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Congressional Dilemma

Industrial Healing – by Barry Ashby Several polling organizations have defined Congress’ approval rating in recent years, and each time Congress is viewed “less favorably than dog poop, hemorrhoids, traffic jams, cockroaches, zombies, herpes, Brussels sprouts, the IRS and used … Continue reading

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Ex-Police Officers Indicted In Botched Raid That Killed Couple And Their Dog

Yahoo News A Texas grand jury has indicted two former Houston police officers for their roles in a botched narcotics raid that left two people and their dog dead and four officers wounded. Gerald Goines was charged Wednesday with two … Continue reading

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William Barr’s Connection To Ruby Ridge, Defending FBI Snipers

American Conservative – by James Bovard The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Attorney General nominee William Barr have focused heavily on Barr’s views on Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But nobody is asking about Barr’s legal crusade for blanket immunity for … Continue reading

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Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunberg’s Posts Are Written by Her Father: Report

Gateway Pundit – by Eric A. Blair A Facebook glitch recently discovered by some astute computer users shows that climate alarmist Greta Thunberg’s Facebook posts come from her father Svantes Thunberg and “Climate Crisis activist” Adarsh Prathap. “[A] bug that … Continue reading

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Colorado drones mystery – a False Flag operation to support the FAA’s NPRM?

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Man tries to abduct 6-year-old from mother’s arms at a restaurant

ABC News Tonight frightening video of a man trying to take a 6-year-old girl from her mother’s arms at the center of a police investigation. This guy was starting to follow us. 

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Vaccine Fraud Payback

Natural News Blogs – by Hesh Goldstein For the past 32 years we have been screwed and brainwashed by big pHarma and their medical “hookers” that we must be vaccinated, “or else”! If you want your kid to be accepted … Continue reading

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Justice Department Effectively Ends Clinton Investigation After Finding Nothing: Report

Yahoo News A Department of Justice inquiry into Hillary Clinton that began after conservatives demanded more investigations into the former Democratic presidential candidate is reportedly ending with no actual results. Then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed U.S. Attorney John Huber in 2018 to look into concerns raised … Continue reading

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Police detective convicted of inventing a crime to imprison innocent man is allowed to walk free by judge

Yahoo News A police detective who fabricated a fake assault and lied under oath in order to imprison an innocent man has been spared jail time. Former NYPD officer Michael Bergmann, 34, filed a criminal complaint claiming that a burglary suspect … Continue reading

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Zero to TYRANT in 40 Seconds! – Federal & Local Cops FEAR the CAMERA!

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Heroic German Shepherd Beaten and Shot Multiple Times Protecting 16-Year-Old Owner From Burglars

Reshareworthy A heroic German Shepherd was shot multiple times and badly beaten while protecting his 16-year-old human, Javier Mercado, from two men who broke into their home in Des Moines, Washington. Javier hid upstairs with Rex in a closet after … Continue reading

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Hundreds Pack Kennett Township Meeting After Former Manager Stole More Than $3 Million

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Cinderella – Gypsy Road

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They sure hate the truth – Talking at township meeting about township employee salaries

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OOPS! Caught Ya ABC! Fear-Mongering War Propaganda in Full-SWING!!

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Flashback 2016: Executive Order: United Nations Allowed To Use Force On US Citizens

We Are Change – by Arron Kesel, July 13, 2016 The militarization of local police, combined with the arrival of a United Nations military presence, could mean big trouble for liberty and freedom here in America. U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told attendees at an important U.N. meeting … Continue reading

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Golden Globes 2020: Ricky Gervais shocks with opening words

Daily Mail Ricky Gervais skewered ‘woke’ Hollywood, made jokes about Jeffrey Epstien, Harvey Weinstein and Prince Andrew, and tackled topics such as MeToo and ISIS as he left his A-list audience wincing during his opening monologue at the 77th Golden … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton becomes chancellor of Belfast’s Queen’s University

Independent – by Kate Ng Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has become the first woman to be appointed the new Chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast. The university announced on Thursday that Ms Clinton, who received an honorary doctorate from the university … Continue reading

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Virginia Gun Grab- UN Troops Scenario

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A New American Revolution! When Will It Start? How Will It Start?

From 2012, and still waiting. Red State When will it start? How will it start? Who will start it? How will it end? What am I talking about? The next American Revolution. 

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