CBS Sacramento

OAKDALE (CBS13) — An armed militia group was caught on camera patrolling in rural Stanislaus County Saturday.

Witnesses said it was in response to a Black Lives Matter protest over the weekend that never happened. Local police condemned the militia on social media and said they had absolutely no authority. Continue reading “Police Condemn Armed ‘Militia’ Group Patrolling Businesses in Oakdale”


Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, misinformation and social-media hoaxes are about to get a lot weirder. For the past couple of years, deepfake technology, which uses machine learning to manipulate videos, has been getting more and more realistic in appearance. Continue reading “What Is a Deepfake? Let This Unsettling Video of Jennifer Lawrence With Steve Buscemi’s Face Show You”

Yahoo News

A former regulator is trying to connect private players with the government to spur development of a central bank-issued digital currency.

Former Commodities and Futures Trading Commission Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo told Yahoo Finance’s “On The Move” on Thursday that the Federal Reserve needs to issue a digital currency to catch up with the likes of the Chinese government.  Continue reading “Former CFTC Chair: Time for Fed to create digital dollar”