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US Marshals Service – the long arm of official misconduct

Senate Judiciary Committee Investigation of Numerous Allegations of Wrongdoing by the U.S. Marshals Service

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Appeals Court Says Gov’t Will Be Paying Even More Legal Fees For Its Extended Loss In TSA No Fly List Lawsuit

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing Fourteen years after an FBI agent mistakenly dumped Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim on the TSA’s “No Fly” list, the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court is calling out the government for its horrendous behavior during the case, as well … Continue reading

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Feds Can’t Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Finger Or Face, Judge Rules

Forbes – by Thomas Brewster A California judge has ruled that American cops can’t force people to unlock a mobile phone with their face or finger. The ruling goes further to protect people’s private lives from government searches than any … Continue reading

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Planet’s erratic magnetic field forces emergency update to global navigation system

Independent Earth’s magnetic north pole is veering towards Siberia at an incredibly fast rate, and experts are not sure why. The erratic movement has forced the scientists tasked with monitoring the planet’s magnetic field to update their system that underlies global navigation, from Google … Continue reading

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Vaxx Propaganda in Overdrive as Vaccine/Autism Link Confirmed

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The Zionist Communist Takeover Of America – 45 Declared Goals – by Jeff Rense On January 10, 1963, the House of Representatives and later the Senate began reviewing a document entitled ‘Communist Goals for Taking Over America.’  It contained an agenda of 45 separate issues (attacks and techniques) that, in hindsight, were … Continue reading

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Former Secret Service Agent Slaps Lawsuit On Clintons, Podesta And More

The Daily Caller – by Virginia Kruta Former Secret Service Agent Gary J. Byrne, an outspoken critic of the Clintons since he left the White House and their employ, has filed a RICO lawsuit against former President Bill Clinton, former … Continue reading

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Oregon just legalized the harvesting of roadkill for food

Natural News – by Isabelle Z. What’s for dinner tonight? If you live in Oregon, it could well be that deer you hit on your way home from work thanks to a recently implemented law making it legal to harvest … Continue reading

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Politicians’ social media pages can be 1st Amendment forums, judge says

ARS Technica – by David Kravets We’ve been covering a recent First Amendment lawsuit targeting President Donald Trump—a novel legal argument in which Twitter users claim their constitutional rights were violated because the commander-in-chief blocked them from his personal @realDonaldTrump Twitter handle. To … Continue reading

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World Bank President Kim Unexpectedly Resigns

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank, abruptly announced that he will be leaving his post on February 1, more than three years ahead of the end of his term as the … Continue reading

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Oregon’s Ganja Glut Sends Pot Growers To Black Market

Daily Beast – by Natalie O’Neill Last spring, Forrest Griffin*, an Oregon cannabis farmer, was forced to throw away hundreds of pounds of high-end weed. His small grow-op had folded, in part due to a pesticide test, and the state … Continue reading

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It pays well to be a public servant: Portland employees’ salaries frozen because they are higher than justified

Fellowship of the Minds – by DCG In 2018 the city of Portland had more than 9,300 employees. Projections for 2019 go up to over 10,000 employees. As of 2017, Portland had an estimated population of 647,805. Compare this to other cities: … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Declares National Emergency

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Tires Slashed, Guns Pulled On Self-Driving Cars As Arizona Residents Revolt

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden More than 20 driverless vehicles in Arizona have reportedly been vandalized over the last two years, according to the New York Times, as enraged locals in the Waymo test market of Chandler have begun to revolt. … Continue reading

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Israel Brags That It Received “Almost Everything It Wanted” In Meeting With Pompeo

The Realist Report In yet another display of utter subservience to the Jewish state of Israel, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Brazil yesterday to reassure his Zionist masters that the U.S. … Continue reading

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Judge Confirms: Oregon Engineer Has a First Amendment Right to Call Himself an Engineer

Reason – by Eric Bohem A federal judge has ruled that the Oregon Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying violated the First Amendment when it tried to fine Mats Järlström—an Oregonian with a degree in engineering and years … Continue reading

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Oregon Resilience Plans

Every town bigger than 250 people has a Climate Action and Resilience plan. Deborah Tavares says to read it as it IS what they plan in the area you live or plan to move to. What will you face? See links … Continue reading

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New GMO label rules don’t use the term GMO

MNN – by Robin Shreeves Remember this word: Bioengineered. It’s the term the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has settled on for food labels that will indicate the presence of genetically modified organisms or GMOs in our food. In a final … Continue reading

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The Truth About All Central Bank Controlled Nations: Here’s How The Financial System Really Works

Collective Evolution – by Richard Enos The website introduces us to the Federal Reserve as follows: The Federal Reserve, “the Fed”, is the central bank of the United States of America that was created in 1913 by Congress. It is a … Continue reading

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The Healing Properties of Mullein – Especially During the Cold and Flu Season

Ready Nutrition – by Jeremiah Johnson Mullein is a pretty easy herb to come by. It grows in “waste” places; that is to say, in arid, rocky, or sandy soil without many nutrients. It is a pretty common sight all … Continue reading

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