3 thoughts on “Australia has fallen.

  1. Avi Yemini is a proud jewboy who calls himself “OzraeliAvi”. He gets to move freely about in places “reporting” where “actual” Australians get beaten & pepper-sprayed by thug cops. From everything I’ve seen this kike is a classic fake alternative news wanker reporting on all the tyranny & abuse NOT because he cares about Australians but so that he can show his fellow kikes how well the plan is going. F*ck him! That c*nt politician in the video also looks like another weak kike pr1ck – their government is full of them.

    C’mon Australians, that video was no less than a declaration of war – time to get the battle started & TAKE THESE MTHFKERS DOWN NOW!!!

    1. Me either.

      Don’t forget though that that heading “Australia has fallen” is coming from a kike jew NOT from a proper Australian. Of course he’s going to say sh*t like that & pretend to be an aussie in the hope that REAL Australians will be affected by it. That’s why his tweets are worthless other than to identify who the real enemy is!

      Btw, that big fat “Australian” Cossack guy is another great pretender. Latest video had him wearing a suit cavorting with lawyers outside a courthouse where his lawyer kept saying “violence is never the answer” & he was touting Australia as the greatest democracy ever. F*ck him, f*ck his lawyer, f*ck Avi kikeboy & f*ck ALL of these agents & shills pretending to be REAL Australians!

      I hope REAL Australians are reading this & starting to figure out that ALL these social media whores & left/right wing, “democracy”-loving commentators are NOT your friends!

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