Mann Packing

Salinas, CA. – November 3, 2019 – Mann Packing Co., Inc. (Mann) announced today the voluntary recall of a series of vegetable products sold to select retailers in the United States and Canada. The voluntary recall is a response to a notification by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of a potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes. To date, public health officials have not reported any illness associated with these products.  Continue reading “Mann Packing Co., Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Vegetable Products Sold in the United States and Canada Due to Potential Health Risks”

The Daily Sheeple – by Sean Walton

The United States Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost released data regarding the number of gang members apprehended by her men and women in her agency during the 2019 fiscal year through August. According to Provost, BP has arrested at least 445 individuals from the notorious Mara Salvatruchaa gang.

“This fiscal year through August, Border Patrol agents have encountered & arrested 933 criminal gang members. Some smuggling, some being smuggled, some sneaking in, and some already here,” Provost tweeted.  Continue reading “Border Patrol Has Arrested More Than 400 MS-13 Gang Members So Far This Year”

Off the Grid News – by Adam C.

The average range environment tends to box shooters into a situation that focuses more on safety than it does on developing the skills you need to survive a gun battle. The safety angle isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most shooting ranges are designed to accommodate both the expert shooter and the first-time shooter who has never handled a weapon in his or her life. In order to accomplish this mission, ranges operate under a series of safety rules that prevent things like prone, crouching, or kneeling shooting positions as well as any sort of movement or deviation from the firing line. Drawing from the holster is usually not permitted, unless the shooter happens to be law enforcement. The net result is that range shooters will typically have an incredibly narrow and focused shooting ability that is far less tactical than their military or law enforcement counterparts.  Continue reading “Why You Must Practice Off-Hand Shooting For Survival”

Ammoland – by Rex Nanorum

U.S.A. –-( We’ve all been in a situation where a flamethrower could have been handy, right?  Maybe someone needs a huge brush pile roasted, but it’s pouring rain.  Perhaps your guitar riffing friend is putting on a concert, but the lack of pyrotechnics really shows how little he’s been practicing. Or maybe you just want to celebrate freedom and the American way by slinging flammable dino juice out to “first down” territory.  Let’s not get bogged down in the why of a flamethrower, rather we should dive into the how of a flamethrower.  Introducing the XM42 Lite FlamethrowerContinue reading “XM42 Lite Flamethrower, Handheld & Civilian Legal – Review”

Off the Grid News

Protecting your home is a Constitutional right. Now more than ever, people are exercising that right across America. That’s because there has been a rise in gang-related activity throughout the southeast coast of the United States. Due to this rapid growth in violence, the best way to exercise your 2nd Amendment right to protect your family is to get one of the 5 best home defense shotguns for 2019.  Continue reading “5 Best Home Defense Shotguns For 2019”

TRT World – by Dr Lori Handrahan

Peter Dalglish, a Canadian and former high-level United Nations (UN) official, was arrested in the Republic of Nepal on child sex trafficking charges in April 2018.

He was found guilty in June this year and sentenced on July 8 to nine and seven concurrent years in jail for child sexual abuse, as well as being ordered to pay around $10,000 to two survivors.  Continue reading “Aid predators: What ex-UN worker’s sentencing means for international NGOs”

NBC Bay Area

Authorities have confirmed that a suspicious package discovered Monday at a Facebook mailing facility in Menlo Park, California, has tested negative for “any potentially dangerous substance,” a Facebook spokesperson said Tuesday.

Emergency hazmat crews spent several hours at the mailing facility after a machine that can detect dangerous substances alerted employees Monday morning that a package might contain the chemical nerve agent sarin, the Menlo Park Fire District said.  Continue reading “Suspicious Package at Facebook Mailing Facility Tests Negative”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

It’s no secret that California residents, particularly people residing in the most expensive parts of the state (SoCal, the Bay Area) are fleeing in droves, displaced by expensive rents, sky-high home prices, unbearable traffic congestion and – oh yeah – increasingly deadly wildfires. As a result, California expat communities have sprung up in Texas, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada, sun-belt states where residents can enjoy many of the benefits of California living (namely, the agreeable climate and booming economy) without the downsides.   Continue reading “The California Dream Is In Nevada: Golden State Expats Flock To Las Vegas Suburb”

Las Vegas Sun – by Ricardo Torres-Cortez

Feeling wronged by the U.S. government, the Kingman, Arizona, man reached a voicemail line several states removed, stated his name and began to blurt out threats.

In a series of calls made in April, Jerrod Hunter Schmidt — a convicted child molester — declared the names on his supposed hit list: President Donald Trump, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, that state’s attorney general and his predecessor, according to U.S. Secret Service arresting documents.   Continue reading “Kingman man gets prison time for bizarre death threats against Trump”

Las Vegas Review Journal

NEW YORK — Now that Beyonce and Jay-Z are off the road, another power couple is taking their place: Hillary and Bill Clinton.

The Clintons announced Monday they will visit four cities in 2018 and nine in 2019 across North America in a series of conversations dubbed “An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.” It is being produced by tour promoter Live Nation, the company behind Michelle Obama’s massive tour to promote her new book as well as tours for Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars.   Continue reading “Bill, Hillary Clinton to kick off 4-city tour in Las Vegas”

LA Times

Call him a pimp. A brothel owner. A businessman.

Now call him the Republican nominee for a Nevada state Assembly seat.

It was Dennis Hof’s second shot at the seat held by Republican James Oscarson. The last time he tried, he ran as a Libertarian. But when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, Hof saw an opportunity.

Continue reading “Dennis Hof: A pimp, a brothel owner, a businessman and now GOP nominee in Nevada”

The News Tribune – by Kenny Ocker

A Lakewood man put a choke hold on a Tacoma police officer responding to a dispute at a nightclub early Sunday, Pierce County prosecutors say.

The 31-year-old was arraigned Monday afternoon in Pierce County Superior Court on one count of second-degree assault, two counts of third-degree assault, one count of fourth-degree assault and one count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance. His bail was set at $100,000.   Continue reading “Man choked Tacoma officer after nightclub assault, police say”

Las Vegas Sun

Pimp Dennis Hof, the owner of half a dozen legal brothels in Nevada and star of the HBO adult reality series “Cathouse,” won a Republican primary for the state Legislature on Tuesday, ousting a three-term lawmaker.

Hof defeated hospital executive James Oscarson. He’ll face Democrat Lesia Romanov in November and will be the favored candidate in the Republican-leaning Assembly district.  Continue reading “Dennis Hof, Nevada’s most famous pimp, wins GOP primary”