The truck had the name of a funeral home on it. But instead of a soothing thought that might double as a company slogan, the message on the side read: “Don’t get vaccinated.”

The black truck advertising for “Wilmore Funeral Home” delivered that blunt and unexpected message on Sunday to football fans in downtown Charlotte as they headed to watch the Carolina Panthers play the New Orleans Saints. Continue reading “‘Funeral home’ ad spreads message for the unvaccinated”

FEE – by Brad Polumbo

The federal government has already spent an astounding $42,000+ per federal taxpayer on ostensibly-COVID-related relief and spending programs. (Did you see that much in benefits?) Yet millions of Americans are evidently unsatisfied—and are demanding permanent $2,000 monthly “stimulus” checks.

A petition originally created in 2020 continues to gain support and is now closing in on 3 million signatures. As Newsweek reports, reaching this huge milestone would make it one of the most popular petitions of all time.  Continue reading “Misguided Petition Demanding Permanent Monthly $2,000 Stimulus Checks Nears Huge Milestone”

Zero Hedge – The Machine Gun Nest

The Machine Gun Nest has been open since 2015, but we’ve been in the firearms industry since 2013. Earlier than that, Rob (one of the owners) has been collecting guns since the early 2000s. We’ve seen panic buys, ammo prices fluctuate, and firearms banned and unbanned.

March of 2020. The COVID19 pandemic hits the United States. Many people (like myself) were aware of the situation in China and had time to prepare for the worst adequately. Many people were caught completely off guard. Continue reading “The Rise And Fall Of 9MM Ammo Prices During COVID; What’s Next?”

We the Governed – by Glen Morgan, Sept 14, 2021

Last night, in the City of Winlock, Washington with a unanimous city council vote, Mayor Brandon Svenson approved and signed a proclamation demanding that Washington State Governor Jay Inslee have a mental health evaluation at the earliest possible time.  Many people around the state are understandably concerned about Governor Inslee’s mental state based on his erratic, harsh, and randomly changing lockdown rules among other increasingly harmful actions the Governor has attempted to impose on Washington residents.  However, this is the first formal proclamation from an elected official demanding that a formal mental health evaluation be conducted on Governor Inslee.  Unlike Governor Inslee’s edicts, this was not a mandate, but it seems likely to be only the first among an increasingly loud chorus questioning the mental health of Governor Inslee.
Continue reading “City of Winlock approves proclamation demanding Governor Inslee submit to mental health evaluation”

Epoch Times – by Beth Brelje

A shortage of certain alcohol brands is leaving some drinkers in low spirits; the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) announced this week it would begin rationing a list of popular liquor labels.

Due to sustained supply chain disruptions and product shortages, purchase limits of two bottles, per customer, per day were applied to certain items beginning Friday, Sept. 17, and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Pennsylvania Rations Alcohol Due to Crippled Supply Chain”

Breitbart – by Joel B Pollak

Firefighters have wrapped the base of the giant sequoia tree known as “General Sherman” in a foil-like material to protect it from an ongoing wildfire in the Sequoia National Forest, which was triggered recently by lightning and drought conditions.

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday: Continue reading “Wildfires Hit Sequoia National Forest; ‘General Sherman’ Wrapped in Foil”

Vatican News

From 1 October, entry into Vatican City State will only be permitted to persons who are in possession of a Vatican “Green Pass”, a “European Green Pass,” or a foreign Covid-19 green pass attesting to vaccination or recovery from SARS-COV-2. Entry will also be granted to those who have a negative molecular or antigenic test for the SARS-COV-2 virus.

The new measures come in the form of a decree from the office of the President of the Pontifical Commission of Vatican City State on the subject of Public Health emergencies, issued in response to a request made by Pope Francis during an audience on 7 September. Continue reading “Green Pass required for access into Vatican from 1 October”

Anti-Empire – by Marcus White

Runners in this weekend’s San Francisco Marathon will need to carry some additional weight, or else they risk having lighter pockets afterward.

Participants in four races must wear masks on some portions of the course, race officials announced in updates to the race’s health protocols over the last two weeks. Stretches of Sunday’s marathon, half marathon and 10K races, as well as all of Saturday’s 5K, are in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area run by the National Park Service, and the agency announced last month masks are required indoors and in “crowded outdoor spaces” on park property amid the COVID-19 delta variant‘s nationwide spread. Continue reading “San Francisco Marathon Runners Required to Run in Highly Moral Face Diapers”


Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia were told by their corrupt Union leadership to ‘get the COVID vaccine or lose your job’, so these workers ‘visited’ Union-headquarters and ‘invited’ them out of their cushy office to explain their death-threatContinue reading “Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia”

Daily Mail

Viewers have slammed the Emmys after hundreds of celebrities packed into the awards show without masks or social distancing, despite ongoing warnings in LA about the spread of Covid-19.

Many who criticized the show pointed out the hypocrisy of Covid rules that apply to the average person but don’t seem to apply to multi-million dollar celebrities – just as it was during the Met Gala last week. Continue reading “‘Rules are for the little people’”

State of Washington Job Opportunities


Important Note: As stated in Governor’s Proclamation 21-14, all employees engaging in work for the Department of Health are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on or before October 18, 2021. Proof of vaccination will be verified by the Office of Human Resources after an employment offer has been extended and accepted. See vaccine requirement timeline. Please reach out to the Office of Human Resources at if you need information on a medical or religious accommodation.  Continue reading “Washington State Job Offering: Isolation & Quarantine Strike Team Consultants”


An elderly woman believed to be in her 70s was attacked by Melbourne police and pepper-sprayed while she was on the ground during a protest against Covid-19 lockdowns on Saturday.

As she held an Australian flag and stood on the road facing toward a group of approaching police, one officer shoved the woman, sending her tumbling to the ground. Another officer then pepper-sprayed the woman as she laid motionless and unable to protect herself. Continue reading “Elderly Australian woman knocked down & PEPPER-SPRAYED by police during Melbourne protest against lockdowns”

The Epoch Times – by Enrico Trigoso

MANHATTAN, New York—Thousands gathered near Central Park in Manhattan on Saturday to express their discontent with the vaccine mandates and passport requirements implemented on the city by Mayor Bill de Blasio this month.

New York City started enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate Monday, with de Blasio warning that “there’ll be consequences” for those who do not follow the rules.  Continue reading “Thousands Gather at ‘Freedom Rally’ in New York City to Oppose Vaccine Passport”


President Joe Biden’s new vaccine requirements could apply to as many as 100 million Americans, or almost two-thirds of the American workforce, and have spawned a predictable pushback from a handful of Republican states — making them the latest frontier in the fight between the administration and state officials over how to address the ongoing pandemic.

Continue reading “Fact check: Are Biden’s vaccine mandates ‘unlawful’?”