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QE4ever Arrives in One Quantifiable Quantum Leap!

The Great Recession It’s QE4ever, Baby! The Fed’s latest move back into quantitative easing took a quantum leap in a single day with last week’s rush announcement of major permanent money injections to begin this Tuesday. Since the Fed adamantly … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the End: Great Recession 2.0 is Obscured but Here!

The Great Recession The Great Recession never ended. I say that because the deep economic flaws that caused it were never corrected. All recovery efforts since merely clouded our eyes to the problems growing larger around us, even making them … Continue reading

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Sailing Through a Global Storm Without Enough Hot Air

The Great Recession As noted in my last article, “Fed Loses Control of its Benchmark Interest,” bank liquidity strains are written all over this month’s troubles. Some may find that hard to believe because there is so much hot air … Continue reading

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Fed Loses Control of its Benchmark Interest: Repo Rates through the Roof!

The Great Recession Well, that didn’t take long! Four days ago, I stated the following in an article titled “Why are Bonds Going for Broke?“: Central banks are losing control, and are admitting they don’t even understand what is happening.  

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Why are Bonds Going for Broke?

The Great Recession One argument for last week’s extraordinary plunge in bond prices, which I explored as something that might happen this time of year in one of my earlier Premium Posts, was that bond prices could get crushed by … Continue reading

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Central Bankers Now Plotting Government Subversion?

The Great Recession Two weeks ago a former Federal Reserve board member and bank president, William Dudley, wrote an editorial that encouraged the Fed use its powers to defeat Donald Trump’s second bid for the US presidency. I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Oh God, and I Don’t Mean Trump; I mean GOD help us!

The Great Recession It’s out of control. And I’m not even talking about the stock market, which fell off a cliff. I’m talking about the president who has deified himself. I hesitate to write strongly against Trump because I understand … Continue reading

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How’s That Recession Coming, Dave?

The Great Recession Pretty good if you ask me. Most economic indicators this year have moved relentlessly in the direction of recession, and now the Cass Freight Index is saying a US recession may start in the 3rd quarter, fitting … Continue reading

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GDP Ain’t What it Used to Be!

The Great Recession Let me help remove the rose-colored glasses for anyone who still thinks GDP this year is good. First, GDP growth in the first quarter was not “great” as I’ve heard some claiming. It was, by US historical … Continue reading

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Bubble Bubba Isn’t Doing Fine Anymore

The Great Recession Let’s take a look at how the average consumer is doing. I’ll call this typical consumer “Bubba” because I just read an article that claimed “Bubba’s doing better today than at any time since before the Korean … Continue reading

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When will we win? Chinese trade victory is a mirage

The Great Recession The following is my recent argument with yet one more market analyst who can’t see straight, even when his article overall was admitting it was time to bail out of stocks. Correcting the market mantras that dominate the bullheaded … Continue reading

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And That’s How it All Came Down

The Great Recession On June 12, I wrote, The market is moving into waiting mode as the Fed’s next FOMC meeting where they have the opportunity to live up to the rate-cutting hopes they’ve raised come next week. As it … Continue reading

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Reading the Next Recession: Will the Great Recession 2.0 become The Great Depression II?

The Great Recession Here is a journey in photos and facts to compare the present Great Recession with the past Great Depression to gain perspective on where we might be headed. Just as we had two great world wars, we … Continue reading

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The Drip, Drip, Drip of Recession

The Great Recession News of significant recessionary drops in the US became as relentless this past week as the ping, ping, pang of drips from a leaking ceiling hitting pans in the New York Stock Exchange. I’ve been saying you … Continue reading

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The Fed’s Final Bullet

The Great Recession Fed missteps and flip-flops this week tripped up multiple markets. After accidentally announcing their ammo is down to one last bullet against recession, can they be trusted to handle powerful weapons? Given how the market is now trading … Continue reading

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“The Recession is Now”

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A Long Shadow Creeps over the Economy This Summer

The Great Recession It’s time to turn around and see the darkness that the Fed sees looming over you. Earnings season is already extending signs of recession with the first corporate reports coming in far darker than expectations that were … Continue reading

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Chairman Powell Moves toward my Recession Prediction and Helps Trump Trade War

The Great Recession The bears that are gathering will soon enough be picking flesh off the sun-bleached bones of this market. Even the Fed Chair, who usually does all he can can to avoid dismal pictures and to sound optimistic, … Continue reading

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Stock Market Pigs Hold Powell Hostage to Deliver the Bacon

The Great Recession Stock market investors, hungry for more pork, are demanding Fed Chair, Jerome Powell, land on their table on a silver platter with an apple in his mouth at this week’s congressional hearings. Will he deliver? Powell has … Continue reading

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Ten Big Steps down the Road to Recession

The Great Recession First, a decline in manufacturing, and then a slump in service industries, now a broad-spectrum inversion of the yield curve hitting its most critical metric this week, unemployment finally starting to rise again, a one-year relentless housing … Continue reading

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