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SHTF events come in many different flavors.  While most of us think of things like natural disasters, economic collapse and pandemics, many occurrences are much more mundane.  They are those small personal disasters that can hit any of us, at any time.

Maybe your refrigerator stops making that weird humming noise and gives up the ghost altogether. Continue reading “Financially Prepped: The Importance of an Emergency Fund”

The Organic Prepper

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu (604 BC – 531 BC)

Above is the most popular version of this quote by ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.  But I’ve always kind of liked the more literal translation, which is, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin where you stand.”  I find it so inspiring that wherever I want to go in life, I can start working towards that goal, right here, right now.  I just have to make the decision to do so. Continue reading “The Preparedness Primer: How To Get Started”

The Organic Prepper

By all public appearance, New York City’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very concerned about the health of his citizens.  My goodness, he outlawed big sugary drinks, he required that chain restaurants list the nutritional data of their offerings and he even put baby formula under lock and key in NYC hospitals in an attempt to shame mothers into breast-feeding regardless of their personal opinions on the matter.  He has even shared his “agenda” (more on this in a minute) with the public, letting everyone know how noble his intentions are: Continue reading “Taking Some of the “Bloom” Off Bloomberg”

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The number one thing that could stand between you and freedom just might be your food supply.

Have you ever been really, truly hungry?  I don’t mean the kind of hunger triggered by a juicy steak on a TV commercial.  I don’t mean the “Dang, I skipped breakfast and it’s an hour until lunch” type of hunger.  I mean the kind of hunger where you haven’t eaten a full meal in a week and your cupboard is now down to a dented can of green peas and 6 stale saltines…for a family of four. Continue reading “How Many Buckets of Freedom Do You Have?”

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In a pill-popping world, the idea of simply providing your brain and body with what it needs for mental health is nothing short of revolutionary.  1 in 5 Americans currently takes one or more psychiatric drugs on a daily basis.

Psychiatric medications are among the most widely prescribed and biggest-selling class of drugs in the US. In 2010, Americans spent $16.1 billion on anti-psychotics to treat depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, $11.6 billion on antidepressants and $7.2 billion on treatment for ADHD, according to IMS Health, which tracks prescription drug sales.  (Source) Continue reading “Nature’s Prozac: Nutrition for Mental Health”

The Organic Prepper

If you have ever brushed off the idea of FEMA work camps as a myth, a fantasy of an overactive Patriot imagination, then you must not have heard about the Magdalene Laundries in Ireland, where young women were incarcerated, often without trial, without a definitive sentence, and sometimes, without even committing a crime worse then being “too pretty” and therefore, tempting men.

Does this remind anyone else of the NDAA?  Indefinite detention? No trial?  No cause?  These girls were simply locked up and forced to work until those in power saw fit to release them. Continue reading “A Case Study of the Modern Day Work Camp: Magdalene Laundries”

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One oft-overlooked factor in survival is fitness.  How many preppers do you know who rest on laurels of athletic prowess back in their 20s?  Whose idea of exercise is getting up to go to the refrigerator, lobbing a crumpled can to the garbage can?  Who talk the talk, but never walk the walk, especially if it consists of walking that walk in inclement weather?

In many different survival situations, your personal fitness level can mean the difference between life and death.  We’ve already talked about maintaining and achieving a healthy body weight – now let’s talk about being fit. Continue reading “Survival Fitness: Walk the Walk”

nemoThe Organic Prepper

Just over 3 months ago, the Northeast was paralyzed after Superstorm Sandy pummelled the East Coast.  Within a matter of days, despite a week of warnings about the impending storm, people in New York City were dumpster diving and begging FEMA to help them.  They were pleading with the cameras for food and water because they were starving.  Some people still have not recovered – there are still nearly 2000 homes in which people are crouching in the dark, without heat, electricity or running water. Continue reading “What Did the Northeast Learn From Sandy? Apparently, Not Much”

gmoThe Organic Prepper

If I told you that there was a poison, let’s say, strychnine, for example, that you could ingest in teeny tiny minuscule doses and live to tell the tale, would you do it?

Strychnine poisoning is one of the most painful ways to die.

Ten to twenty minutes after exposure, the body’s muscles begin to spasm, starting with the head and neck in the form of trismus and risus sardonicus. The spasms then spread to every muscle in the body, with nearly continuous convulsions, and get worse at the slightest stimulus. Continue reading “GMOs: Not Even in Moderation”

jimmy lee dykesThe Organic Prepper 

I’m genuinely curious about something.

Why is it socially unacceptable to generalize about certain groups of people, while it’s open season on others?

Why are some beliefs, religions and lifestyles protected by media watchdogs and special interest groups, while others are considered threatening and are openly vilified? Continue reading “Jimmy Lee Dykes: The Media’s New Poster Child for Those Crazy Preppers”

whittlingThe Organic Prepper

Times are stressful.  In many homes, there are unopened bills in the basket by the door.  Bank accounts are in overdraft.  Every week the charges at the grocery store are a little bit higher than the week before, and for less food.  Kids want new clothes and that latest video game, the car needs to be fixed and people’s jobs are draining the very life from them.

It is vital to take time out of the day to relax.  It rejuvenates you, improves your health, and calms your mind so that you can think more clearly. Continue reading “The Virtue of Industry”

powerThe Organic Prepper

There are still more than 1900 homes in New York and New Jersey that are without utilities of any kind in the prolonged wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Some families are getting assistance from FEMA and going to hotels, which they must leave every two weeks, go and apply for more vouchers and then check back in to the hotel. Continue reading “94 Days After Sandy 1900 Homes are Still Without Heat, Power and Water”

we the people
Trea-son [tree-zuhn]: The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies.
The Organic Prepper

If Patriots had a “most wanted” list, these people would be at the top of it.

The alleged crimes of this Dirty Dozen?  Betraying the American people from within by wantonly dismantling the Constitution, collapsing the economy, and creating an encroaching police state that rewards the few and restricts the many.  Each and every person on this list could rightfully be investigated for Treason against the United States of America.

This Gallery of Dishonor is by no means inclusive.  It contains, in alphabetical order, some of the most despicable but certainly not all. Continue reading “The Patriot’s Most Wanted: If There WAS a List, These People Would Be At the Top of It”