1. All you need to do is watch the news and see where they stand! They stand where they are everyday. It is just like the past they will keep going to protect themselves as Long as they can and will use the excuse of they were just following orders blah blah blah we heard it all before!

  2. I know actions speak louder than words but I’d still ask ’em. They are scared of losing their incomes. The fact that they are on the wrong side will occur to them when it hits their doorstep. But I’d still ask them because the more you ask them, the more it will sink into their brain.

    . . .

    1. Sorry, Carhleen. I think you’ve embarked on a useless endeavor at this point. Their egos won’t allow them to reconsider their position or the fact that they are the lawless stooges. There is only one “cure” for that disease & it’s final.

  3. The last time I asked a cop anything I took a metal flashlight to the head and spent the weekend in the bull pen covered in my own blood! I do not talk to them period! I don’t trust them and as far as I am concerned they are not here for me and mine. I don’t néed them or their help oh strike that last part they are not here to help anyway they just come after an incident to arrest the survivors did I mention the question I asked was ” why are you letting the person who just kicked in my 60 yr old fathers door and beat him with a wrench robbed him go?” So yeah that is where they stand. And I stand where I stand!

  4. Their power is in the uniform. When my father retired from the Marines, he went into law enforcement as did my mother. I have talked with them and their law enforcement friends OUTSIDE of the uniform and I can tell you I heard a very different story with their beliefs. They feel they have to perform when they are INSIDE the uniform.

    Not my opinion … just what I have experienced on a personal level.

    . . .

  5. That’s the same thing that Chinese soldier said about the hog tied unarmed citizen he executed ” I was doing my duty in uniform, I was just following orders” like I said before its the same old blah blah blah!

  6. Simply speculating here, but my guess would be the vast majority of them will follow the orders of those who sign their paychecks.

    Even if a significant number of them stood up and said “no, I’m not going along anymore,” they’d be fired and a new crop of goose-stepping robots would take their place.

  7. I sure don’t count on the police and sheriffs that are willing to kick in doors and shoot innocent people and their pets for non violent crimes to be on the side of the Constitution or real justice. The police and sheriffs have been militarized and the mindset of those there now like it. Its sick what we are seeing and if there were that many that were really interested in justice,you know the good cops we all keep hearing about, we would not be where we are today.Put them all in a group and most will do what ever they are told to do,after all they are just doing their jobs.Well their jobs now is more a mercenary than a police officer. Shall we not even speak about the foreign troops that are here training now?

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