As novel coronavirus cases in Florida surpass 350,000, doubts over the accuracy of the official figures reported have been raised after a death was wrongly reported by the state health department to have been due to COVID-19.

A person in their 20s, who was killed in a motorcycle accident, was initially reported to have died from COVID-19, according to Dr. Raul Pino, Health Officer for the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, Miami’s WSVN reported. Continue reading “Florida Man Killed in Crash Listed as COVID-19 Death, Raising Doubts Over Health Data”

Big Country

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has recently received reports of residents receiving seeds in the mail addressed from China that they did not order. The seeds are reportedly sent in packages usually stating that the contents are jewelry.

The WSDA says these particular seeds shown in the photos, were not ordered at all, and appear to be purposely mislabeled to get through customs.  Continue reading “WA Department of Agriculture Receives Reports of Residents Being Mailed Unsolicited Seeds From China”

Israel Defense – by Dr. Hayim Iserovich

In March 2018, following a prolonged political debate, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, signed the new 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill approved by the US Congress to fund the operations of the government departments and federal agencies in the current budget year. Clause 8071 of that bill conveyed a significant message to Israel. The US Department of Defense, it stated, will allocate the massive amount of $705,800,000 to the funding of the Israeli missile defense systems, including the Iron Dome, Arrow-III and David’s Sling systems.

Continue reading “Hawks vs. Doves: The Story of the First US-Israel Arms Deal”

Business Insider

The UK plans to roll out “immunity passports” to people who have already contracted COVID-19 to allow them to return to “normal life,” the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Thursday. Continue reading “The UK plans to issue coronavirus ‘immunity passports’ so people can leave the lockdown early”

Dakota News Now

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – On Thursday, Governor Noem announced she is deploying the South Dakota National Guard to help with the state’s mitigation efforts going forward, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Continue reading “Governor Noem to deploy South Dakota National Guard in response to COVID-19”

C-Net – by Marguerite Reardon

President Trump on Monday signed into law a pair of bills designed to boost wireless and broadband networks: the Secure 5G and Beyond Act and the Broadband Deployment Accuracy and Technological Availability Act. The first requires the president to develop a strategy to secure and protect 5G technology, while the second is meant to improve the accuracy of maps detailing where broadband is and isn’t available in the US.  Continue reading “Trump signs laws to boost 5G security, broadband availability”