4 thoughts on “Attempted kidnapping in West Rand

  1. His get away car sped off too

    Why they only charged him with assault is beyond me
    Should also be charged with attempted kidnapping
    So glad some dude stepped up
    This shit is scary
    I’m a grandpa of a 2 year old
    I think I’d be trying like hell to rip this guys head off his shoulders

    How much you wanna bet this POS will be out by the end of the day

    1. Yes, sir. If this happened in my family, he’s a dead man. But that hero stepped in, instincts in tact. And I bet that mom will never again sit across the table from her child. That young, they pretty much need to be connected at the hip. But mom did make a noble effort with that lunge across the table. The whole thing shows how fast it all can happen, and had this kidnapping been successful, well one can only imagine the fate of that child. A real investigation would demand the demon kidnapper reveal where he was taking her and what his intentions were, even though most of us already know.


      1. I always sit with my back to the wall..always. when I’m inside a building
        in this case , i wouldn’t pick that table , i would pick one where my back would be against a wall, or window looking out to the parking lot

        the few times Grandma and I took our little one out into public , my granddaughter was glued to me like a cheap suit , probably sitting in my lap getting some of gramps vittles

        In this case a gun coming out would have probably been a bad move due to too many innocent people in all directions , and the child , but i also carry a big knife ..ill leave the rest up to your imagination . this dude would not be going home at the end of his short sentence

  2. I just realized its not Florida

    its South Africa
    not that it makes much difference these days , its just as dangerous here

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