Ferguson Hoax Proven in PicturesNoDisInfo

Regarding the recent ‘events’ in Ferguson, Missouri, no doubt, this is all staged at the behest of the Zionist-controlled DHS. It’s a fake, complete with a litany of taxypayer-funded crisis actors.

Do these men look like they are doing anything other than acting, merely playing out a role? How else could it be described?   Continue reading “Ferguson Hoax Proven in Pictures”

French Islamophobes Fake Attack on Newspaper – Total HoaxNoDisInfo

Regarding the Islamophobic arch-fake Paris masked men attack on the spoof newspaper Charlie Hebdo where is Inspector Clouseau when you need him? In fact, he isn’t needed here at all. There are Inspector Clouseau clones to be seen in virtually every image. The greatest “Clouseau-like” characters of all are the phony masked gunman themselves, mere agents of the French Secret Services aka the Mossad:   Continue reading “French Islamophobes Fake Attack on Newspaper – Total Hoax”

Execution of Two NYPD Cops by Vengeful Gunman is a HoaxNoDisInfo

Revelation thanks to our posters, who realized this immediately as an arch-fake.

Is it not incredible, particularly on the heels of the two arch-Zionist Australian hoaxes, the Lindt Cafe fake and the Cairn stabbing hoax? Now, just as these arch-hoaxes are revealed, now comes another filthy arch-Zionist fake, the NYPD ‘revenge’ killing of two policemen. The killer, acclaimed as a black Muslim, did it all, if the Zionists are to be believed, as a means to avenge the ‘deaths’ at the hands of the cops of Michael Brown and Eric (arch-hoaxer) Garner.   Continue reading “Execution of Two NYPD Cops by Vengeful Gunman is a Hoax”

Top Conservative News

Update: Friends of Jessica Chambers are claiming on social media that an arrest has been made or an arrest is eminent. They are also citing an unidentified “abusive” ex-boyfriend.

Police say Jessica Chambers was beaten. Then lighter fluid was sprayed in her mouth and nose, as well as her body. She was set on fire inside her vehicle.   Continue reading “19 year old girl burned alive in Mississippi”

Bob McCarty

St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Joel Currier’s article about a Bosnian immigrant being murdered by hammer-wielding teenagers fails to mention the possibility that at least some of the teens were black until deep into the article. Conversely, a video shot by a resident of South St. Louis’ Bevo Mill neighborhood reveals heretofore-unpublished details about what happened near the intersection of Gravois Avenue and Itaska Street before the attack that left Zemir Begic, 32, dead.   Continue reading “Hammers Attack Video From South St Louis”