Aurora PD Officer Not Investigated, Still on Force, After Being Found Passed Out Drunk in Patrol Car

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A police officer in Aurora, Colorado, who was found passed out drunk at the wheel of his patrol car in March was not investigated for driving under the influence, despite officers at the scene smelling alcohol and describing possible intoxication.

Newly released bodycam footage shows officers responding to Officer Nathan Meier’s patrol car. One officer can be heard commenting on Meier’s apparent intoxication during the video. Others comment on the smell of alcohol at the scene. Meier is still employed as an Aurora police officer.

In an email obtained by 9News, Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz defended his decision to staff. The email read: “I’m guessing many of you would agree with me that the inaccurate media spin this past week has been frustrating. I don’t want this to become a distraction from a message I want all of you to hear loud and clear, which is this: If you make a mistake, OWN YOUR S**T….”

The email concluded: “I want you to know I unequivocally stand by my decision regarding the involved officer because I care about the human being who stepped up and owned his incredibly poor decision…and continues to courageously own it.”

Meier admitted to internal affairs that he had gone home during his shift and drank vodka, and did not remember anything after drinking until waking up in hospital, according to the Denver Post. Credit: Aurora Police Department via Storyful

See video here:

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