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EMF Stands For Electromagnetic Fields Many do not know what this is, but soon I believe we will be forced to learn more than we ever wanted to know about it.  It is a threat to our society.  It can cause illness symptoms in infants, children and adults.  Those at highest risk are the individuals with low immunity.

People who are sensitive to EMFs may experience symptoms like:   Continue reading “How Hidden EMF’s All Around You are Frying Your Thyroid Gland”

C-Net – by Leslie Katz

If the world starts looking like a scene from “Matrix 3” where everyone has Agent Smith’s face, you can thank Leo Selvaggio.

His rubber mask aimed at foiling surveillance cameras features his visage, and if he has his way, plenty of people will be sporting the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic in public. It’s one of three products made by the Chicago-based artist’s URME Surveillance, a venture dedicated to “protecting the public from surveillance and creating a safe space to explore our digital identities.”    Continue reading “Anti-surveillance mask lets you pass as someone else”

Mediaite – by Noah Rothman

A hotly contested Democratic congressional primary in North Carolina ended in a standoff last week when the race between former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken and Asheboro businessman Keith Crisco resulted in a draw. With just 369 votes separating the two candidates, the race was slated to head to a runoff. On Monday, however, it was confirmed that Crisco suddenly passed away.   Continue reading “Clay Aiken Just Won the Democratic Primary… Because His Opponent Died”

CenturyLink – by Martin Griffith, AP

Dozens of people rode their ATVs and motorcycles on an off-limits trail in southern Utah on Saturday in a protest against what the group calls the federal government’s overreaching control of public lands.

San Juan County Sheriff Rick Eldredge said from 40 to 50 people, many of them waving American flags and some carrying weapons, drove about a mile down Recapture Canyon near Blanding and then turned around. Hundreds attended a rally at a nearby park before the protest.   Continue reading “Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon”

Carson City in California may start giving KINDERGARTNERS misdemeanors for bullying (library image of students pictured)The Daily Smug

First-time offenders could be ticketed for an infraction and fined $100
A second infraction would cost $200
Third-time offense could bring a criminal misdemeanor charge

Children as young as kindergarten-age could face misdemeanor charges for bullying under a proposed law advancing in the Southern California city of Carson.   Continue reading “California city may start giving KINDERGARTNERS misdemeanors for bullying”