First Published 11-16-10

About one hundred years ago our grandfathers formed labor unions in order to obtain fair compensation for their labor.  Using this strategy, they succeeded.  We have been raised to believe that we have a representative government and if enough of us complain about a single issue, that issue will be resolved to our satisfaction to stop the complaints.

As a 99er, have you ever asked yourself, why me, why us?  The majority of 99ers are between the ages of 40 and 65.  This is why we have been singled out to be attacked.  Continue reading “99ers and Tier 5 Unemployment Extension- Tier 5 Join the American 99er’s Union”

India has the fastest growing middle class in the world and if the truth be told, China is number one in industry.  And how did this come to be?  A string of traitors beginning with Lyndon Johnson and continuing through every presidency to the present has twisted and manipulated the Commerce Clause in our Constitution to give the illusion of legitimacy to the treasonous, anti-American laws that they have caused to be passed; CAFTA, NAFTA, and GATT, to name a few.  These laws have sent what is our property to other countries all over the world.
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First Published 11-20-10

Two million more unemployed are set to lose their benefits on November 30th.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi is going to reintroduce the unemployment legislation in the Congress.  It is predicted that it will be passed by the Congress but will face an uphill battle in the Senate.  This lame duck session is turning out to be nothing more than political grandstanding.

When the propagandists talk about the unemployment extension they do so with an “Oh well” attitude.  Continue reading “Tier 5 Unemployed Hoping Legislation makes it Past the Senate”

Throughout history when lesser armies have defeated their greater counterparts, it has been through unconventional methods and weaponry.  Hannibal took elephants through the Alps and brought the Romans to their knees.  The Mongol hordes, through their unconventional field strategies, annihilated all who tried to stand against them.  In modern times America defeated Japan with two unconventional bombs.

We as 99ers have been fighting our foes using conventional tactics and getting nowhere.  We recently put up a page on this site called Think Tank and I have already seen unconventional tactics that I truly believe can cause an effect. Continue reading “Unconventional Tactics”

First Published 11-19-20

HR 6419, the emergency extension bill that would have extended benefits for the long term unemployed, failed yesterday.  It seems that a Tier 5 for the 99ers is something that is just not going to be.  Since the unemployment act was signed into law in 1935, never in the 75 years since, has unemployment been denied to American workers when the unemployment rate was above 8%.

Not since the Great Depression have so many people been put out of work as were by this financial crisis.  Continue reading “Tier 5 Unemployed No Tier 5”

Ex-Governor Jesse Ventura, in an interview with syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones, stated that he would be airing the death bed confession made by the individual who killed President John F. Kennedy.  The confession is due to air tonight on the series Conspiracy Theory on TruTV network at 10:00 pm EST.  Governor Ventura was putting the word out over the radio station as he said he believes the mainstream media will refuse to report on the event.

From the beginning after President Kennedy’s assassination, many have believed that the scenario put forth to explain the event by the Warren Commission did not add up.  Continue reading “John F. Kennedy’s Assassin Makes Death Bed Confession”

First Published 11-18-10

When Ronald Regan became president, he introduced “Trickle Down Economics” and said we all need to tighten our belts a little.  Don’t you love it when a rich man tells you need to live with less?  These thieves have stolen us blind and accomplished the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the history of this planet.  And now that they have stolen their pile of gold, they want to stop the theft of gold.

It’s kind of like two people playing black jack.  When you start the game you agree that every time the deck runs out the deal will transfer. <!–more–> You further say that there will be a minimal bet of ten dollars per hand.  However, after the first deck is dealt and one person has accumulated more money, as the dealer has the odds in his or her favor, it is the next person’s turn to deal.  Now the person who has won more money says, “These rules aren’t fair, I want to change them.  From now on the minimum bet is one dollar until it is my turn to deal again.”

Every day I hear the moneyed people putting forth this very scenario.  I guess it’s about time to reach across and grab them by the hair of the head, slam their face into the table, and take all the money.  All the rich people out there need to realize that the poor outnumber the rich and they have what they have only through our tolerance.

The entrepreneur who made his or her money through honest endeavor is few and far between and would be the only exception.  Most who have large sums of money have gotten it through lying, cheating, and swindling, and deserve nothing more than to have it taken away and be made to live poor for the rest of their days.

From 1980 through 2005 more than 4/5 of the total increase in American incomes went to the richest 1%.  So those of you out there making $500,000 per year and defending the rich because you believe yourselves to be among them had better wake up.  Because the true rich want to take everything you have as sure as they have already taken what was the 99ers.

CEOs of the largest American companies earned an average of 42 times as much as the average worker in 1980.  In 2001 the CEOs’ earnings were 531 times as much as the average worker.  Do you think they are going to stop there?  This country has become nothing more than another banana republic.

The CEOs are paid off for eliminating American jobs and sending them overseas.  And who pays their big bonuses?…the American taxpayers.  So all of you people out there making five to seven hundred thousand dollars per year keep making the filthy rich the center of your hero worship.  Your job is next.

This is the worst recession in 60 years and all our so called representatives can talk about is tax cuts for the top 2%.  The top 1% in this country owns more national wealth than the bottom 90%.  And all our so called representatives can talk about is tax cuts for the top 2%.

Bankers in this country go to foreign countries and make micro loans to their citizens to start small businesses.  I guess that’s because the people in third world countries don’t have to worry about their credit reports.  Ask yourself, how many small businesses could have been started in this country had the traitors Henry Paulson and Timothy Geithner taken the billions they gave to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, that just disappeared, and made micro loans to those who had become unemployed?  But the international corporate mafia would never allow it, as it is their stated goal to destroy this country and kill 90% of us.  I guess if you exclude the top 2% that leaves 8% that was once the middle class.  So do you think you’ll make the grade?  If not, you better decide who your enemy is, the top 2% or the poor.

I get thoroughly disgusted with the upper middle class and lower rich when I see them turning their backs on their brethren and sisteren and licking the feet of the filthy rich as they think they are among them.  I have news for all of them.  The filthy rich have nothing but contempt for anyone with less money, hell, they eat their own.  Before this whole thing is over they will laugh at all of us as our children’s bloated, starving bodies lie in the streets with flies buzzing around their eyes.

When those who have sided with the filthy rich get their comeuppance and turn to us for compassion, let them know they can expect nothing more than our contempt.  And every one of you out there counting your money and thinking you are better than other people, remember my words, only the top 2% are slated to be rich forever, and your job is next.

Two District Attorneys in California have directed their police agencies to go to the airports.  They have been told if they observe any TSA agent touching or fondling any passenger in a way that would violate the law they are to arrest and detain them.   After which these DAs are saying the agents will be charged with a misdemeanor if the hands are on the outside of the clothes or a felony if the hands go inside the clothes.  It is good to see law enforcement doing their job.

It is the opinion of many, including myself, that the naked body scanners and enhanced pat downs serve no other purpose than to indoctrinate the citizenry to accept the most outrageous invasions of their privacy.  The next logical step will be for a subsidiary of TSA to start operating in shopping malls and other public venues.
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First Published 11-17-10

President Obama met yesterday with Hispanic lawmakers to discuss the Dream Act, which would grant amnesty to the children of illegal aliens who have obtained an education, paid for with American tax dollars.  It is sure good to know Barry is looking out for his people.

It gets better.  The state of California is being sued by out of state college students for giving illegal aliens subsidies and tuition that the American citizens from other states cannot get. 

Last week the Queen of England got a Facebook Account.  Every network propagandist reported it and every commentator commented on it.  Oh what a wonderful thing.  Now all of her subjects around the world can log on and read the dribble she writes.  Every American should feel proud to live under the rule of our Queen mother.

But wait a minute…didn’t we whip the British and throw their sorry arses out of our country along with their Tory supporters?  Yeah, didn’t we call that…what was it?…oh yeah, the American Revolution. 
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First Published 11-15-10

Twenty million unemployed, two wars, and a destroyed economy, and what are the priorities of the lame duck congress? …an extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, the Dream Act which would give amnesty to the illegals, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which will allow gays to serve openly in the military.  I also believe they will be voting for an across the board raise for all federal employees.

The new congress is in Washington DC being tutored on how to lie and steal at the level of professionals.  Continue reading “Congress is Back in Session, Dark Days Lie Ahead”

First Published 11-14-10
It is amazing how easy it is to divide Americans against one another. In a situation as seemingly innocent as elementary school children playing sports, otherwise rational people will run onto the field and beat the hell out of one another over a bad call. I think our citizenry would have liked the Roman Coliseum.
I suppose our natural adversarial, genetic makeup is responsible for far too many of us having failed to realize that left-right paradigm is nothing more than a tool used by the international corporate mafia to divide us against one another. The whole concept is actually quite brilliant in its simplicity. Continue reading “Left-Right Paradigm”

The current economic situation we find ourselves in did not come to be by accident.  The war we find ourselves in is being waged upon us without declaration.  When the international corporate mafia set out to destroy our country and take away our livelihood they did so with $22 trillion and a plan in hand.

A basic rule of war is to divide and conquer.  It was about fifteen years ago that I first heard the statement, “America does not have a culture, it is a collection of distinctly discernable cultures from all over the world.”  This is propaganda and it is a lie.
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First Published 11-13-10

“If you continue to extend people’s unemployment benefits do you discourage them from going out and looking for and finding work?  Congress needs to answer that question quickly before federally funded extended unemployment benefits expire on November 30th.” A Fox Business reporter made this statement as a prelude to an interview with Heidi Shierholz, an economist with the Economic Policy Institute.

Ms. Shierholz stated the following, “You know there is some evidence in the economic literature that unemployment insurance benefits do actually increase the time it takes you to take another job a little bit, but the key is it’s just a little bit.  And when we’re in an environment like this one, where there are literally 5 unemployed workers for every available job, that question is moot.  Right now the reason people aren’t working is because jobs aren’t available to them.  So cutting off unemployment insurance benefits, it will make workers more desperate to find work, but it’s not going to make them more likely to find work.  The jobs are not yet out there.”
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First Published 11-12-10

Well it seems that the top 2% earners are going to get their extension of the Bush tax cuts.  According to the mainstream propagandists this is what the American people want more than anything.   Oh yes, and we also want more tax cuts for businesses.  Thank God that the filthy rich are not going to have to be tightening their belts around their size 55 waists.

Isn’t it funny how the dominant issue went from jobs, jobs, jobs, to tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts overnight?  But then this is a funny country we are living in today.  Of course all these tax cuts will have to be paid for.  So who is going to have to cough up the cash?  Well to begin with, if you still own a car you are going to get to pay 15 cents more per gallon for your gasoline.  That is on top of the $4.00 per gallon you will be paying as a result of rising oil prices.
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First Published 11-11-10

Students in London are rioting in response to their government’s plans to double and in some cases triple the cost of tuition.  They stormed the building that houses the conservative branch of their government.  On top of the tuition hike their government is planning on raising taxes and cutting 40% of their spending.  That sounds kind of familiar.

Nearly every propagandist who reported on the riots asserted the possibility that we would see the same sort of riots here when the new congress cuts spending and entitlement programs.  England is a neo-socialist society which is to say that their government is as a nanny to them in ordering their lives from the cradle to the grave.  They are also unarmed.
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First Published 11-10-10

Well winter is closing in and with the start of quantitative easing, in the form of $600 billion being printed by the Federal Reserve, energy and commodities prices are on the rise.  The value of the dollar has begun to drop and as a result investors are shielding their huge profits they have acquired over the last few months by buying tangible goods such as commodities and oil, which is estimated to rise in price to $90 per barrel by the end of the month.
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First Published 11-9-10

I have been writing articles on Tier 5 unemployment and related issues for a couple of months now.  I am a 99er and my unemployment ran out back in May.  So what I put forth is from a 99er’s perspective.  Someone was complaining on the comments board yesterday because I did not mention the Tier 5 unemployment extension.

Well, so as not to offend, here goes.  Boy, we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  God, please give us a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  And I sure hope President Obama knows we really need a Tier 5 unemployment extension.  Well there you go, that should do it.  Now everybody can start watching the mail for their check.

In case anyone’s interested, it looks as if the filthy rich members of the international corporate mafia have applied adequate pressure to assure a compromise in reference to the Bush tax cuts.  If they get their way the cuts will be extended to the top 2% permanently, at a cost of $700 billion over the next ten years.  Now let’s see, at $30 billion a tier for unemployment extensions that would be 23.  But then what the hell does that have to do with a Tier 5?

Maybe if we all pick a minute in an hour in a day, and all chant in unison, “Tier 5, Tier 5, Tier 5”, it may just magically appear.  Some people out there are so pathetic they make me want to puke.

On the other hand, one lady from Georgia put up a post asking the readers who came on the comment section to put the abbreviation of their state after their names, as she wants to try to organize the 99ers, state by state.  I think it is a good idea and I immediately responded and added OR to the end of my name.  I have seen very little response thus far.  And why is this?  Because people would rather curl up in the fetal position and cry, “It’s not fair”, than stand up and take affirmative action to try to change the situation.  You people had better start using your minds and every other resource available to you, like the gal in Georgia, or you are finished.

When our forefathers were confronted with a tyrannical government that wanted to take everything they owned and make them slaves, they communicated and organized themselves into an army that put down the oppressors and won this country for us.  And they didn’t have the advantage of a computer, radio, television, or telephone.

When you have a functioning government that is under the control of the people, the old adage, the squeaky gear gets the grease, applies.  When you do not, you had better have the intestinal fortitude to pick up a hammer and beat the machine into scrap, so that you can melt it down and start over.

I guess what I’m trying so hard to say here is, quit your whining and grow some damn guts.  Because in your slide into apathy you are trying to drag me down with you.  And, by God, I will not go down without a fight.  So everybody out there; stand up, dry your tears, and start looking for some remedies, like the girl from Georgia.

God bless the Republic!  Death to the new world order!  We shall prevail!

First Published 11-8-10

Apparently the people of India want Harley Davidson motorcycles but do not want to pay the import tax for the finished product.  President Obama, being a one world citizen, has found a way to help his brothers and sisters in India.  Harley Davidson will be building an assembly plant in India.  I wonder if we paid for their CEO to fly there, stay in a lavish motel, and eat the finest cuisine before going forth to pick out the site for the new plant.

Isn’t this how our auto industry was originally infiltrated?  First assembly was moved overseas and then parts manufacturing.  I think Americans should boycott Harley Davidson until they agree to manufacture and assemble all of their products in the U. S.  Right now they are saying that the motorcycles assembled in India will only be sold in India, but we all know how fast that can change.

I have heard new calls for the reduction of the minimum wage and benefits for American workers, and the reasoning is always the same.  We need to make cuts in order to compete with India, North Korea, and China.  The workers in this country had better take a long hard look at the standards of living in India, North Korea, and China.  These people, for every intent and purpose, are slaves and we had better realize that the only way to compete with slave labor is with slave labor.

Barry Soetoro has made it clear that the only solution he is going to offer for our economic crisis is further involvement in the failing one world economy.  He is a one-worlder and our country is nothing more to him than another world state, which he and his one world corporate masters are seeking to bring to its knees.

We cannot forget that Barry went before the United Nations and condemned the United States.   Or that he openly sided with the foreign country of Mexico in filing law suits against the sovereign state of Arizona.  He is a traitor who is hell bent on turning our once great nation into nothing more than another third world, slave economy being milked dry by a one world tyrannical communistic government.

He must be stopped; which raises the question, how?  The American people have got to band together and consolidate what wealth we have left and use it to force a freeze on all imports, a huge tax on all American products being exported for further manufacture, and a freeze on the export of any natural resource, except in the form of100%  manufactured goods.

We also need to force an audit of all American businesses that are manufacturing overseas to find out how much they have made and are holding in foreign banks and then tax them.  Maybe if they realize that their out-of-country profits are going to be taxed whether they bring them home or not, they will do the right thing.

The bottom line is we cannot allow our standard of living to fall a single notch further.  And every citizen had better realize that unless we want our children and grandchildren being dictated to in Mandarin Chinese, we have got to take this country back for them.

At present our country’s standard of living is being monitored via the middle class.  This is a huge mistake because it does not show the drastic reductions that occur when citizens are cast from the middle class into the unemployed standard of living.

First Published 11-7-10

Have you ever noticed how those who make up the discussion panels on the mainstream propaganda programming are all rich?  I think it tends to make the reporting a little biased.  They have been harping, almost in unison that the Bush tax cuts need to be extended to everyone, not just those who make under $250,000 per year.  And when anyone suggests that the cutoff should be put at a million dollars they still take offense at the idea.  Every once in a while they betray themselves, as I suppose it is inherent in human nature for people to brag.  Judging from their actions, the majority of the people who appear as guests on the various mainstream media programs make more than a million dollars per year.  That must be why they can relate so well to the situation we 99ers find ourselves in.

I heard one such guest make the statement, “Unemployment is a non-issue.”  He spent a couple of minutes explaining how unemployment monies did nothing to stimulate the economy.  And when he finished making the case for no more unemployment extensions, the next words that came out of his mouth were, “If they do not make the tax cuts to everyone permanent, the private sector will not start hiring again.”

Another guest put forth the notion that maybe the tax cuts should be extended across the board for one year.  To which the other guest became very irritated and said that if they were only extended for one year, the businesses could not make long term plans and so they still would not hire.  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this sound a little bit like extortion?  I swear they are so blatant in their actions.

Locally, when a tax levy fails to pass for the schools they immediately say that the busses must stop running.  Then after a few months of the citizens having to drive their children to school, they bring the levy up again, and it used to pass, but not anymore.  People have come to the point where they are saying that if the schools shut down they really don’t care.  And do you know what?   The busses start running again without the levy.  This is because the bus drivers belong to a union.  These agencies are getting to the point that they are starting to steal from one another, as each is questing to create the perfect bureaucracy which serves no one, nor anything, but itself.

$60 billion was made by American companies overseas this year and they will not bring it back to this country.  Instead it is being used to bolster economies in the countries that have taken over our industrial base.   Our new Congress to be is not saying a word in reference to stopping the export of our jobs, rewards to the rich for moving their businesses out, or forcing that $60 billion to be brought back into this country where the businesses who created it are based so that the people who own those businesses can pay their taxes like everybody else.

Our situation cannot improve until we stop the theft.  This is the richest country on Earth and there is no reason why every person willing to get up and do a day’s work should not be able to earn a living wage at minimum.  The fact is in the richest country on Earth, unemployment should be a non-issue.