Austin Police Brought the War on Drugs to my Front Door

Ludlow 2014

On Wednesday afternoon I received a call that my cleaning lady had APD called on her for being a “suspicious person” in my house. When the police showed up, they claimed they smelled marijuana on her. I was called to deal with the situation and was promptly detained by officers who had already decided to enter my home, search it with guns drawn, and hold me there while their supervisor “made a decision”. Of course there was nothing in my home and yet, our laws somehow justify this madness.

The War on Drugs is a dangerous, abject failure. While I ultimately didn’t have to deal with any real consequences in this situation, it is an absolute travesty that time and money is spent on this. The fact that armed people went through my home is a disgusting and disturbing thought.

3 thoughts on “Austin Police Brought the War on Drugs to my Front Door

  1. stupid contradictory cop!

    he tells the guy to sit down, and than goes on to say that “people hide guns in couches and furniture”

    your dam right pig,, make me sit on my couch.
    or anywhere in my house for that matter hahhahahaha fag f-ers!

    what if there are guns all over my house?.. yeah no problem pig, i’ll sit right here.. touch me and you’ll find out how this gets played in MY home

    I would have already called my lawyer before i even got home
    and made sure my cell phone was on, so he could hear everything going on in my house

    I feel this man has a case to sue

  2. “The War on Drugs is a dangerous, abject failure.”

    No it’s not. It’s a perfect success, because it successfully achieved getting a gang of pigs in your home who had no legitimate business being there. And it lets them stop you on the highway for no reason, and steal anything they want from your car too.

    Do you think the war on terror is any less of a dangerous, abject failure?

    YOU failed because you allowed it to happen. The government was perfectly successful at robbing your wealth, and destroying your rights. Or were you dumb enough to believe that government was working in your interests?

    1. Exactly true! But don’t count on the Communist Jew infiltrated militias to do anything. They control both sides of the fight. ISIS is one example. They don’t need to control every person in the organization, just the head. We’re fighting (or not) a very tricksy enemy and they are kicking our tails!

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