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Diane Feinstein Asking about Military Tribunals for Domestic Terrorists 03/13/2019 (GITMO! TREASON!)

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Tucker Carlson Looks DEAD TO THE CAMERA & HUMILIATES Chelsea Clinton

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Chuck Norris Shooting Everyone

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Shooters Fled Second Mosque Attack As Good Guy With A Gun Returned Fire, Report Says

Daily Wire – by Ryan Saavedra An attack on a New Zealand mosque was reportedly stopped on Friday when a good guy with a gun fired at the attacker[s] causing them to flee the scene, according to local media. The … Continue reading

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LAWLESS | Have You Met Howard?

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Okmulgee Oklahoma Sheriff Eddie rice at his finest

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Addams Family Thanksgiving

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Something HUGE Just Change the Internet in a MASSIVE Way!! & CNN Can’t Stop It!

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In a brewing First Amendment fight, California’s Attorney General threatens journalists for possessing a public records document

Freedom of the Press Foundation – by Camille Fassett The California Attorney General’s office is threatening reporters with legal action merely for possessing a list of the state’s law enforcement officers that have been convicted of crimes — obtained through … Continue reading

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Holy CR*P!! EVERY COP Needs to See and Learn From This Video!

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Flashback: The CIA Is Investing in Firms That Mine Your Tweets and Instagram Photos

The Intercept – by Lee Fang, April 14, 2014 SOFT ROBOTS THAT can grasp delicate objects, computer algorithms designed to spot an “insider threat,” and artificial intelligence that will sift through large data sets — these are just a few of … Continue reading

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They are Prepared , Ready & Growing

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SAPD officer in off-duty shootout involved in 2nd road rage incident months earlier

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Edward Snowden is a CIA Agent

Snodencia CIA Snowden was brought to you by UN Security Council the Four Policemen:  UK, US, Russia & China.  That’s why Snowden is from US, fled to China and lives in Russia while his operation was carried out in UK by CIA Agent Julian Assange.  

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Charlotte County, Patriots Rip The Corrupt Government & Sheriff

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Highway crews pin KSP trooper down in confrontation

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NYPD Issues Warning Of MS-13 Plans To Target Off-Duty Police Officers’ Homes

Daily Caller – by Audrey Conklin The New York Police Department (NYPD) issued warnings to its officers regarding MS-13’s plans to “hit” their homes while they are off duty to improve the gang’s “street credibility.” The 105th precinct in the … Continue reading

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Man confronts the police who falsely arrested him

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Tension at town hall meeting over deadly drug raid investigation

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We Will Not Stand For This

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