Food Freedom USA

An aspiring singer and songwriter, Deanna Miller, would like to share with you, the readers at, a rap song she wrote to educate people on the difference between Big Ag’s factory-farm pigs and the pigs raised on pasture in family farms. This easy listening rap song informs the listener of what the DNR was doing in Michigan to an American farmer, Mark Baker, of Bakers Green Acres in Michigan. The author hopes this song motivates you to donate to Baker’s Green Acres cause.   Continue reading “Save the Pigs”

Racine Co. Sheriff MRAP on ParadeMedia Trackers – by Brian Sikma

Millions of dollars in high-tech war fighting equipment is flooding Wisconsin law enforcement agencies thanks to a federal program designed to give police departments access to tools originally designed for soldiers. According to records from the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs, thousands of items ranging from armored vehicles and fast boats to sophisticated imaging systems and fully automatic weapons have been transferred from the military to local police and sheriff’s departments.   Continue reading “War Machines, Weapons Flood WI Law Enforcement”

Truth and Action

Biker John Harrington of Shield Tactical from Shiner, Texas has been riding across America to rally other bikers into the ‘Wake The Giant Ride’ cause to free Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi – who still sits in a Mexican jail for making a wrong turn at the border – and has been abandoned by Obama and this government.

A rally, “Demand the Release of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi” is set for this Friday, July 4th in San Diego.   Continue reading “The Biker’s Plan To Free Sgt. Tahmooressi From His Mexican Jail”

Food Freedom USA

The time has come for all American’s to stand for their individual Constitutional Rights, and leave no farmer behind. It is going to take many people getting active today, making phone calls to the politicians, and by using their social media outlets to awaken and alert their friends to the war on for their food.

Mark Baker, of Bakers Green Acres is one farmer who has taken the bull by the horns, so to say. Baker has been stoic in his stand against the Michigan DNR’s attempt at shutting down his family farm. A proud husband, father, and Veteran, Baker is taking a stand for your individual Constitutional Rights. He has gone so far as to throw his hat in the ring for Sheriff of Missaukee County Michigan. Would you? America needs you.   Continue reading “Call to Farms: Michigan”

Conservative Tribune

There is a humanitarian crisis currently taking place along our nation’s southern border.

Thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them unaccompanied children, are flooding across the border, completely overwhelming our border security system, which already has the Border Patrol’s  hands tied due to the Obama administration’s immigration policy, or lack thereof.

Texas is now making moves to secure the southern border themselves, something they have done previously for brief periods, since the federal government has made no effort to secure it like they are supposed to.   Continue reading “Militia Mobilizes… They’re Going to Defend the Border”

Food Freedom USA

Michigan’s Governor, Rick Snyder, has not protected the Constitutional rights of farmers such as Mark Baker. Instead Snyder has been a friend of the Agricultural Industrial Complex. Listen to mark’s message (video below). Then go to where you can make a donation to help Mark, and his friends in Michigan, restore the Constituion as the supreme law of the land.   Continue reading “Mark Baker Update: Refuse to Comply with Unjust Orders”

Food Freedom USA

The Michigan feral swine declaratory ruling is rescinded, while the invasive species order moves ahead. So now the Constitution is being trampled once again in Michigan and Bakers Green Acres is under the iron fist once again, this after three long years of battle between Mark Baker and the Michigan DNR. Due process is dead and tyranny runs amuck with the Michigan DNR’s latest unconstitutional action.  (See video below). The Fourth Amendment is shackled and tossed overboard in Michigan. If you refuse to stand with this patriot farmer, you have failed as an American. Go to and the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund to help fund the resistance to the tyranny of the Agricultural Industrial Complex.   Continue reading “Private Property Rights Disappear With Michigan Invasive Species Order”

PictureFood Freedom USA 

Bolzano Artisan Meats is in the midst of a legal fight with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  Like with raw milk, food politics are the focus once again.

DATCP did not want Bolzano Artisan Meats creating salami that was made with active cultures, using only fermentation and drying. In working to do so, Bolzano Artisan Meats became a model state inspected plant – one of the top officials at DATCP stated in email to Bolzano Artisan Meats that Bolzano had a better understanding of HACCP than most people he works with. Even new inspectors volunteered to come to the plant, unpaid, to see the operation, because they were so advanced and thorough in their methods.    Continue reading “Artisan Salami Maker is Shut Down by Wisconsin DATCP for Label Mishap”

This is being posted on Facebook:

The cattle are dying and being slaughtered and buried in the desert by federal Agents… The protesters tried to stop a convoy of trucks and backhoes coming off of the PRIVATE land owned by the Bundy’s, so they could be inspected by a sheriff … The agents then started tazing the protesters and throwing women to the ground.    Continue reading “Bundy cattle slaughtered and buried in the desert by federal agents”