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The World Bank issued “pandemic bonds” in 2017 with an interest rate of 12% that were set to mature in July 2020, with one catch: If “coronavirus“ became a pandemic – and in 2017 they called Coronavirus by name – then investors would lose all their money. Continue reading “World Bank issued “pandemic bonds” in 2017 with an interest rate of 12% that were set to mature in July 2020, with one catch: If “coronavirus“ became a pandemic…”

Press TV

The Palestinian Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission says nearly 200 Palestinian children are kept behind bars in Israeli prisons in inhumane conditions, undergoing “very rough interrogation process and torture.”  Continue reading “Israel keeps 200 Palestinian children in prisons in inhumane conditions: Palestinian commission”

RT – by Guy Birchall

Brussels plans to drop rules preventing some countries from serving up insects and worms for human consumption. I know that getting a food delivery is tough at the moment, but are we really desperate to swap crisps for crickets?  Continue reading “With economic crisis looming EU overlords legalize food made from worms & baby crickets. Are they going to serve that in Brussels?”

USA Today

Maine became the latest state to institute requirements for domestic travelers Friday when its governor issued an executive order requiring travelers to the state to self-quarantine for 14 days to lessen the chance of transmitting the coronavirus. Continue reading “If you’re traveling between states, here’s where you’ll have to self-quarantine”

New York Post – by Vincent Barone

Defiant Christian megachurches across the country have vowed to flout social distancing guidelines and host Palm Sunday mass — with one Texas pastor complaining that “Satan’s trying to keep us apart.” Continue reading “Defiant pastors vow to host Palm Sunday mass during coronavirus pandemic”

The Hill

Despite Governor Andy Beshear ordering all Kentucky residents to stay at home to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, some in Louisville are reportedly refusing to self-quarantine.  Continue reading “Ankle monitors ordered for Kentucky residents refusing quarantine after coronavirus exposure”

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Shocking video out of Greenwich, Connecticut allegedly shows two nurses battling with their nursing home administrator as he’s seen taking away multiple boxes of “PPE” (personal protective equipment) and loading it into the back of his SUV. Continue reading “Nursing Staff Battle With Nursing Home Administrator ‘Taking Away’ Their ‘Protective’ Gear”

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Los Angeles, CA — A 63-year-old blind man announced a lawsuit this week against the LAPD alleging officers suffocated him as he was strapped to a gurney in a hospital. The victim, Michael Moore was innocent and has the video evidence and an acquittal to support his claims. Continue reading “Cops Suffocate Innocent Elderly Blind Man in Hospital Until He Passes Out”


The underground passageway between Tijuana and San Diego – 2,000 feet long and 31 feet deep – was discovered by agents on the San Diego Tunnel Task Force on 19 March before they reached out to Mexican authorities for support.

Continue reading “$29 Million Worth Haul of Drugs Unearthed in Narco Tunnel Under US-Mexico Border”

Politico – by Anita Kumar

The Trump administration is still soliciting immigrants for specific jobs despite droves of Americans filing for unemployment.

It is urging medical professionals to contact a U.S. embassy to move their application process along, cognizant of the coronavirus pandemic sweeping America. Continue reading “Trump gambles on immigrant workers during coronavirus”

The Right Scoop

As we’ve reported, two pastors have been arrested this week for continuing to hold large church services despite restrictions on large gatherings during the pandemic. The arrest of the megachurch Tampa pastor apparently struck a nerve with Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth, who is now going to hold an Easter “blowout service” that he likens to the size of Woodstock: Continue reading “Pastor plans Woodstock-like outdoor Easter ‘blowout service’ to protest shutdown of churches during pandemic…”