Australian bishop calls on Catholics to fully comply with gov’t COVID rules


SYDNEY, Australia (LifeSiteNews) – In a recent “Pastoral Letter supporting COVID-19 Vaccinations,” Bishop Timothy Harris encouraged all Catholics living in his Diocese of Townsville to obey the Queensland government’s public health orders, which include vaccine mandates and the closure of churches.

In a shocking admission, Bishop Harris revealed his willingness to submit to the Queensland government’s public health orders.

“The church also accepts legitimate government action to protect the community,” he said. “This Diocese will cooperate with all government regulation and advice, seeking to provide a good example to our community,” adding, “We have already had to close down church services at times, and insist on QR-code check-ins and masks when needed. If the state were to restrict church services to vaccinated persons for a short time, we would also follow that direction.”

“We accept the overwhelming scientific consensus that COVID-19 is a real, new and dangerous disease and that we have well-tested, registered and approved, effective and safe vaccines in Australia,” he said.

The bishop’s statement regarding the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines flies in direct opposition to the advice of renowned medical health experts, virologists and immunologists. That includes the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, who warned that vaccination against COVID would make the virus even more dangerous and would accelerate the development of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

In his pastoral letter, Bishop Harris reinforced his support for public health orders by criticizing those spreading “disinformation” regarding the experimental vaccines. He warned that “disinformation against vaccines is reducing vaccination rates and increasing deaths around the world.”

“Spreading gossip and dubious information is not the Christian way,” Bishop Harris said. “There are many false websites and imposters. I suggest reputable websites at state or Commonwealth health departments or scientific organisations linked to them.”

Bishop Harris concluded his pastoral letter with an emotional appeal to Catholics in his diocese, saying, “We should take positive action in the effort to combat this pandemic — out of love. Please get vaccinated to protect yourself. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser. Follow social distancing and mask-wearing. Please get vaccinated to protect those around you.”

Medical health experts and researchers have shown that the experimental COVID vaccines do not protect individuals from contracting the virus, do not prevent individuals from spreading the virus to others, and only serve to weaken the individual’s natural immunity – among other potentially life-threatening long term conditions. In addition, according to VAERS data, the adverse effects to the COVID vaccines have caused more injuries and deaths than the virus.

Bishop Harris’ pastoral letter was notably devoid of any substantial mention of Christ, the gospel or the principles of Catholic Social Teachings, apart from a final remark that “We ask God to build the church to be stronger and more caring as we go through this pandemic.”

Although the bishop has recently criticized the Queensland government’s intention to legalize euthanasia, his support for Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in keeping state borders closed and his failure to challenge public health orders regarding vaccinations has raised concerns.


7 thoughts on “Australian bishop calls on Catholics to fully comply with gov’t COVID rules

  1. Wow! Even their religious leaders are on crack.

    I just keep thinking of the Bishop from the movie, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves getting rich off of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

    See the clip here. It says it all:

  2. Right, “Bishop,” and I suppose you are using the bogus interpretation of Romans 13 (which Chuck Baldwin gets absolutely correct, one of the few preachers who does get it correct) to try to force Catholics to comply with a govt. satanic agenda…. Well, I’ll let God be the Judge…..

  3. The troops are stirring. Many are realizing they served the wrong master. I only watched a few minutes of this so far ’cause it’s over 4 hours. Intense. Here’s how they present it:

    “We made this crowdsourced documentary series in collaboration with Special Forces. It features many soldiers, Marines, operators, IC members, police, sheriffs, marshals, veterans, doctors, nurses and patriots from all walks of life who are risking everything to defend the American people and freedom worldwide. The fog of war is about to get extremely thick. To counter confusion, we are releasing the first 4-parts of this series in one 4-hour video file here.”

    U.S. Soldiers Speak Out: “America Is Under Attack, Prepare Yourself Now”:


      1. You’re welcome. I’m an hour and a half in. Testimony after testimony of fed up people who’ve had their delusions shattered. Some still sorting it out, but so many acknowledging the evil tyranny and necessary fight ahead. We’ll see what the next few hours bring; I hope they land on The Bill of Rights.


      2. After the first hour it kinda went downhill; I couldn’t finish it. Bad sound and incoherent fluff. As for the strong voices of military now coming to speak up and who say they are willing to fight… They will be challenged with the questions of why now? Is it because your income is threatened? Are you really for freedom? Surely you knew about the 9/11 lies reported, for over 20 years. Surely you knew about the wars being oil wars and mostly on behalf of Israel. Surely you knew that global communism is overtaking everywhere. Still you continued to serve under the very operation orchestrating that demise, and while so many true liberty-lovers have risked everything to bravely report on a rogue and hijacked government gone wild. You have come late to the party. Now you are tasked to show us who you are. Are you really with the people? With The Bill of Rights? Who are you?


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