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Ebolagate: 47 questions and answers

Jon Rappoport I have presented this information, in depth, in other recent articles. Here I present the bare bones. Q: What is the major psychological factor at work here? A: Above all else, it is people making an automatic connection … Continue reading

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Ebola False Flag

Aangirfan The Ebola False Flag Operation is about oil F. William Engdahl has written Obama’s ‘War on Ebola’ or War for Oil? Sending 3000 Troops to African ‘Ebola’ Areas that Happen to Export Oil to China On 16 September 2014, Obama ordered … Continue reading

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The New Ebola Scare: Alfred Webre: Expose Massive Ebola/Martial Law False Flag And Prevent Mega De-Population

Northern Truthseeker I have been like everyone else the last few days… Searching for real answers about this so called “Ebola” outbreak and scare that seems to be going ballistic right now, especially in the United States… We have the … Continue reading

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Poor Ebola Eric is a DESPICABLE FRAUD

Jim Stone Freelance I bet you thought Eric was just a poor guy who scammed his way back to America only to live in a GHETTO. Well, that is the story the media was saying so that is what I … Continue reading

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Mercury Spectrum Disorder – neuronal cell damage for life from vaccinations

And we’re supposed to believe the CDC about ebola?? Natural News – by S.D. Wells More vaccines and earlier in life! This is what the USA and the CDC do to babies, and this is why we have a higher … Continue reading

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Rafapal: Iraqi Dinar reset; Fed dollar out, US Treasury Dollar & BRICS in; Collateral Gold coming

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It’s all scripted! Ebola outbreak and impossibly rapid vaccine response clearly scripted; U.S. govt. patented Ebola in 2010 and now owns all victims’ blood

Here’s a counterweight to the last article I sent (which perhaps was premature). Natural News – by Mike Adams On the very same day that vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline is being fined $490 million by Chinese authorities for running an illegal … Continue reading

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Is Mike Adams at Natural News Promoting Ebola As An Agent Of The Cabal? by a Former Reader

EbolaGate Mike Adams used to question every “medical” thing the government was doing and saying, from their crushing raw milk dairy farmers to a 700% increase in fetal deaths from the H1N1 vaccine, to the CDC coverup of the MMR … Continue reading

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Genocide Against Our Children Continues: Media Says Nothing, CDC Lies

Dr. Brownstein’s Holistic Medicine I can’t believe that I am still writing this, but the genocide of our children continues. This is the fourth blog post about the CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who co-authored the adulterated 2004 study which … Continue reading

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Will The “Ebola Outbreak” Be Used As Cover For Murdering Dissidents?

Jim Stone Freelance We all know the FEMA camps are real, yet the camps are sitting empty because the NWO/Agenda 21 crowd has concluded the American people are too well armed to take by force. But what if they avoid … Continue reading

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Top 10 Greatest Problems Humanity Currently Faces

Activist Post – by Bernie Suarez There are many issues currently threatening humanity. Here are some of the most critical issues that come to mind. Issues that humanity must figure out if it is to survive the current fight against … Continue reading

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Ken O’keefe: London Forum: Zionism Is Doomed: August 30 2014

Snippets and Snappits – by Noor al Haqiqa Former US Marine and Gulf War Veteran, Ken O’Keefe as well as being a marine conservationist has become one of the most hands-on, straight-talking opponents of the worldwide Zionist Power Structure. He … Continue reading

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Government propaganda and the enslavement of humanity

RINF – by Bernie Suarez As we move through 2014 and beyond, humanity stands in awe of government propaganda, engineered narratives and ongoing scaremongering. With part of humanity awakened to the control system’s tactics, many of us are locked in … Continue reading

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Chumps R Us Club: Part II

Veterans Today – by Preston James How can we be certain that we are being chumped by the Powers That be (PTB) that run the Secret Shadow Government *(SSG) and their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM)? All we have to … Continue reading

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From martial law to big money: Five questions we’re asking about the ebola scare

Truthstream Media – by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton Now that the Ebola situation has hit the 24/7 mainstream media zoo, serious questions are being raised as to why now.  

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Clinical Guide to the Use of Vitamin C Abbreviated, Summarized and Annotated

Whale – by Lendon H. Smith, M.D. Preface After Frederick Klenner died in 1984, his friend (and mine), Arthur Rybeck, a nutritionally-oriented dentist practicing in Wheeling, West Virginia, asked if I would be interested in going over the 27 papers … Continue reading

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Germ theory delusions collapse as new science reveals healthy people carry 10,000 different germ strains at all times

Natural News – by Ethan A. Huff The human body is essentially a “germ” factory, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. A new study published as a series of reports in the journals Nature and Public Library of Science (PLoS) debunks the … Continue reading

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The treatment for ebola, along with accompanying MOA has been sent to this web site.

Jim Stone Freelance This is a lengthy article, DO NOT SURFACE READ. The actual treatment for ebola which will virtually eliminate fatalities, as revealed by a doctor who has worked with ebola, is below. Consider this: The elite would never … Continue reading

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Can “We the People” Save America from Destruction by World Zionists ?

Veterans Today – by Preston James The answer is a conditional yes, but it will be very, very difficult, given the scope of the current situation, and most Americans will have to pull together to accomplish this. The problem “We … Continue reading

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Anti-Assad rebels said to seize 95% of Syrian Golan Heights

World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: Do not forget how much support the U.S. has given to the radicals in the Middle East. Your president now wants to give another $500 million to these groups to fight against sovereign Governments. Let us … Continue reading

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