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Medical error is third biggest cause of death in the US, experts say

I find it really curious that this “news” is being reported today as though it were fresh and brand new “news,” when in fact the late pediatrician Barbara Starfield, who was affiliated with Johns Hopkins, published these facts in prestigious … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Unveil Sweeping Gun Control Proposal

NBC News – by ALEX MOE and MATTHEW GRIMSON Senate Democrats unveiled plans on Thursday for gun control reforms that include closing background check loopholes, expanding the background check database, and tightening regulations on illegal gun purchases. The push is … Continue reading

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Man found to have been shedding virulent strain of polio for 30 years

Love this one. Be afraid of people who received the oral polio vaccine decades ago, who might be shedding mutant polio virus (if true, likely due to vaccine damage to the vaccinated person’s immune system). The only way for the … Continue reading

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How The State Department’s Proposed Arms Trafficking Rules Could Impact You

The Daily Caller – by Joel Stonedale Few Americans would expect posting online about car engines, fertilizer, or general engineering principles to land them in prison. But if the aspiring censors at the State Department get their way, such innocent … Continue reading

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Fate of Rockville’s Confederate statue debated

This is local for me. Apparently it is a done deal. As usual, the “public meeting” is just to be able to check off that box, that public opinion was “solicited.” But they will do what they want to do, … Continue reading

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Competing proposals seek to address fears of genetically modified food

What skewed reporting! WTOP WASHINGTON — A confrontation is drawing near over the labeling of genetically modified foods. Sixty-four countries require that genetically modified foods be labeled, and three states — Vermont, Connecticut and Maine — have done the same. … Continue reading

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Parents Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter for their child who died of an ear infection

Daily Mail – by Charlene Adams A Pennsylvania couple is facing manslaughter charges after their 1-year-old daughter died of an infection that could have been easily treated with antibiotics. Ebed Delozier, 29, and Christine Delozier, 34, were charged last week … Continue reading

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Love and Rockets – Ball Of Confusion

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Expert: The lesson from recent measles case? Vaccinate

WTOP – by Rick Massimo WASHINGTON — The recent discovery of a person with measles visiting the D.C. area, as well as an outbreak in California that began late last year, highlight the importance of getting children vaccinated. Dr. Fauci … Continue reading

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Md. ‘free range’ kids found alone again, taken into custody

WTOP WASHINGTON — The “free-range parents” who were accused of child neglect for allowing their two kids to roam free through Silver Spring ran afoul of Child Protective Services again on Sunday. Danielle and Alexander Meitiv’s two children were taken … Continue reading

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Active shooter at U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Md., 1 hurt

LiveBlog WASHINGTON — There is an active shooter at the U.S. Census Bureau headquarters in Prince George’s County and a security guard is wounded. Prince George’s County Fire Department Spokesman Mark Brady says first responders are treating an adult male … Continue reading

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FDA to scrutinize unproven alternative remedies

WTOP WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal officials plan to review the safety and evidence behind alternative remedies like Zicam and Cold-Eeze, products that are protected by federal law, but not accepted by mainstream medicine. The Food and Drug Administration says that … Continue reading

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HJ Heinz buys Kraft to build $28 billion food giant

WTOP NEW YORK (AP) — Some of the most familiar names in pickles, cheese, hot dogs and other packaged foods are set to come under the same roof after H.J. Heinz Co. announced Wednesday that it plans to buy Kraft … Continue reading

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Eyeing 2016, Republicans adopt new ObamaCare strategy

The Hill – by Alexander Bolton With an eye on 2016, congressional Republicans are adopting a new strategy on repealing ObamaCare. For years, the effort to kill President Obama’s signature healthcare law has stalled in the GOP-led House. Now, Republicans … Continue reading

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An Attorney’s View of Vaccines

The Healthy Home Economist – by Sarah The report below was recently sent to every representative and senator in the Washington legislature and to all the newspapers in Washington. Attorney James Deal believes that the personal or philosophical objection will … Continue reading

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Why Do Many Reasonable People Doubt Science?

The current issue of National Geographic is all about putting down the deniers of climate change, the paranoid nutcases who are concerned about fluoride and vaccines and GMOs, lumping together the creationists with the doubters that we landed on the … Continue reading

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Le Serveur | The Waiter (Greg Romano)

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Timeline confirms Metro riders’ accounts of wait for rescue on dark, smoke-filled train

This Washington Post article says that it took 35 minutes for rescue workers to reach the people trapped in the train with the smoke.  The explanation given is that they had to wait for confirmation that power to the third … Continue reading

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The Onion Looks Back At ‘Home Alone’

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Marijuana makes you smarter?

Henry Makow – by CR It looks to me like one objective of the “globalists” is to keep people stupid and sedated.  If Afroman believes what he is saying then he definitely isn’t smoking the same weed that is selling … Continue reading

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