Aussie Priest: Lockdowns & vax passports are EVIL & draconian, we have to stand up for our faith, freedom & nation

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“This is the epitome of evil,” churches closed “by government that’s wicked and knows nothing of truth!”

Fr. Christopher Sharah, a Catholic priest in Australia, gives the best homily that you’ll hear this month, guaranteed.


Look at our society, terrified living in fear and unable to go out of our homes. And is this what God wants of us? Is this is how were meant to live?

This goes against everything we are as human beings and everything we are as Christians.

How EVIL our churches have been closed by the government. This is the epitome of evil! Justified by this terrible virus because people are afraid of the cross that they might actually have to suffer.

Mind you, all the running away in the world won’t stop the suffering- won’t stop sickness, won’t stop death. But they sell their birthright for a false idea of saving their lives. But that won’t save their lives, and it certainly won’t save their soul.

What happened to God’s commandment? Keep holy the Sabbath day? How come that gets thrown out? By a government that’s wicked and knows nothing of Truth. But what’s worse, because I don’t expect anything from pagans that run this country. But what’s worse are Catholics who listen to the media and accept and believe the media! The media who has done nothing but lie to them for decades! Deceived them in every way imaginable! And they sit there in their homes watching the stupid television and believe the lies they’re being told, and with the truth twisted- just like the devil twists it, and distorts it. That’s what breaks my heart.

They accept this lockdown, the closure of our churches as a good. How can this be a good? Never in the history of humanity has an illness caused this. NEVER should our churches be sold, be locked – the faithful being locked out, of the house of God. This is EVIL!! It’s demonic! If we had the worst plague imaginable the churches should be open. But you see, people don’t believe in God, not in reality. They don’t believe that God is the creator of everything- that He gives life and he takes life- that He can protect us and look after us. They won’t trust Him, they put all their trust in men. And what does Scripture say? Put not your trust in mortal men, in princes, in whom there is no help.

Never before in my lifetime have we had to make such a very real and serious choice. It’s time brothers and sisters to stand up for your faith. To do everything you humanly can for your faith. First of all, turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary, she warned of this at Fatima. This is part of the warning of Fatima: the errors of Russia will be spread everywhere. And they have been. This communistic take takeover of our democracy, where human dignity and human freedom have been destroyed.

We have men and women who are elderly who are stuck in institutions, not being allowed to be visited by their loved ones. This is evil! It is not right. It is not justifiable. It is not good. It is unacceptable. We are in a police state! Good citizens are being pursued by the police 🚔 for being human beings. For wanting to practice their faith. Not criminals, but good Australian citizens. There is nothing good in what’s going on in this moment. It is not justifiable it is not right.

And as for this vaccine passport, it’s draconian! It takes away all our freedom, all our privacy, and it is also evil and communistic. We have to stand up for our faith, for our freedom, for our nation… What are we doing? we’re the most brainwashed, zombified generation ever. We sit back and watch our stupid televisions and the internet and accept all this.

Everything is being taken away from us. Justified by fear of a virus that might kill us. It’s wrong. And it comes because we have lost our faith in God. And we’ve stopped following Christ.”

5 thoughts on “Aussie Priest: Lockdowns & vax passports are EVIL & draconian, we have to stand up for our faith, freedom & nation

  1. I am not a religious person, although I have spiritual beliefs, so I am left wondering about all these priests who are suddenly having bursts of conscience, am wondering if they are aware of who houses, feeds, and pays them nicely, in other words, who issues their paychecks. It’s on record that the Vatican is worth $TRILLIONS, and with centuries of crimes committed in its name. I grew up Catholic, and I loved the cathedrals, the ritual, the celestial singing, the sweet incense, the stained-glass windows, the teachings of kindness. Then I started to learn what my church had been doing for a long, long time. Were Koyote here, he could tell it better. But I just wonder about these priests and what they might know of The Spanish Inquisition, and of how church and state are more often than not bed-fellows. Perhaps this priest is of good heart. It’s just so very difficult to separate him from his providers.


    1. I grew up Catholic as well, but what irrevocably changed that was my own suspicion, October, 1978, when suddenly Pope John Paul I (the last decent pope, IMHO) “died”… right. 30 days after he was elected pope? I’d heard he was investigating corruption at the Vatican Bank and was onto various Bishops and Cardinals involved with the “Franklin National Bank” scandal in the early 70s (I had to remove my bank account from there as a teen because of the scandal I suspected the Catholic Church was involved in). The whole story of his murder and the rest is in David Yallop’s “In God’s Name: An Investigation into the Murder of Pope John Paul I”.

  2. Religions™ are the very root of ALL corruption! They were designed from Day 1 to fool the masses into believing that a “natural” hierarchy exists with a god at the top of it all. They have been used all throughout history to convince the masses that they have a “natural” leader instead of being the Natural-born sovereign individuals they actually are.

    “Atheism™” & “Science™” are simply more modern religions & their followers are even more blind in their “faith” then those who follow the old versions.

    I am not an “athiest”, a “theist”, an “agnostic” or any other label or “follower” of anyone else’s made-up theories. All of this crap is foreign to me as a Natural-born sovereign individual & they have no place in my life or any others.

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