New York Post – by Joe Schoffstall

John Kerry, President Biden’s special presidential envoy for climate change, held investments in oil companies prior to divesting from the stocks as he took over the position, according to financial forms.

Kerry’s financial disclosure forms, which were obtained by Fox News, show that the former secretary of state was financially invested in numerous oil companies, including Duke Energy, Cimarex, Dominion Energy, Exelon Corporation and Valero Energy. Continue reading “John Kerry invested in oil companies prior to becoming Biden’s climate envoy, financial disclosures show”

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing

The Pasco County (FL) Sheriff’s Office decided to bring some of its predictive policing nonsense indoors. It also started looking for smaller targets. The program used to harass residents over things like uncut lawns and missing mailbox numbers was extended to schoolchildren, who were subjected to the same sort of spreadsheet bullshit. Low grades? Miss a few school days? Victim of domestic violence?

According to the Pasco County Sheriff “juvenile intelligence analysts,” these were all risk factors that could signify future criminal behavior. The Sheriff claimed it wasn’t trying to pre-crime children, but its own documentation said “analysts” should use the so-called “predictors” to “identify at-risk youth who are destined to a life of crime.” Continue reading “US Department Of Education Now Investigating Florida Sheriff’s Student ‘Pre-Crime’ Program”

News Channel 20

An Illinois judge has ruled that Illinois’ Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card law is unconstitutional.

The 2017 case, The People of Illinois vs. Vivian Claudine Brown, comes after Vivian Brown was accused of possessing a firearm without a FOID card. Continue reading “Illinois judge rules FOID card ‘unconstitutional’”

New Scientist – by Scott Nuismer and James Bull

A FAMOUS quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The world is now discovering the cost of its pound of cure for covid-19. But what would an ounce of prevention look like?

For infectious diseases that originate in wild animals, like covid-19, SARS, MERS and Ebola, one solution is to prevent the transmission to humans in the first place. To achieve this, an important first step is to change our behaviour to reduce contact with the wildlife species that harbour such diseases. Continue reading “We now have the technology to develop vaccines that spread themselves”

RT – by Damian Wilson

A Brussels court has decided the government’s Covid measures are illegal, due to a lack of parliamentary scrutiny. This will provide impetus to those keen to legally challenge authorities’ handling of the pandemic worldwide.

In Melbourne, Australia, the residents of a public housing tower block have filed a class action in court against their government over being shut inside during lockdown. Meanwhile, in Spain, the regional authorities of Madrid have overturned the national restrictions enforced on them last October using a legal challenge. Continue reading “Freedom in sight? Judge orders Belgian government to scrap lockdown… and a barrage of Covid court cases is sure to follow”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Baton Rouge, LA — What would you do if you found a creepy device attached to your car that looked like something used to track you? Would you simply leave it there and go on about your business? Or, would you remove it? Well, a Louisiana woman decided to remove it, not knowing what it was, and the people who put it there are now demanding it back. It was a GPS tracking device and it was put there by the Louisiana State Police. Continue reading “Woman Catches Cops Putting GPS Tracker on Car and Removes It—Cops Then Demand It Back”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Roughly one year after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation seized control of the global response to COVID-19 with the goal of providing “equitable access” to a vaccine, Bill Gates & Co. have accomplished the opposite: The Covid-19 ACT-Accelerator mechanism, backed by the Gates Foundation, has a stated policy of respecting the exclusive intellectual property rights of western drugmakers. At the same time, the WHO-backed alternative solution, known as Covid-19 Technology Access Pool, or C-TAP, which was supposed to foster an open-source pool of vaccine and drug technology, has mostly faltered. Continue reading “Bill Gates Doubles Down On Opposition To “Open Vaccine” Movement”

Global Research – by John Harlow and Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Flash back to May 2009, the Billionaires held a meeting behind closed doors at the home of the president of The Rockefeller University in Manhattan.

This Secret Gathering was sponsored by Bill Gates. They called themselves “The Good Club”.
Continue reading “Secret May 2009 Meeting of “The Good Club”. “Billionaire Club in Bid to Curb Overpopulation”.”

Fox News

The effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom has received the necessary number of verified signatures to trigger a recall election later this year.

The California Secretary of State said on Monday that the threshold of verified signatures reported by counties, which was set at 1,495,709, had been met. Continue reading “Newsom recall officially triggered as verified signature threshold met”