If one is blind to the truthful account of history, understanding of current events will never break the mind controlled barrier of sanitized awareness. The globalists or whatever synonym name you choose personifies the forces behind the screens that shape the political, economic and cultural impositions on the world. China has not been immune to the infliction of obscurity in the implementation of what actually is driving their regime.  As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times”, has proven to be much more than a platitude, it is a model for planetary enslavement. How did this conquest begin and where is it going?   Continue reading “Red China is a Creation of Globalists”

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Sac Bee – by Don Sweeny

A Columbus, Ohio, police officer had to shoot his own K9 partner Saturday after the dog turned on him during a training exercise, police say.

Officer Brian Carter was “verbally correcting” Benzi, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, when the dog began biting him about 9 a.m. at the department’s K9 center, police wrote in a press release.   Continue reading “An officer is attacked by his own police dog. He had to shoot it to escape, police say”

Free Thought Project – by Jack Burns

Do convicted felons have the constitutional right to defend themselves with a firearm? The answer to the question, in most U.S. states is a resounding no. Those who do, like Arkansas native Krissy Noble, face years in prison, all for choosing to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones with a firearm.   Continue reading “Pregnant Mom Kills Home Invader in Justified Shooting, Now Going To Prison For the Gun She Used”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Forsyth, GA — Monroe County sheriff’s deputy Bill Miller was recorded earlier this month on a woman’s cell phone, epitomizing everything wrong with sickos in uniforms who seek to abuse their authority for personal gain. His victim recorded him trying to force her to give him sexual favors in return for getting her DUI charges dropped and this deputy is still collecting a paycheck.

Ashlie Roberts was arrested last month by Miller for driving under the influence and drug possession. Roberts admitted she had done the crime and she was willing to do the time. However, after she made bail, Miller contacted the 34-year-old woman and told her to meet him in a parking lot on August 14th. So, she did.   Continue reading “Woman Secretly Records Cop Try to Force Her to Give Him Sexual Favors to Drop Charges”

Business Insider – by Christopher Woody, March 28, 2017

The US’s Camp Lemonnier, a special-operations outpost in the sweltering East African country of Djibouti, will soon have a new neighbor.

China will open a new naval base — what it has called “logistical support” facilities — nearby, bringing the US into closer proximity with a rival power than some officers have ever experienced.   Continue reading “Flashback: China is building a new base in Africa that creates ‘significant operational security’ issues for the US military”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

According to NOAA Space Weather forecasters, a powerful G3-class geomagnetic storm is in progress on August 26th as Earth passes through the wake of a coronal mass ejection (CME) that arrived with little notice approximately 24 hours ago. Strong magnetic fields in the CME’s wake have cracked into Earth’s magnetosphere, allowing solar wind to enter. So far auroras have been sighted in Scandinavia, Canada, and northern-tier US states such as Michigan and New York.   Continue reading “NOAA Issues Geomagnetic Storm Warning: “A Crack Opened In Earth’s Magnetic Field & Plasma Started Pouring In””

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Daily Mail

The prominent Republican family which owns the farm where Mollie Tibbetts’ alleged killer worked have insisted that he passed background checks for migrant workers.

Christhian Rivera, 24, who is from Mexico, was charged with first degree murder on Tuesday after leading police to a corn field where Mollie’s body was dumped.   Continue reading “Farm which hired Mollie Tibbetts’ ‘killer’ insist he passed vetting”

Breitbart – by Charlie Nash

Citizens of Gainesville, VA, are reportedly being made to pay for Amazon’s $172 million power line installation, after local protesters successfully fought the lines being installed through their properties and a Civil War battlefield.

“For a little while earlier this year, it seemed as though 87-year-old Rosie Thomas and her neighbors in the small town of Gainesville, Va., had beaten Amazon. Virginia’s largest utility, Dominion Energy Inc., had planned to run an above ground power line straight through a Civil War battlefield—and Thomas’s property—to reach a nearby data center run by an Inc. subsidiary,” reported Bloomberg. “After three years of petitions and protests in front of the gated data center, skirmishes punctuated by barking dogs and shooing police, Dominion agreed to bury that part of the line along a nearby highway, at an estimated cost of $172 million.”   Continue reading “Virginians Will Pay for Amazon’s Power Lines”

AmmoLand – by David Codrea

U.S.A. – -( ATF was “not allowed to physically examine the interior of the weapons” recovered from the Las Vegas shooter’s hotel room, a new Freedom of Information Act production by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives reveals. The baffling revelation appears on page 335 of a response sent to attorney Stephen Stamboulieh as part of an ongoing production of documents responding to his FOIA request.

This leads to another problem for those intending to challenge any finalized rule ATF issues on banning “bump stock”-type devices.   Continue reading “Las Vegas Bump Stock FOIA Claims ATF Not Allowed to Examine Weapons”

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, 2000

United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.   Continue reading “Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?”

This public notice is soon to come out in the National Inquirer and a full page ad in USA Today.  A class action RICO law suit is soon to follow.

JULY 24, 2018

Do you have a loved one that was incarcerated or imprisoned under a federal law since 1948?  If you do, you may be entitled to relief in a class action lawsuit which is being prepared against the U.S. government and government officials involved.   Continue reading “PUBLIC NOTICE: Over 7 Million People Been Falsely Imprisoned By The Federal Government Without A Law”

Fox News

A man living in Florida was arrested after allegedly raped and impregnated a 12-year-old girl last fall, police said.

Jorge Estuardo Cobon-Juarez, originally from Guatemala, was arrested on July 13 in West Palm Beach on charges of sexual assault on a minor and child cruelty, the West Palm Beach Post reported.  Continue reading “Guatemalan living in Florida arrested for allegedly raping, impregnating 12-year-old girl: police”

Antonius Aquinas

Two recent articles* have again demonstrated that the greatest “terrorist” entity on earth is not the bogymen – Russia, China, Iran, North Korea – so often portrayed by Western presstitudes and the American government, but the United States itself!  Ever since World War II, the US has been the most militaristic, far surpassing all of the Communist and dictatorial regimes combined.   Continue reading “The United States of Terror!”