American people, how do you feel about your hard earned tax dollars going to pay for incarceration of illegal immigrants? The problem is so out of hand in Texas that the state is asking the government to carry the burden. Texas cannot afford the costly expense to house these criminals any longer.

The sad part is most of these people  are drug cartel, and they are committing such vulgar crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, and people smuggling, and they get caught more than once before, something is finally done to punish them. The first felony they commit is crossing our borders illegally.
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Don’t you think it’s strange that we cry and remember 9/11 and all the people who died, especially the children, but yet NO one remembers the people, including the children, that were burned to death in Waco Texas by our OWN Government? Can anyone explain why this is?

David Koresh (originally named Vernon Howell) and his followers and some children had set up a base in Waco, Texas. Some members were recruited from as far away as Australia. Claiming to be Christ, Koresh claimed to have a special interpretation of the mysterious seven seals described in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.
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