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Shane Geiger: Death By Sprained Ankle and Modern Medicine’s Miracles

Health Wyze – by C. Thomas Corriher Spraining an ankle should never be a death sentence, and historically it was not cause for funeral arrangements. It now sometimes is, alongside heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and the long montage of other … Continue reading

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Massive explosion at port shakes city of Tianjin in China

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Massive search for suspect in murder, shooting of deputy

Bakersfield – by Lauren Foreman Few signs of life exist in the area of Weldon between Kelso Creek and Kelso Valley roads, as it is. But 15 miles to the south, the area’s patchy fields — dotted with the occasional … Continue reading

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Nicky Hilton Marries James Rothschild

Yahoo News Nicky Hilton is a married woman. The 31-year-old hotel heiress married U.K.-based banker James Rothschild on Friday at London’s Kensington Palace. The fashion designer wore a white lace gown by Valentino with a long train as guests including … Continue reading

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Medicare to Cover End-of-Life Counseling

Yahoo News Medicare said Wednesday it plans to pay doctors to counsel patients about end-of-life care, the same idea that sparked accusations of “death panels” and fanned a political furor around President Barack Obama’s health care law six years ago. … Continue reading

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Ecuador Socializes Private Pension Funds

The Sleuth Journal – by Luis Miranda Workers will be obligated to surrender their life savings to the government. Teachers and other unionized workers have had to provide the Bank of the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (Biess) savings they have … Continue reading

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LMI works in virtually every area of government.

LMI Defense With our roots in the U.S. Department of Defense and our expertise and experience in business management, LMI brings smart solutions—from the back offices to the battlefield. Intelligence  LMI works to simplify policies, strategies, and processes to increase operational effectiveness … Continue reading

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Take back our food system: grow something

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-09-15 to 05-11-15

Police Misconduct Reporting Project Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, May 9 through Monday, May 11, 2015: Washington County, Oklahoma: A deputy was arrested for aggravated DUI after colliding with another vehicle while off duty. … Continue reading

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Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project

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Massive ‘ocean’ discovered towards Earth’s core

New Scientist – by Andy Coghlan A reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The finding could help explain where Earth’s seas came from. The water is hidden inside … Continue reading

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Bird Flu Has Already Killed More Than 20 MILLION Turkeys And Chickens In The United States

The Economic Collapse – by Michael Snyder Are you prepared to go without turkey this Thanksgiving?  Yes, it might actually get that bad.  So far, the worst outbreak of bird flu in U.S. history has claimed the lives of more … Continue reading

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Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

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How The Tesla Battery Will Benefit Marijuana Growers

Indefinitely Wild A medium-sized commercial weed grow with around 50 lights stands to save about $13,500 in electricity costs a year with the use of two Tesla Batteries. Those will also protect the plants in case of power outages while … Continue reading

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Blues legend B.B. King tells fans he’s in hospice care

Chicago Tribune Blues legend B.B. King was in hospice care Friday at his home in Las Vegas, according to a longtime business associate with legal control over his affairs. The 89-year-old musician posted thanks on his official website for fans’ well-wishes … Continue reading

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High-tech town with ‘Hyperloop’ proposed in California

KHON 2 – by JOE YBARRA KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KGPE) — A high-tech community called “Quay Valley” could be popping up in California soon. It would be a self-sustained, solar powered community with a unique high speed transportation system. On … Continue reading

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Illegal Alien Communists Have Massive Protest In Los Angeles For May Day.

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Neuroweapons, Neuroscience and “Brain Circuit Manipulation”: Inside Story of Obama’s Mind Control Project

Global Research – by Asian Human Rights Commission In September 2013 the US National Institutes of Health ( NIH) issued an report titled, “Interim Report: Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) working group.” The report has extensively examined President … Continue reading

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How America Became an Oligarchy

Web of Debt – by Ellen Brown The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. . . . You have owners.                   … Continue reading

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Jeff Rense & Tim Rifat – Jeff’s Recent Brush with Death

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