captured through Israeli aggression. And don’t forget, it is against the law to preach Christianity in Israel.
      Jesus Christ is the true spirit of life and love, whereas it would appear the God of the Talmud is a God of hate and death.
      You have to be a Jew, otherwise you are a Christian that supports the mass slaughter of little children, all of which are innocent in the eyes of the God I know. If you wish to sacrifice your children on the alter of Zion, please do so. Do us all a favor and remove your line from the gene pool.
      How strong is your faith? How about this? We drop a hydrogen bomb on Israel. If the Jews are truly chosen and protected by their God, they will still be there when the mushroom cloud settles. If not, they will be gone and the rest of the world can go forward in peace.
      The Zionists of Israel are the makers of misery, my every sense tells me this is so. If this causes me to be cursed, then I guess I am cursed because I will not be a second class citizen in this world or the next. According to your contention, God created the Jew in his image, that must make the rest of us something less, like goyim.
      After 40 days Moses came down from the mountain. The Jews had constructed a golden calf and were engaged in every sort of debauchery known to man. These are God’s chosen people and all others on this earth are beneath them?
      The Christians here in the United States have caught on to your ancient con. If to serve the Jew God means to sacrifice our children to the evil Jews, I think I’ll pass.

  3. Christian zionists……..what a joke. I seem to remember my god saying much about this group that you fake christians (actually zionists unknowingly) seem to ignore. Maybe you should read the entire bible again…ot and nt. Ye are of your father the devil……synagogue of satan etc. Salvation is of the jews…..meaning unattainable as in the store is of ten miles of my home. You see the word change in the revisions to from the jews leads you to your belief in the false commentary given you. As there is not a jew in site in the nt you could get salvation from. Jesus was not a jew. This type of understanding is over the heads of christians who refuse to study the scripture with encyclopedia, concordance and dictionary as my bible has. Perhaps you zionists should find real bibles as there have always been revisions but in the last century or so many that are destroying the religion of christianity from within. I would never purchase a bible for instance that came from zondervan publishing. The company also publishes the satanic bible from anton levey. You also may want to research origins of some ofvthede symbols on the cover of theses bibles. Your religion has been infiltrated and you are being drawn back to judaism. If you want to be that, convert and move to israel so that we may do away eith your corrupt views. When america and true christians wake up, and they are ,zionists will have hell to pay for what they have done. Zionist israel is going down and i for one would enjoy watching and participating in this act. True idtael is the christian church, not that facist state and that is right in thevdictionary of my bible as well as the teaching above from john chapter four with the samaritan woman. Get very old bibles……prior to creation of this hrllish state. Will not call it a nation, affords it far too much legitamacy.

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