Aussie Cossack Arrested By NSW Police State

steve rutherford

Oct 8, 2021

Aussie Cossack the freedom fighter against the insane Covid Restrictions that these Police States are enforcing has been arrested in his own home at night under the guise of a minor Covid Breach It is clear he has become the latest POLITICAL PRISONER in NSW THE WORLD IS WATCHING WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA RIGHT NOW! THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!!! FREE AUSSIE COSSACK

4 thoughts on “Aussie Cossack Arrested By NSW Police State

  1. He looks like he could have taken the 3 of them, or at least done some damage. But he didn’t.

    Well, today I thought the ugliest vid award goes to Jacinda, but this beat it. Not easy to see a man like that smiling during his arrest, imprisonment.


  2. I do believe that this is what Alexander Soltzitzen was describing…!

    They only sent out 3 ckskrs in uniforms to take a man away on alleged, false charges by a state entity at that..!

    Unreal, it will get real when people get serious and start doing what Gulag Archipelago suggested as the solution

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