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He saw it on the television

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When Should You Shoot A Cop

Cop Block That question, even without an answer, makes most “law-abiding taxpayers” go into knee-jerk conniptions. The indoctrinated masses all race to see who can be first, and loudest, to proclaim that it is NEVER okay to forcibly resist “law … Continue reading

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Which Countries Own the Most U.S. Debt?

Visual Capitalist In the international finance system, U.S. debt can be bought and held by virtually anyone. In fact, if you hold a U.S. Treasury bond or a T-Bill in your portfolio right now, you are already a creditor to … Continue reading

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Michael Bennett Solves The Georgia Guidestones Mystery

The Corbett Report Dr. J. Michael Bennett is the associate producer and primary researcher behind the remarkable new documentary film, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones.” Combining new interviews with some of the key people … Continue reading

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Remembering Fletcher Prouty

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Why Singapore is an outstanding “Plan B” option

Sovereign Man – by Simon Black Every time I come to Singapore I can’t help but marvel at its spectacular rise. I have a number of local friends who have been living here since independence in the 1960s, and they … Continue reading

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard dodges Pentagon Cloud Security, Israeli Intel, USS Liberty & 9/11

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When Will Americans Realize We’re Not the Good Guys?

Truth Dig – by Tom Engelhardt Headlined “U.S. Seeks Other Ways to Stop Iran Shy of War,” the article was tucked away on page A9 of a recent New York Times. Still, it caught my attention. Here’s the first paragraph: “American intelligence and … Continue reading

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GOP lawmaker calls for Amash to leave Republican Conference

The Hill Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.) called on Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.) to leave the House Republican Conference after he announced Thursday he is leaving the GOP. “Amash left the @freedomcaucus now he’s leaving the @GOP. The @HouseGOP never left @justinamash – we simply … Continue reading

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Goodbye Dollar, It Was Nice Knowing You!

Strategic Culture – by Philip Giraldi Over the past two years, the White House has initiated trade disputes, insulted allies and enemies alike, and withdrawn from or refused to ratify multinational treaties and agreements. It has also expanded the reach … Continue reading

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Germany get off your knees – The Ernst Zundel Story

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Iran marks 31st anniversary of US downing of passenger plane

Press TV Iran is commemorating the 31st anniversary of the downing of its passenger plane by a US Navy guided-missile cruiser in the Persian Gulf waters. A memorial ceremony was held at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport on Tuesday, with Iranian Parliament Speaker … Continue reading

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Furlough notices go out to University of Alaska employees in the wake of governor’s veto

Alaska Daily News – by Tegan Hanlon Furlough notices went out to University of Alaska employees on Monday in the wake of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s huge cut to its state funding, according to a UA spokeswoman. About 2,500 University of … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham Says Israel Will Attack Iran, And The U.S. Will Follow

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Looking for Holocaust in 1960 World Book Encyclopedia… Wasn’t there. Not until late 1960s. Did ADL create the holocaust?

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The Video the Pentagon doesn’t want you to see!

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Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet

Films for Action – by Jordon Engle Just 100 companies are responsible for more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988. The guys who run those companies – and they are mostly guys – have gotten rich on the backs of … Continue reading

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Bolton blames foreign countries for discord in White House

Press TV US National Security Adviser John Bolton has blamed foreign countries and the mainstream media for the discord in the Donald Trump administration. In an interview at The Wall Street Journal’s CFO Network event, moderator John Bussey asked Bolton to clarify … Continue reading

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Carey Wedler on Tulsi Gabbard’s Hope and Change

Corbett Report Yay! Another politician seems to hold a correct opinion on an important policy issue. Time to give up on those silly anarchist ideals and vote for the CFR member who’s right about one thing (and wrong about a … Continue reading

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Helpful pigs at work

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