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Pennsylvania State Senator Resigns After Arrest On Child Porn Charges

NPR – by Bobby Allyn A Pennsylvania state senator has stepped down following his arrest on charges of possession of child pornography. Sen. Mike Folmer submitted his letter of resignation on Wednesday to Republican colleagues in Harrisburg, according to leadership … Continue reading

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Police corruption in Georgia with pending lawsuit

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Fire Department Comes To Save The Day – Another Example Of Govt Fail

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I Was A Gun Confiscator

DBC Time to tell a story…a true story. I’m going to leave out specifics regarding locations and names, but this really happened, and I was there. I was a cop, and I participated in a gun confiscation. About 20 years … Continue reading

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Eddie Money, ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Singer, Dies at 70

Variety Eddie Money, the prolific singer and songwriter whose songs “Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Shakin’” and “Take Me Home Tonight” soundtracked popular music in the 1980s, died Friday (Sept. 13). He was 70. A statement provided by … Continue reading

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Alabama is tracking students’ locations to penalize them for leaving football games early

MSM In recent years, Alabama head coach Nick Saban has complained about student attendance at football games. Notably, he hasn’t particularly liked that students either leave early or don’t show up for non-conference cupcake games against teams like The Citadel and New … Continue reading

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Cops Enforce LIFETIME Ban From ALL WalMart Stores for Open Carrying

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30 Caliber Magazine Clip in a Half Second! (With the world’s FASTEST shooter, Jerry Miculek)

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Civil Forfeiture Highway Shakedowns in Tennessee

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Senator: Mark Zuckerberg should face “the possibility of a prison term”

ArsTechnica – by Timothy B Lee Mark Zuckerberg has “repeatedly lied to the American people about privacy,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) said in a recent interview with the Willamette Week, a Portland alternative weekly newspaper. “I think he ought to be … Continue reading

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Balls to the Wall

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MetalTrump – Breaking The Law (Judas Priest)

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Defiant Man Lights Up A Cigarette At Gunpoint

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Stupid tyrant cops contact me for PEPSI, owned and sent packing.

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Lancaster deputy confesses to fabricating sniper shooting, authorities say

ABC News 7 LANCASTER, Calif. (KABC) — A Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy who was reported shot in Lancaster this week made up the incident, authorities announced during a rare Saturday night news conference. The deputy claimed that he was shot in … Continue reading

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Maryland Deputy Shoots and Kills Groundhog Charging Towards him

PINAC – by Carlos Miller At first, it appeared as if the Maryland sheriff’s deputy was trying to do a good deed by stopping traffic to allow a groundhog to cross the road without getting killed. But that was before … Continue reading

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Handcuffed Man Beaten, Locked in Closet for 4 Days & Starved Awarded $50 Million

PINAC – by Ben Keller A Cleveland jury sided with a man, awarding him $50 million after being beaten while handcuffed by East Cleveland police officers. He was then locked in a storage closet for four days with nothing to … Continue reading

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A Michigan Court Case Shows the Right of Armed Self-Defense Is Broader Than You Might Think

Yahoo News Yesterday the Michigan Court of Appeals handed down a decision in a highly public and very controversial case that gun owners across the United States should applaud. In short, it demonstrates and validates the value of armed self-defense … Continue reading

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Man punches his own lawyer in court

Yahoo News A defendant standing trial for attacking a corrections officer punched his own lawyer during a hearing in an Arizona courtroom. Footage of Lamont Payne’s violent assault in Maricopa County was caught on court camera and released by officials. 

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Threatened With Arrest By Tyrants Fattie Boy & Itchy Boy; Sergeant Does Nothing-1st Amendment Audit

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