Aussies Blow Lid Off BP Gulf Oil-Corexit Deaths, ‘Health Catastrophe’ Cover-Up

Before It’s News – by Deborah Dupre

Australia’s 60 Minutes national television program has become the first major media to expose the truth that BP’s oil and Corexit, that the petrochemical-military-industrial complex (PMIC) carpet-bombed Americans along the Gulf of Mexico coast, has caused illness and deaths, a “health catastrophe.”

“When petroleum giant BP spilled millions of litres of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico three years ago, it was the worst ever offshore oil disaster. Now, this environmental disaster is a health catastrophe,”60 Minutes says in its Special Report, Crude Solution – Part 1. (Emphasis added)  

“It was the world’s worst ever oil disaster,” 60 Minutes stated. “To try and break up that slick, vast quantities of chemical dispersant was sprayed on the spill. It seemed to work: The oil disappeared.”

But, people started getting sick, and then, people started dying,” the reported said after 60 Minutes conducted what it calls its special investigation. “Now, this environmental disaster has become a health catastrophe.”

To date, not one American major media television has reported this health catastrophe to the public, as detailed in Vampire of Macondo where this Gulf Operation that began in April 2010 is referred to as chemical genocide.

How can this health catastrophe be happening?

“We are basically being killed from the inside out,” one Gulf Coaster told 60 Minutes. (Watch 60 Mintes video Summary below.)

“How can this be happening?” Len Bahr, PhD asked, the same question being asked across the coast. “How can state and federal officials allow the people they swore to protect to be so abused by a foreign corporation?”

But then, how could Corexit be used to literally carpet bomb the entire stretch of the once pristine, white, fine sand along the Gulf Coast – and everyone anywhere near it?

In 2011, after treating scores of people with Gulf mystery diseases, Dr. Mike Robichaux of south Louisiana said, “If we do not have federal government intervention immediately to manage the health crisis and start treating people and start really cleaning this up appropriately, we’re going to have a lot of dead people on our hands.” (Vampire of Macondo, page)

Dr. Mike also divulged that prestigious Ochsner Clinic in New Orleans was possibly complicit in the medical cover up and mistreatment of poisoned patients. (Medical Inhumanity chapter in Vampire of Macondo.)

“I have since interviewed and collected blood samples from patients hailing from Florida, Alabama and the entire Louisiana coast, each with a compelling story about oil exposure and serious illness,” said Dr. Mike, speaking about not only oil-spill “clean-up workers,” but also residents.

“They told us we would not have to wear respirators or anything as a captain because we would not be touching the oil…,” Captain Louis Bahi said, explaining his ordeal as a Vessels Of Opportunity (VOO) oil clean-up worker. “As the job progressed, VOO workers would come in from three miles out, be put into tents, and interrogated.”

He recounted, “They’d ask us some questions, ‘How do you feel today?’”

“We’d tell them and they’d tried to tell us it was seasickness,” he said. “I never remember a time I was seasick. I really don’t remember a time I ever got seasick. So that wasn’t a plus in my book. There was no wind. It was slick as glass.”

Capt. Louis related the day two men passed out, a story involving similar inhumane treatment that former VOO survivor, Jennifer Rexford, seen in the Vampire of Macondo book trailer above, had described about BP’s hidden Gulf Coast death and dying.

“I remember coming in and there were two black guys, not my deck hands directly but they worked for BP – two black guys just passed out on the deck of my boat who just dropped,” Capt. Louis said. “So I had to rush them to emergency services on the jack-up rig. Got them there. Never heard anything else about these guys. I don’t know if they ever made it or not because we were supposed to continue doing what we had to do.

“I don’t know if they made it or not.”

“Most people in the Gulf region who have become sick or are aware of ‘latent illnesses’ from chemical poisoning, are learning that to survive, they must become their own doctor; that there aren’t enough Dr. Mikes; that pharmaceuticals and endless rounds of antibiotics are only going to do more damage; that deliberate or incompetent misdiagnoses only add insult to injury; that they’re squandering precious resources, or running up bankrupting bills,” New Orleans activist Delia LaBarre wrote.

“Please, please continue to address this… It was predicted by toxicologists who were last summer at the forefront of lobbying Congress and the EPA to halt spraying chemical dispersants, which continue to be sprayed on coastal shores as well as at sea.”

There will be a heavy toll on human life as a result of the Gulf Operation, world-renowned oil industry expert and whistleblower, Matthew Simmons had said — days before his untimely death, less than three months after the onset of the Gulf Operation.

For the PMIC’s Gulf Operation success, it needed a well-financed, broad-reaching PR campaign (propaganda). It needed what Thom Hartmann calls a “well-oiled media that doesn’t depend on facts,” (Thom Hartmann, A Well Oiled Machine that Doesn’t Depend on Facts, TH Program, 6 April, 2010) since most Americans still believe and even center their lives on TV. The Gulf Operation involved “pure public relations disinformation designed to avoid panic and demands for greater action by the Obama administration, according to FEMA and Corps of Engineers sources.” (Wayne Madsen, The Coverup: BPs Crude Politics and the Looming Environmental Mega Disaster, 6 May 2010)

Australia’s 60 Minutes has defied America’s PMIC’s PR campaign.

Watch Crude Solution here:

Watch Crude Solution Summary video here below:


Human Rights news reporter Deborah Dupré is author of “Vampire of Macondo, Life, crimes and curses in south Louisiana that Powerful Forces Don’t want you to know,” 450 pages packed with US mainstream media-censored stories about the BP-wrecked Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico that continues catastrophic human and environmental devastation.

“In ‘Vampire of Macondo’, author Deborah Dupre has captured incredible factual detail and has explained the true magnitude of this horrendous Gulf Oil Spill tragedy. Including the Cover ups, Collusion, Human Consequences and the effects on the Environment. A must read for anyone that wants to know the REAL story!” – Ron Tully (TullyNews.Info)

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    1. Hey digger, you know Henry doesn’t want us discussing “conspiracy theories” on the Trenches. There’s no way people could be that evil, to poison us with GMOs. to use nukes to mimic earthquakes to reek havoc, to inject cancer causing ingredients along with what they call “life saving vaccines”, to let wall street and the bankers and Fed to steal trillions, to hire actors to portray mass shootings in an attempt to take away our god given rights. People really can’t be that evil, right? Of course they can and do exist, these slimy trash straight out of bowels a satan. Money-grubbing, backstabbing, kiddie-diddling, lying, cheating, stealing , “War by Deception” F’n queers.

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  2. The bad part is this is just the beginning of what these filthy traitors are going to do to the population.Why do you thing they have built the police state that they have? More and more people are seeing these bastards for exactly what they are and this is going to get a lot worse before it can ever get better.A tyrant never leaves peacefully.Another thing is that we have financed our own demise by remaining peaceful fools while all of this has been being built. The day of decision making is getting closer and closer,and doing nothing will get most of us killed anyway!

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