Attorney Leigh Dundas Speaks At Orange County Board Meeting

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Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas speaks at the Orange County, California Board of Supervisors meeting, April 2021. She addresses the covid19 vaccine, informed consent and many other topics in 3 minutes. Links to her social media and website are below. 

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Here’s a bit of very important history. In case you didn’t know, Leigh Dundas is the reason that the Orange County, California mask order was repealed last year.

The best, and most classic speech against the mask order, was in OC when Dundas read the OC health officer Dr. Nichole Quick, MD’s home address & boyfriends name, at the board of supervisors meeting. Then a bunch of people exercised their God-given 1st Amendment protected rights and protested outside her house. Dr. Quick quit the next day and the order was lifted. EPIC.

The 1-2 punch was at that same meeting, her sidekick Ms. Brown who sternly warned “WE’VE ALREADY USED OUR FIRST AMENDNENT, DON’T MAKE US USE THE 2ND!” 😅🤣😂😮😲

Law enforcement and media both claimed that threats were allegedly made against Quick, but that’s not true. If it had been an actual threat then the person making the threat would have been immediately arrested, jailed and charged with making threats and probably with terrorism. But none of this occurred, because simply exercising free speech does not in any way constitute a threat.

Why these 2 women aren’t famous worldwide is one of the greatest shames of this scamdemic, in my opinion. That is how highly I think of them both. Excuse my French but they have more balls than most of the men in this country.

Here is Dundas recent speech posted on instagram:

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8 thoughts on “Attorney Leigh Dundas Speaks At Orange County Board Meeting

  1. This woman is my hero! She is fighting to save children’s lives! We need more like her!
    Her Polish Ancestors taught her well how a tyrannical government is heartless, ruthless to destroy their own people if in their totalitarian way. Sound Familiar?

  2. Such powerful words, and yet she serves in the admiralty court system, the same system that ran over our Common Law courts and shut the people out of the process of bringing about justice.


    1. That’s because our courts have been corrupted by people who want nothing better than to make us servants. I will never trust our courts as long as these same judges who did not follow the law in the election and after. The law is the law and it is to be upheld no matter what party your with. If you can’t stand for our constitution and uphold truth and justice then they need to be removed at any cost. Leigh is a patriot and a fighter of all things free. That includes fighting for those who have been sex trafficked. We all as Americans need to look inside ourselves and say, is these courts and politicians what we want for our children and grandchildren? Open your eyes and see what is happening before evil makes off with your kids without your permission. I’ll not go down without a fight.

      1. It’s not just that those judges ‘need to be removed,’ it’s that that whole system needs to be removed because it is not our Common Law court of the people, but instead serves the corporation. Also, elections are really selections with puppets installed to carry out the plans of the corporation. And The Constitution is also corrupted, as it TRIES to make us “subjects,” rather than free, sovereign individuals. I’m glad Leigh is fighting, and hope she detaches from that toxic enterprise and joins the fight for The Bill of Rights, for by staying in there, she validates its existence as something lawful, which it certainly is not. That is our best hope of ‘justice for all.’


  3. Thank you for speaking up for our children. I signed up to keep abreast of current events.

  4. from the book:
    Une brève histoire de l’avenir by Jacques Attali (Bilderberger), 1981
    (A Brief History of The Future)

    “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”

  5. Help! Both of my daughters will be going to Southern NH University in the fall, one a freshman, the other a junior. They are forcing them to get the jab or they will have to socially distance and wear a mask at all times. They can also be removed from certain classes due to not being vaccinated. Also they will be tested every week. Is there anything we can do about this? How can they force a medical procedure on anyone against their will. The girls are now thinking about doing the classes online but they are so excited to live back on campus and don’t want to miss out.

    1. Oh I didn’t want to respond; don’t feel I’m up to the task, but this kept pulling at me. I’ll share what I can, but I don’t feel it will be adequate. Anyhow, I see your situation as very sad and challenging. And also sad is the overtake of all our institutions of learning by a ruthless Marxist regime teaching our kids fear and communism, with all manner of perversion thrown in. Many recommend home-schooling. I don’t even know if that happens at the college level, but it’s worth looking into. I would explain the risks to your children and encourage them to keep learning and self-educating where they can. If they choose the on-line route (ever superior to the jab and it’s mask with isolation) do your best to oversee what programming they are getting that might affect their health, discredit their values or self-worth, or limit their right to express and behave freely. Very toxic enterprise. I have heard the call for a return to the education methods of old, where students are able to learn what they love without the terrible tyranny of indoctrination. Let’s hope one day… Not easy to be a parent today. I’m sure more guidance will come to you since you are outwardly asking, and I wish you all the best on this road to freedom.


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