Australia has fallen – Father removed from home due to being “a danger to public health” after testing positive for Covid-19

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The actions of the state in Australia are making the United Kingdom’s current dystopian reality look like paradise in comparison. Australians are currently living under one of the most ridiculous dictatorial regimes in the world, second only to New Zealand where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has locked down the entire country due to a single positive test result for the Covid-19 virus.

The State of New South Wales in Australia is currently in lockdown despite just 113 alleged Covid-19 deaths occurring in the past 18 months which is 0.001% of the entire population of the state. There are currently just 7,338 active cases which is 0.08% of the entire population, and the residents of New South Wales are being subjected to thousands of dollars in fines if they dare to breach stay at home quarantine, lie to a contact tracer, stray over 5km from their home without a permit, or venture outdoors without partaking in actual exercise, and the military is on the streets to ensure they comply.

Meanwhile the State of Victoria in Australia has ridiculous rules such as a ban on removing face masks outside to drink alcohol have been put in place. A permit is required to leave home to go to work, construction sites must reduce staffing levels to 25%, and a curfew is currently in force. All of this has been put in place in response to 205 alleged active cases of Covid-19; 0.003% of the population, and 5 people being in hospital with Covid-19; 0.00007% of the population.

Now footage has emerged showing that the state in Australia is also removing people from their homes under the pretense of being a “danger to public health”, and forcing them to quarantine in designated hotels.

You can watch the incident in the video below…

2 thoughts on “Australia has fallen – Father removed from home due to being “a danger to public health” after testing positive for Covid-19

  1. This is what transpires when u let them disarm you and you have no balls ..!

    We said it long ago Aussies now you are reaping…!

    You will all get to witness what happens when they attempt any of this here in America..

    You ain’t seen nothing yet..!

  2. Choke em… poke their eyes out… then take the weapon of choice from them…. and shoot the enemy!! as Henry says You have yet to meet the American nationals under our common law and the Bill of Rights!!!! Just surrender the weapons we can do the rest…. these Motherf*ckers have to be stopped we will win… they dont have a clue.

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