August Auction for From the Trenches

The winners are:

Deluxe Camping Set: Jeremy – $45.00
Camping Set: Ed Teach – $30.00
“The Bill of Rights Is Supreme Law” Magnetic Bumper Sticker: Faith – $35.00
Laminated Oldie Placemat: Faith – $10.00
Pocket Size Bill of Rights: Norm – $100.00
Canning Set and Handmade Kitchen Accessories: Ed Teach – $40.00
AIETOL Camping Axe: Swifty Lomax – $100.00
The Problem with Lincoln: flaart blooger – $40.00
Seed Sprouting System with Seeds: Jeremy – $12.00

Thank you to all who have participated!

Mary and Galen are sponsoring an auction to raise funds for From the Trenches World Report.

This way, the Trenchers will get what they want and the Trenches will be supported.

All auctions will end on Friday, August 27th at noon, Pacific Time.

The winning bidder can either donate via PayPal or mail the donation to Henry Shivley, P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624.

Make sure you include your current mailing address so that the prizes can go out as soon as possible.

Thank you to Mary and Galen for the donations and to all who participate.

Good luck and have fun!

39 thoughts on “August Auction for From the Trenches

    1. These auctions are here to raise money for this site not just to move these items so if you pay 10 times what an item is worth that means you are supporting Henry and Laura’s efforts and you get an item In return, so bid high ( if you can ) and bid often.
      Thank you Henry and Laura for your endless efforts to get the truth out.

          1. No offense taken, brother.
            I seen your reply,
            Went “huh”, and answered short and sweet as I could muster.
            I hope you and yours are well.

  1. Henry, they are blocking the site, I could not get past it on the Dell using two browsers, I was able to get on with the Raspberry running firefox but that was warnings also.

    1. This is the third time this has happened. Our server has let our SSL certificate expire. We have put in a ticket and it had better be remedied soon.
      If you click advanced on the bottom of the warning, you will be able to get past it.

      1. I can get here using Opera but cannot comment, so I went to Chrome and it loaded easier and I could comment with Chrome. Weird. But this nonsense is no coincidence!

      2. Thank you Henry.. I was like wtf some other b$llSh*t Imagine if and when it happens we can not communicate this way anymore….!!! The worlds biggest army needs to move forward and I cant wait for it to happen!!!! Hope I can be there.

        1. Thank Mary and Galen for supporting are free speech rights and a hell of alot more thru this site. We really need to appreciate this site and always hope we can keep it alive.. Thanks Ken

          1. You’re welcome, Ken. And your words about The Trench made me think of these two quotes:

            “Anger never lies.”
            — Author Unknown


            “Even a blind man can tell when he’s walking in the sun.”
            — Jeff Barry



    1. No, it does not. It really does nothing as it was specifically designed to drive people away from the site. Many sites do not have it and no warning appears.
      I got it corrected with one email, it wasn’t a very pleasant email, but within twenty minutes, the phone circle jerk ceased and management was on the phone asking me for one more half hour because they had their top hands working as hard as they could to meet the high noon deadline I gave them to get the mother f-ker back up.

      1. I’ve never had a double bloody Mary come out my nose, and I don’t recommend it.
        I needed that. Thanks!
        Rape or not, ya have to appreciate the ant’s fortitude…
        Think I’ll watch the video before having another bumb 🙂

      1. This “smart phone” was getting weird, freezing up, and going places un-requested.
        The twelve pound hammer wishes to borrow it 🙂

    1. Wow, anybody else remember when they served you a milkshake and there was some left over in their stainless spinning cup/container and they brought it over as if to say, You are wonderful and deserve a little more. And there were smiles and clean vibes and nobody needed anything.


    2. Thank you to photographers everywhere that capture snapshots of history
      The cars! oh the cars! and no fat people….the days before processed food became a staple
      I want my country back 🙁

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