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Palestinians burn Donald Trump pictures in Bethlehem Because of his support to Israel

PNN – by Munjed Jadou A group of Palestinian activist in the city of Bethlehem in the west bank burned Friday 20/1/2017 pictures of the new US President Donald Trump in the first day of taking office because of his … Continue reading

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How To Stop Windows 10 From Tracking Your Every Move

Off the Grid News – by Kevin Danielsen When Windows 10 was released, the tech world was abuzz with glee. But then, we all started to take a gander under the hood of this software sportscar, only to discover a … Continue reading

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IOF embark on uprooting 2000 trees for settlement road, Qalqilia

PNN Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Monday have embarked on uprooting about 2,000 trees planted on privately owned land east of Qalqilia city, northern West Bank, in order to open a new settlement road. IOF this morning have announced the … Continue reading

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Mystery flashing lights speed past International Space Station – before astronaut ‘hides evidence from camera with HAND’

The Mirror Alien hunters have claimed astronauts on board the International Space Station are deliberately hiding evidence of UFO’s. In video uploaded by UFO experts Secure 10 and apparently filmed from the ISS, an astronaut can be seen filming the … Continue reading

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Arms seized off coast of Yemen appear to have been made in Iran

Gulf News Photographs recently released by the Australian government show that light anti-armour weapons seized from a smuggling vessel near Yemen’s coast appear to have been manufactured in Iran, further suggesting that Tehran has had a hand in a high … Continue reading

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My Dog has an addiction.

This picture would make Tony Montana proud.

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Hey look what Drunken Santa Left me for Christmas and New Years.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days…it’s beginning to look a lot like .. Christmas.

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It should be a beautiful clear day.

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Documents Revealed: Daesh Militants Marrying Kids Because of Monetary Incentives

Alalam Iraq’s armed forces operating in the liberated areas of Anbar province uncovered documents confirming that Daesh militants were marrying underage girls. The documents were found in the vicinity of Al-Khalidiya, which was recently freed from the clutches of Daesh … Continue reading

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Obama, Duterte clash over brutal crime war

Yahoo News – by Martin Abbugao US President Barack Obama urged Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte Thursday to conduct his crime war “the right way”, as the pair clashed at an Asian summit over the crackdown that has claimed 3,000 lives. … Continue reading

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What’s up, Zuck? FTC to probe Facebook for WhatsApp phone number mega-slurp

The Register – by Shaun Nichols Facebook is facing an FTC probe after snatching millions of people’s phone numbers from its WhatsApp subsidiary. Privacy rights warriors at EPIC have asked the US watchdog to investigate the personal data grab – and … Continue reading

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Mississippi police chief kills self moments after getting suspended

New York Daily News – by Chris Sommerfeldt A Mississippi police chief killed himself moments after he was suspended without pay, leaving fellow officers stunned and wondering why. Police Chief Mike DeNardo fatally shot himself in the chest after walking … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 For Engaging In Massive Fraud, Creating Over 2 Million Fake Accounts

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden For years we have wondered why Wells Fargo, America’s largest mortgage lender, is also Warren Buffett’s favorite bank. Now we know why. On Thursday, Wells Fargo was fined $185 million, (including a $100 million … Continue reading

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‘House-To-House Confiscation’ Of Guns Will Be On California Ballot

Off the Grid News California is poised to vote in some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation when voters go to the polls in November. The ballot initiative, Proposition 63, would ban magazines larger than 10 … Continue reading

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Oops! FEMA Emergency Alert System “Wrongly Orders Evacuation” Of Congested, Isolated Long Island

SHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo Unintended consequences. Glitches in the system. Shady agendas. Contracts and personal gain. Failures of management. There are many reasons not to trust government, or to put too much power into its hands. This time, … Continue reading

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World predicted to end in 2017 thanks to a total solar eclipse hitting America and the UK

The Sun – by Emma Lake A GROUP of hardcore Christians has claimed a solar eclipse due to hit the UK and America next year, will bring about an apocalypse. The eclipse will plunge countries into darkness and spark the … Continue reading

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Canadian Green Party adopts BDS

PNN BDS/ The Green Party of Canada has adopted a policy of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel into its official platform after a hard-fought resolution successfully passed at the party’s annual convention over the weekend. Despite pressure from … Continue reading

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The Five 12-Gauge Loads Every Homesteader Should Own

Off the Grid News – by Steve Coffman The 12-gauge shotgun is one of the most common, most versatile firearms a person can own. The right shotgun can be used for everything from survival hunting to protecting the garden from … Continue reading

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Which Senate Candidate is Correct on Handling Social Security?

Eureka Sentinel The race to replace Harry Reid in the Senate is one of the most closely watched and highly contested elections in the nation this year. The most recent poll has Republican Rep. Joe Heck leading Reid’s hand-picked Democratic … Continue reading

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