Washington Times – by Ramsey Touchberry 

Louisiana will divest nearly $800 million in state funds by the end of the year from BlackRock over its pivot away from fossil fuel investments, the state’s treasurer informed the company’s CEO on Wednesday. Continue reading “Louisiana becomes latest red state to give the boot to BlackRock over climate policies”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Kanye West went off on Jared Kushner and his brother Josh during his interview with Tucker Carlson on Thursday and said they only arranged the Abraham Accords “peace treaties” with Israel “to make money.” Continue reading “Kanye Slams Kushner Family, Says Israel ‘Peace Treaties’ Were ‘To Make Money’”

Unz Review – by Paul Craig Roberts

According to Bloomberg News, the incompetent US military failed to blow up one of the lines of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Germany now has an opportunity to escape the energy deprivation the government has placed on Germany by ceasing to comply with US Russian sanctions and signing off on the opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.  Continue reading “One of the Nord Stream 2 Pipelines Was Undamaged”

New York Post – by Michelle Lee

China has opened dozens of “overseas police service stations” around the globe to monitor its citizens living abroad, including one location in New York City and three in Toronto.  Continue reading “China has opened police stations in US and Canada to monitor Chinese citizens: Report”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)  just recently won a major lawsuit brought against the CDC, requiring the agency to turn over its V-safe COVID Vaccine Injury Data. Continue reading “ICAN Wins Lawsuit Forcing CDC to Turn Over V-SAFE Covid Vaccine Injury Data – Shows 7.7% Seek Medical Care After Vaccination and 25% Have Serious Side Effects”

The Intercept – by Daniel Boguslaw

AS A RAPIDLY ADVANCING climate emergency turns the planet ever hotter, the Dallas-based biotechnology company Colossal Biosciences has a vision: “To see the Woolly Mammoth thunder upon the tundra once again.” Founders George Church and Ben Lamm have already racked up an impressive list of high-profile funders and investors, including Peter Thiel, Tony Robbins, Paris Hilton, Winklevoss Capital — and, according to the public portfolio its venture capital arm released this month, the CIA.  Continue reading “CIA Just Invested In Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Tech”

Big League Politics – by Jose Nino

On October 3, 2022,  Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas was able to permanently enjoin the city from carrying out an order that prohibited citizens from legally carrying at city parks and recreational facilities.  This injunction came after no compromise gun lobby Gun Owners of America and several of its members in Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit against Mayor Jim Kenney after he signed an unconstitutional Executive Order enacting this prohibition this past week.  Continue reading “Gun Owners of America Obtains a Permanent Injunction Against Philadelphia Mayor’s Civilian Disarmament Order”

Activist Post – by Kevin Samson

It’s been a long-overdue promise of the U.S. military to develop an “Internet of Battlefield Things.” We have been covering the various press releases for years which have highlighted the many components that would comprise this military version of what we are witnessing in our day-to-day lives via our array of sensors and highly connected smart devices.  Continue reading “Google Cloud Sponsors Military Conference Featuring the Future of Autonomous Warfare”

The Expose – by Rhoda Wilson

In November 2021, the World’s first Covid injection murder case against Bill Gates was filed in India. It was the case of a 23-year-old who had died after taking a Covishield “vaccine” because the railways mandated it as a condition to travel.  The two named defendants were Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla, CEO of Serum Institute of India. Continue reading “India: Court Date Set for Bill Gates to Answer to Victims’ Family for Daughter’s Murder by Vaccine”


By recognizing the free will of the residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye, Russia has embraced people who share its history and culture and repaired some of the injustices created by the Soviet Union and its destruction, President Vladimir Putin claimed in Moscow on Friday.  Continue reading “‘Russia will always be Russia’: Putin’s full speech on accession of former Ukrainian territories”

The Giza Death Star – by Joseph P. Farrell

This story is a big “we told you so moment,” because a major world government, in this case, Spain has apparently admitted to spraying the atmosphere in its airspace with aerosolized heavy metals.  What’s also interesting here is that this article, which was shared by T.M. includes a document or bulletin of Spain’s Ministry of the Interior from 2020, which in turn cites Royal Decrees from the same year:  Continue reading “A Big “We Told You So” Moment: Spain Admits To Chemtrail …”

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

New Zealand communist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern labeled internet freedom a “weapon of war” in her most recent UN speech before the General Assembly this week. Continue reading “Marxist New Zealand PM Labels Internet Freedom and Free Speech a “Weapon of War” in This Week’s UN Speech”