321 Gold  We know because they danced and cheered as Americans leapt to their deaths from the burning towers, “our purpose was to document the event.” We know because they said, “Very good,” as 3,000 Americans perished. We know because the President of the United States admitted having prior knowledge of 911 in a press conference. Don’t listen to what he says, listen to how he reacts.

I’ve always been quite willing to crawl out on a limb and saw the limb off behind me over the last 11 years of running this website. Every piece I have ever written is still posted on the archives page so if someone feels like throwing rocks, they can.
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Clean Technica  A solar energy water purifier developed in Sweden holds the promise of providing clean, fresh drinking water to the estimated one-sixth of the world’s population that lacks it. The Sollvatten uses the ultraviolet (UV) light in sunshine to kill microrganisms in water, purifying as much as 11 liters of water in 2-6 hours, and can be used two to three times a day.

It’s estimated that lack of clean drinking water puts more than 1 billion people around the world at risk of water-borne bacterial dieseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. Recognizing the increasingly urgent strains being placed on water resources worldwide, the United Nations has declared 2013 the “International Year of Water Cooperation.” Continue reading “Swedish Solar Water Purifier Offers Clean Water to 1/6 of World Population Lacking It”

Veterans Today  It was 1967 when Israeli planes bombed and strafed the USS Liberty for hours, machine-gunning life rafts, peppering the 20 foot “stars and stripes” with machine gun holes, napalming, torpedoes, one of most dastardly sneak attacks on a virtually unarmed ship since Pearl Harbor in 1941.

The US had scheduled a major exercise with multiple AEGIS surface to air “killer ships” many months ago but decided to put off the exercise because of Israeli interference in the US election and the deteriorating relationship with Israel over Iran.
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Press TV  The US presidential candidate for the American Third Position Party (A3P) says the Republican and Democratic contenders for the November presidential race are merely lap dogs for the Zionist lobbies in the United States.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Thursday, Merlin Miller said he firmly believes both major US political parties are controlled by the Zionist interests, and their candidates are basically picked by global elites long ago.
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POOR is by its definition lacking material possession. That is why the US constitution for the well being of the people mandated the use of real wealth (gold and silver) as the only legal currency.  Our ancestors relied on gold and silver wealth in their pockets and they also had great opportunity, they were rich in wealth in all respects.

Today for We the People instead of gold and silver wealth in our pockets we have substituted paper confetti script, the antithesis of real wealth and perhaps some more of the same paper confetti in our bank accounts and unsurprisingly in this particular economic crisis we can find no foreseeable opportunity, as offspring unlike our forefathers we are poor of wealth in all respects and we need to understand the reasons.
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Before It’s News  – by Hang the Bankers  US assassination drone strikes have left at least 21 people dead in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal region near border with Afghanistan during the past 48 hours, Press TV reports.

Pakistani officials told Press TV that nine people were killed after a US drone fired four missiles at two vehicles in Mana area of Shawal district in North Waziristan on Sunday morning.
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Before It’s News – by Truth Excavator  “On his Infowars.com Web site, Jones headlines his page with “Because There Is a War on for Your Mind.” True enough, which is why science and reason must always prevail over fear and irrationality, and conspiracy mongering traffics in the latter at the expense of the former.” – Michael Shermer, “Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories,” Scientific American, August 18, 2012.

“The repression and revised imposition of September 11th and the attendant “war on terror” on the public mind have important implications not only for the integrity of public discourse, but also for the collective sanity of western culture and civilization.
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Activist Post – by Brandon Smith  It is inevitable. There comes a point in the development of every crisis, every catastrophe, every impending disaster, every act of methodical dictatorship, in which the generations selected by fate or destiny to endure the trial must attempt to look beyond the intellectual and the psychological, to deeply consider the greater philosophical or spiritual questions of their epoch.

Certain moments in history demand that truly free individuals relinquish their cynicism, and embrace that inherent world of form and conscience that exists in each of us but remains largely unexplained. Without this act of “faith”, or intuitive knowing, good cannot exist, inspire, or prevail.
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Daily Mail UK

  • Could be used by shops to offer discounts to customers
  • System already being trialled in Nashville shops and bars
  • Users must sign up to take part and ‘teach’ system what they look like

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Policy Mic  Throughout the Republican primaries, the Mitt Romney campaign did a fairly decent job at keeping Romney above the fray. He made the occasional $10,000 bet on national television and agreed with Obama’s signing of the NDAA, but for the most part, he remained low key. It was his front-runner position to lose after all, right? Instead of critiquing the assumed front-runner, the mainstream media hyped up the  “anti-Mitt” candidate.

Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum — who claimed “Romney was the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama,”then later endorsed Romney — were all considered top contenders. Now that the spotlight is focused on the presumptive nominee, his flaws are all too apparent. Is Romney really the best choice for conservatives?
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The Atlantic  Under Paul Ryan’s plan, Mitt Romney wouldn’t pay any taxes for the next ten years — or any of the years after that. Now, do I know that that’s true. Yes, I’m certain.

Well, maybe not quite nothing. In 2010 — the only year we have seen a full return from him — Romney would have paid an effective tax rate of around 0.82 percent under the Ryan plan, rather than the 13.9 percent he actually did. How would someone with more than $21 million in taxable income pay so little? Well, the vast majority of Romney’s income came from capital gains, interest, and dividends. And Ryan wants to eliminate all taxes on capital gains, interest and dividends.
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Guardian UK  The shock of losing a precious job in a town afflicted by high unemployment is always hard. A foundation for a stable family life and secure home instantly disappears, replaced with a future filled with fears over health insurance, missed mortgage payments and the potential for a slip below the breadline.

But for Bonnie Borman – and 170 other men and women in Freeport,Illinois – there is a brutal twist to the torture. Borman, 52, and the other workers of a soon-to-be-shuttered car parts plant are personally training the Chinese workers who will replace them.
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