Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Supreme Court “originalist” judge Neil Gorsuch joined with the leftists on Thursday to overturn the conviction of a Native American child molester who repeatedly raped a 4-year-old girl and reportedly ruled that “about half of Oklahoma is a Native American reservation” and tribe members within are “now set to become exempt from certain state obligations such as paying state taxes.”

No doubt this is just as our Founders intended! Continue reading “Gorsuch Joins With Libs to Void Child Rapist’s Conviction and Declare Half of Oklahoma a ‘Native American Reservation’”

Chuck Baldwin

I’ll say it straight out: The propaganda about COVID-1984 is the biggest global hoax in history. Corona poses zero threat to 99.9% of the population. Masks are a joke. Social distancing is a joke. Business closures are a joke. Church closures are a joke. Theater closures are a joke. Sporting event cancellations are a joke. All of the corona-based television commercials are a joke. All of the fearmongering by radio disc jockeys and television news broadcasters is a joke. All of the theatrical grandstanding by politicians on Capitol Hill is a joke. Continue reading “The Biggest Global Hoax In History”

Health Impact News – by Brian Shilhavy

Another multi-billionaire Big Tech owner has joined Big Pharma to cash in on the new COVID vaccine development.

FiercePharma announced today that Tesla CEO Elon Musk had signed an agreement with the German vaccine maker CureVac to make portable molecular RNA printers—what Musk called “RNA microfactories”—to help produce doses of the German vaccine maker’s COVID-19 shot. Continue reading “Elon Musk and Tesla Become COVID Vaccine Manufacturers – Will Tesla Owners be Forced to Comply with COVID Measures to be Allowed to Drive their own Cars?”

IB Times

Five million people in Australia’s second-biggest city began a new lockdown Thursday, returning to tough restrictions just weeks after they ended as Melbourne grapples with a resurgence of coronavirus cases.

Residents have been told to stay at home for six weeks after other measures to contain a spike in COVID-19 failed to prevent the virus spreading. Continue reading “Five million begin lockdown in Australian city”

Deadline – by Tom Tapp

Los Angeles City Mayor Eric Garcetti began his Wednesday coronavirus press conference with some good news, and then a warning.

“We are making progress,” said the mayor, “and while it is fragile, it is progress.” Continue reading “Los Angeles City Coronavirus Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti Warns Of Possible New Stay-At-Home Order; “All Options” On Table”

CTV News

TORONTO — The use of face coverings in indoor, publicly accessible settings became mandatory in the City of Toronto on Tuesday, and most of the GTA is moving in the same direction this week.  Continue reading “Protesters ride TTC without masks to call for an end to mandatory face coverings in Toronto”

Washington Free Beacon – by Chrissy Clark

Activists are demanding that the University of Pittsburgh fire any employee deemed racist or discriminatory by students, a move that First Amendment advocates say amounts to the elimination of academic freedom.

Black Pitt, a coalition of black student groups, is demanding that the university fire any employee dubbed “racist” by a black-only student council and end employee speech immunity, a core principle of academic freedom and First Amendment protections for academics at public universities.  Continue reading “Students Demand Pitt Eliminate Free Speech Protections”


Mounted police used teargas and truncheons to disperse a crowd of several thousand protesters gathered outside the Serbian parliament in Belgrade, opposed to the government’s announcement of a new coronavirus lockdown.

President Aleksandar Vucic announced on Tuesday that a new curfew would go into effect on Friday and last over the weekend, after 300 new Covid-19 cases and 13 deaths – the most since the pandemic began, local media reported. Continue reading “MASSIVE protests rock Serbian capital after new Covid-19 lockdown announcement”

Truth To Power – by Eric Striker

Paypal is a prominent example of monopoly capital. Like most Silicon Valley tech firms, they like to keep their terms of service as opaque as possible.

Even more shrouded in secrecy is how decisions to discriminate against customers are made, and who makes them. Continue reading “Shocking Internal Docs Leaked from Jewish-Run Paypal Reveal Aggressive Anti-White, Pro-Israeli Political Agenda”