On June 28, 1919 the Treaty of Versailles is signed.  The carpet bagging robber barons move in on Germany, which is suffering a depression.  The Nazi Party, formerly the German Workers Party, rise to power during the 1920s.  The party’s leader, Adolf Hitler, is appointed Chancellor of Germany by the president Hindenburg in 1933.

Adolf Hitler has his secret service burn down the German Parliament, Reichstag, on February 22, 1933 and blames it on his political enemies, which are the national socialist that put him into power.  Between June 30th and July 2nd comes the “Night of the Longknives” when Adolf kills his political enemies, the Brownshirts, again, the same socialists that put him into power.  By 1938 Germany has rebuilt its industry and is beginning its invasion of Europe.
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Barbara Lee: With Unemployment Rate Still High, We Must Reject Drastic Republican Cuts to Programs That Help the Most Vulnerable and Needy Populations

June 3, 2011

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) released the following statement this morning in reaction to the May jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

“While the overall economy may be showing signs of improvement, too many people are unable to find work and millions are still feeling a great deal of pain.  Clearly there is still much work to do to ensure that our economic recovery is felt in every community.  The national unemployment rate rose to 9.1%.  That number rises to 16.2% in the African-American community and 11.9% in the Hispanic community, both increases from last month.  And among teenagers, the unemployment rate is at 24%.

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Only 54,000 jobs created in May, the fake lie unemployment rate is up to 9.1%.  There are not enough products in all the turtle wax factories around the world to polish this turd, but Bloomberg had to try.  First they said the increasing unemployment is due to more people who had given up going out and looking for a job again.  No sale.

There has been a gross loss of jobs in just about every industry.  The filthy rich corporations are firing, not hiring.  On Bloomberg they said “Don’t look at the unemployment rate.”  They say we have created 2 million jobs, which they say is keeping us at an even keel with new people entering the job force from graduates, and get this, foreigners coming here to work on visas.
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422,000 new filings for unemployment this week and how is this devastation reported?  “Great news, new filings were down 2000 from the week before. “ I guess that is kind of like, “Great news, your hand got cut off instead of your arm.”

These dirt bags in the 112th Congress have not done one damn thing to address the jobs problem and all they can tell us now is what they have been telling us since they destroyed our economy.  “We need to give more tax cuts to the filthy rich – for jobs.  We need to deregulate the robber baron industry – for jobs.  We need to take Social Security and Medicare, please just let us we are only going to screw those 55 and younger – and it’s for jobs.  Cut welfare and food stamps and give that money to the corporations – for jobs.  Fire a million public workers – for jobs.  Grant amnesty to 30 million illegals working our jobs – for jobs.”
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Well the big buzz is there may be a double dip.  And what exactly does this mean?  Well the corporate elite are getting ready to dip into the middle class again and throw another bunch of us out in the streets to starve to death as the lie of a recovery can no longer be sustained.

We at From the Trenches have made it emphatically clear that the downward spiral has not only not slowed, but has in reality been accelerating.  Remember back in December the filthy rich were saying jobs were not coming back because they needed an extension of their tax give aways, after which they would feel secure and start hiring again. We told you that this was a lie.  And when the propagandists told you we were in a recovery we told you that there was no recovery and that there was not going to be one.
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The stock market has been rising on news that Greece will be receiving another bailout.  So why does that make our stock market rise?  It is because the phony dollar is losing value.  It is that thing we call inflation.  If you are a 99er or among the middle class you know it very well.  The dollar gets worth less so you have to give more dollars for the things you need to live.

This is the perfect example of the two class system that the fiat dollar has created.  The dollar gets worth less causing inflation, which you would think would cause a loss to everyone across the board.  Not so.  The rich man’s wealth held in the stock market goes unaffected as there is an immediate adjustment for inflation.  If the dollar is worth less the rich man’s property is simply worth more dollars.
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There have been a lot of pieces in the mainstream propaganda trying to portray businesses as doing well in the United States and the truth is businesses are doing great.  The problem is the people are not.  The record profits being seen by big business can be directly correlated to record downsizing of American jobs which have been moved overseas where labor costs are at a minimum.

The neo-cons like to step up and declare that it is just good business and that it is the right of international corporations, basing themselves in the United States, to move our industry out of our country.  In one FOX report I watched, the propagandists were doing a piece on a railroad yard.  This is when I heard an undeniable truth being told in an attempt to spin its factual content toward the positive.
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The only thing being revealed in the mainstream media a late is the existence of a deliberate blackout of issues the American people are concerned about.  We are hearing nothing of the Fukushima Power Plant and the ongoing spread of the radiation that has to be occurring.

I personally would like to know how all of the contaminated food that has been produced in Japan is being disposed of.  I guess I don’t want to hear a special report five months from now that radioactive food was shipped to the United States, and sold in the Chinese owned chain stores, and that millions of Americans have eaten the food, and are now contaminated; and of course that there will be an investigation.
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President Obama was pounding his reelection message out on the campaign trail in Poland.  The only thing I can figure is that he intends to sign an executive order authorizing every citizen of every nation, except the United States and our citizens, to vote in our 2012 election.  This is what he is doing, people, in Ireland he became O’Bama.  Yesterday he was claiming his Polish heritage which he asserted he acquired living in Chicago.

Well I guess the international corporate mafia has spent a lot of money pushing multiculturalism on the people of the United States for the past 30 years.  Evidently with the idea that if it truly took hold, a person like Obama, having screwed the American people as a hole (pun intended) could appeal to the prejudices of individual ethnic groups, thinking they would put their ancestry ahead of their American citizenship.
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The gap between the rich and poor continues to grow daily.  Some try to purport that the widening gap represents a natural consequence of those who are better educated and motivated naturally rising above the rest, which keeps alive the delusion that someone starting out poor can naturally rise to the level their intelligence and aptitude dictates  Not so.

For a person who is born into the bottom 60% of income, there is a less than 2% chance that he or she will end up in the top 5%.  Children born to parents in the bottom 20% hold a 40% chance of staying there for the rest of their lives.  For these numbers to represent a natural occurrence it would have to be accepted as fact that rich intelligent people have rich intelligent children, while poor ignorant people have poor ignorant children.
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New jobless claims came in at 424,000.  This fact was barely reported in the mainstream media.  When they have 240,000 new jobs created over a month to report, it is in your face all day long.  This is why even the most gullible among us now sees the propaganda machine for exactly what it is.

Obama has even become so desperate as to employ agents on the public payroll, working out of the white house, assigned to attack his political enemies on blogs and twitter pages throughout the internet.  I think it works something like this.  If you tell the truth about Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago back alley treasonous pimp, you are targeted.  One commentator on FOX News described the tactics as “Chicago Style” which is completely appropriate as this is the mafia.
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Barry Soetoro became the first president of the United States to chair the UN Security Council in violation of Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

Barry entered into a conspiracy with the foreign country of Mexico to support an insurrection through an invasion of our southern border and plotted with Mexican heads of state to compile law suits designed to further establish the insurrection. This was and is an act of treason.
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