Canada Free Press – by Paul L. Williams  “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”  —Albert Einstein

No, Michele Obama does not get paid to serve as the First Lady and she doesn’t perform any official duties. But this hasn’t deterred her from hiring an unprecedented number of staffers to cater to her every whim and to satisfy her every request in the midst of the Great Recession. Just think Mary Lincoln was taken to task for purchasing china for the White House during the Civil War. And Mamie Eisenhower had to shell out the salary for her personal secretary.“In my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much,” she said. “See, that’s why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service, “Michelle Obama
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Global Research – by Danial Bates  It is the horrific moment an Afghan man is blown apart by a US missile.

But in a moment of twisted inspiration an American helicopter pilot decided to give it a impromptu soundtrack – by singing ‘Bye, bye Miss American pie.’

He belted out the most famous line of the Don McLean classic at the moment of impact when a fireball consumed at least one man.
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Steve Lendman Blog  For 30 years, Lynne heroically defended America’s poor, underprivileged, unwanted, and forgotten. Without advocates like her, they never have a chance for due process and judicial fairness.

Lynne championed equity and justice. She devoted her life and work to upholding principles too important to reject.

She defended controversial figures like Weather Underground activist David Gilbert, United Freedom Front’s Richard Williams, Black Liberation Army figures Sekou Odinga and Nasser Ahmed, and many others like them.
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Global Research – by Dominic Ponsford  Interview with Nick Ut 40 years after the ‘napalm girl’ picture: Proof that journalism matters and that it can make a difference

If you ever find yourself wondering whether journalism is a noble profession and whether it can make a difference I would recommend reading my interview with Nick Ut – which appeared first in last week’s edition of Press Gazette – Journalism weekly, our new digital magazine all about journalism.
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The Golden Truth   There’s not a lot to say about the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare other than, “okay, now how does the Government pay for this?”   That plus now that the SCOTUS has upheld the ability of the Government to “mandate” how you have to live your life by calling the individual mandate a “tax,” where exactly will our Government draw the line on regulating everything you do?

Quite honestly this is probably one of the most depressing events I have witnessed with respect to the abdication of individual liberty – and the annexation of power and control – by the Federal Government.  The fact that this particular SCOTUS put its stamp of approval on this move toward a totalitarian system is quite shocking.
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The Vatic Project  Vatic Note:  I cannot believe the hidden history that I am falling onto by accident.  This is another major big eye opener.  I want to thank the pragmatic Witness for finding this and publishing it.  This is what happens when you  go down rabbit holes looking for something else…. and history jumps up and kicks you in the toosh.  This great Jewish man, through an attack of conscience and his love for his adopted country, The United States of America,  came clean in 1961 in a spontaneous speech he gave  and its revealing.

What courage and integrity he had.  Something that has been disappearing here,  like real clouds. He literally tells us these so called “Jews” are really Khazars but he uses the term Jews because that is what every one else calls them.   Now this is in 1961.  Unbelievable.
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The International Forecaster – by James Corbett  Last week in these pages we forecasted: that a pro-bailout party would win the Greek election; that the socialists would take a majority in the French elections; that Spain would require a significantly larger bailout to prop its banking sector up; and that the Fed would likely extend Operation Twist as a way of keeping everything moving along sideways. Check, check, check, and check. In most areas of life, 4 for 4 is something to be happy about, but when forecasting during the death throes of the global economic system as we’ve known it, getting things right is hardly cause for celebration.
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