10 thoughts on “Australia Listen to this. QLD Chief Health Officer, with a MONSTER slip of the the tongue

  1. Wow

    Appropriate music too.

    These scum need to hang, the new word is “Serology” they love to throw out these terms that most Non doctor people don’t understand

    What a circle jerk of verbosity and BS she barely was able to explain herself!

    But it’s phantom serology they can use to make up more lies as there is no DNA signature as such that she stated, fascinating!

    COVID 19 does not exist, the NWO does though!

  2. Wow, I hope she has her boots on, cause thats alot shite she is spewing! What a clown show, she has NO conscience, tell us again about the cluster ****. Unreal. love the music on vid.

  3. This reminds me of GAGS Just for Laughs with the cop prop sporting all that Masonic symbology on his uniform, serologically suffocating under his slave muzzle. Symbolically speaking, Serological bullshit has never sounded so stupid!

  4. Good thing I’ve been licking windows and doorknobs! Just doing my part, building up that priceless immunity.

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